• Marlon Stockinger father to twins according to former girlfriend


    Photo from Iinstagram/Marlon Stockinger

    A few weeks since allegations that international car racer and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach’s current boyfriend Marlon Stockinger has fathered a set of twins started circulating, a model and fitness enthusiast named Kit Barraquias surfaced on Friday to confirm the rumor.

    In entertainment website pep.ph’s exclusive interview with Barraquias uploaded March 31, the former magazine cover girl revealed Stockinger is indeed the “biological dad” of her twins.

    “I’m gonna be straightforward—and yes, he is the dad. We had twins. He’s the biological dad. I don’t wanna say he’s the dad… just the biological dad,” Barraquias told pep.ph.

    Moreover, Barraquias divuldged that she “[hasn’t] had any communication” with Stockinger and that neither has the car racer ever seen her daughters.

    Rumors earlier claimed that Stockinger’s family had paid Barraquias to remain silent but the model clarified it wasn’t so.

    “The mom hasn’t paid me money to keep quiet, or whatever it is that’s coming. I have no bad blood with them.”

    In her recollection for pep.ph, Barraquias said she and Stockinger began dating when she was 27 and he was 18.

    “I’m older by 9 or 10 [years], I think. And that’s the reason… I don’t wanna be the one to ruin his racing career,” Barraquias explained.

    Their relationship lasted for almost a year until they parted ways on Barraquias’ fourth month of pregnancy. She gave birth in 2009.

    Barraquias then went on to narrate that Stockinger’s mother came to her house a couple of times.

    “I don’t wanna say the amount that she gave coz it’s kinda embarrasing and [she also gave]milk.”

    Barraquias emphasized that in contrary to rumors, she hasn’t been receiving monthly financial support from the Stockingers.

    She added she supported her twins as an employee abroad for five years before coming home to work in the country.

    She said she is currently involved in finance.

    Asked why she agreed to do the interview with the website, Barraquias replied she just wanted to clarify the wrong information being circulated in tabloids and online as her seven-year-old twins grow up.

    She also stated that wants the endless questions on her social media accounts to stop, asking after her and Stockinger’s twins.

    “Hopefully after this, it will die down. I’m over and done… Whatever they say, bahala na. Siyempre they have their own following… I just want this to be done and to stop speculations,” Barraquias said.

    In ending the model said should Stockinger claim the twins are not his, she will agree to a DNA testing.

    Stockinger has yet to release a statement as of press time.


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