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    Former Miss World Megan Young is so thankful her movie with Comedy Queen Ai Ai Delas Alas will soon be showing from Regal Entertainment. She told Showbuzz she thoroughly enjoyed doing Our Mighty Yaya where she plays the role of Zoren Legaspi’s second wife. She had a very good working relationship with the top comedian and her other co-stars.

    “Ai Ai is fun to work with. I hope I get to work with her again in future projects whether on TV or in a movie,” Megan enthused.

    The beauty queen-actress is fresh from a short vacation in Maldives with boyfriend Mikael Daez. She was impressed with the tiny island. “Of course, the Philippines is more beautiful but Maldives is so amazing. I love the waters. Sabi nga namin ni Mikael, parang edited yung water because the color is so blue then it turns to light blue in some places. It’s really awesome.”

    Actress and 2015 Miss World titlist Megan Young

    The couple, who are both GMA Network talents, have been to so many destinations that Megan can no longer say which ones are her favorite.

    “We actually don’t plan where we go from one trip to the next,” Megan revealed. “Like our vacation in Maldives, although it was in our list of places to go to, it was sort of a last-minute decision. We just looked at the plane ticket price one time and when we saw it was affordable, we had ourselves booked and before we knew it, we were already on our way. The vacation was really enjoyable.”

    While on holiday Megan admits that the topic of marriage would pop-up every once in a while. “That’s but natural because we’ve been together for six years. We are two adults in a relationship so we both think of the future. But I want to make it clear that marriage is not in the near future. We both agree that we still want to do a lot of things. We want to accomplish more in our respective careers,” she stated.

    True to her goals, Megan is scheduled to leave for New York to start working with Innovative Artists Agency where she signed a contract. “I am not doing any projects yet,” she clarified. “I will undergo intensive workshops in acting, particularly in English. I am used to acting in Filipino so I have to be at home with English lines. So I’m starting from zero kasi hindi naman ako kilala ng mga tao doon. Hopefully, I will make a good impression to people there and be able to get to the place that I want to reach in my career.”


    Comedy Queen Ai Ai delas Alas

    Whenever Ai Ai Delas Alas looks back at her past, she can’t help but feel so blessed. She has indeed been through a lot—failed relationships, family problems, career woes. Life has not been a walk in the park for the Comedy Queen and there were many times when she would struggle to survive.

    But Ai Ai, despite being scarred, has managed to emerge triumphant from all her battles with her faith in God always her anchor.

    “God has been so faithful to me. I depend only on Him. There was a time in my life when I kept on clinging to relationships with men pero hindi mo pwedeng asahan yun, I realized. Ang tao nagbabago but God never changes. His love is constant. I feel I am mighty because the one I trust is mightier, the Lord,” said Ai Ai very seriously and with sincerity.

    “More peaceful” is how Ai Ai describes her life right now. She is so happy in the company of boyfriend Gerald Sibayan who is younger than her but that doesn’t bother her.

    “Gugustuhin ko na ang mas bata pero talagang mahal ako at hindi nagbibigay ng problema than one who is the same age as I am pero talo pa ang bata sa ugali. Saka si Gerald, hindi ‘yan materioso. Basta, sobrang magkasundo kami. We take care of each other,” Ai Ai volunteered.

    Even if they are already engaged, Ai Ai insists it’s not always marriage that they talk about when they are together. They feel that their target date for their wedding in 2018 is still so far and choose to attend to more pressing matters in their life first.

    “Ang dami pang dapat unahin like transferring to our new house in Quezon City. We’ve started transferring some of our things already. I think we will be able to move in completely by June. Dami kasi naming gamit,” Ai Ai reasoned.

    Of course, Ai Ai is thankful that many friends have volunteered to help her and Gerald in planning their wedding. She confirmed they have at least five friends who have pledged to take care of certain details of the wedding. One of them is Ai-Ai’s close friend whom she calls her kambal or twin sister, Marian Rivera who promised Ai Ai she will be in charge of the wedding gown and the bride’s bouquet.

    “Actually, Gerald had not proposed yet when Marian made me that promise. O, di ba, makakatipid na kami because of our sponsors,” Ai Ai laughed heartily.

    Turning serious again, Ai Ai said she is grateful for everyone’s help because she would rather prepare for the actual marriage than their wedding day.

    “The wedding is just a one day affair but marriage is a lifetime,” she averred. “Fabulous nga ang wedding mo, wala namang direksiyon ang marriage n’yong mag-asawa. I don’t mean that I don’t like yung bonggang wedding. Of course, I want my wedding to be very memorable but it’s better if we also have a beautiful marriage because we really prepared for it.”

    Just like any woman, Ai Ai would like to complete their marriage with a child. “That’s what I’m praying for. If it’s God’s will, ibibigay niya. Hopefully, magkaro’n kami ng baby. That would really make me so happy.”

    Meanwhile, Ai Ai is busy promoting her Mother’s Day movie with Megan, Mighty Yaya in which she portrays the title role. “In the movie, we will show that you can be a mother even if hindi mo naman anak ang bata. As long as you can give the love a mother can give, that’s what matters. Yun ang magpapa-solid sa pagmamahalan ng nag-aalaga at ng mga bata,” said Ai Ai.


    The ‘Gaya Boys’ (from left) Matthias Rhoads, Dave Bornea, Carl Cervantes and Vince Vandorpe

    There is a new group of young men that will surely take the fancy of female fans, especially the viewers of top-rating GMA primetime series Meant To Be. They are called the “Gaya Boys,” who are poised to give the now popular “Jeya Boys” of heartthrobs Ken Chan, Jak Roberto, Addy Raj and Ivan Dorschner tight competition.

    The Gaya Boys is composed of Filipino-Belgian Vince Vandorpe, who is a sought-after model; Filipino-American Matthias Rhoads, another popular model; and two Starstruck 6 alumni Dave Bornea and Carl Cervantes. They will be seen in the series in the coming days. They have actually started taping their scenes on Wednesday.

    Like the Jeya Boys, their monicker “Gaya” was derived from the first letters of the names of their characters in the rom-com series. Matthias is Gordon, Vince is Avi, Dave is Yexel and Carl is Andrew.

    The four new guys are so excited to work with the Jeya Boys and Barbie Forteza since all of them are familiar with the flow of the story.

    “Although I have guested in Karelasyon, Meant To Be is my first regular acting assignment, my first soap so I’m so excited,” said Matthias.

    “My biggest TV exposure was hosting Unang Hirit in a couple of episodes. There, I was also able to use my Filipino, na-practice. Now, sobrang excited ako because it’s acting that I will try. From what I heard, Meant To Be is a happy set so I’m looking forward to very good experiences there,” Vince told Showbuzz.

    Dave and Carl, meanwhile, chose to joke about being a threat to the Jeya Boys. “Humanda na sila dahil padating na kami,” Carl said in jest. “Oo nga, eto na ang makaka-level ng Jeya Boys … Joke!” Dave laughingly seconded.

    SHORTS … Marian Rivera is so excited with the latest development in her career. She leads the cast of new primetime series The Good Teacher. Her co-stars include Kim Domingo, Kristoffer Martin, Helen Gamboa, Al Tantay and Ashley Ortega. Besides the series, Yan is also starting a new weekly anthology entitled Tadhana.

    … Once again, GMA proved its supremacy in producing quality public affairs programs as it wins three gold medals at the prestigious New York Festivals. GMA is the only Philippine network to achieve such honors this year. The gold medalists are Reporter’s Notebook with its episode “Pasan-pasang Pangarap,” Reeltime’s documentary Maling Akala; and Frontrow’s episode titled Bata Sa Bintana.


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