Mar’s low ratings worry LP


SENATE President Franklin Drilon on Wednesday said the consistently poor showing of Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd, presidential candidate of the Liberal Party (LP), is a concern, but he expressed confidence that the ratings of the former Interior secretary will improve with the help of the ruling party’s machinery.

“Of course it is a concern. No question about that,” Drilon, the vice chairman of the LP, said.

In all the past surveys, Roxas consistently trailed his rivals in the presidential race. In December last year, Vice President Jejomar Binay topped the Pulse Asia survey with 33 percent, dislodging Sen. Grace Poe who got 21 percent.

Results of a survey released by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) on January 15 also showed Binay leading other presidential bets with 31 percent. Poe placed second with 24 percent. Roxas got 21 percent, while Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte had 20 percent.

Poe regained the lead in the latest survey released by Pulse Asia last week, getting the support of 30 percent of the people polled. Binay got 23 percent while Roxas got 20 percent.

But Drilon said he believes that Roxas’ ratings will rise once the LP machinery kicks in.

“We have the biggest political machinery in the country. We have the most credible ‘general campaign manager’ and that is President Benigno Aquino 3rd,” he told a weekly news forum in The Senate chief said they expect Roxas’ numbers to go up in the next three months as the ruling party will be maximizing its political machinery with the help of local officials.

“We have many governors, congressmen, mayors who are [running]unopposed and therefore, we will have them campaign for our national candidates,” Drilon noted.

He said members of the Cabinet will also campaign for Roxas since there is no law prohibiting them from doing so.

Some Cabinet members were present in the kickoff rally of the LP in Roxas City, Capiz, on Tuesday, including Budget Secretary Florencio Abad.

“Under the law, Cabinet members are not prohibited from campaigning. They can campaign,” Drilon said, adding that what is prohibited is the use of government funds for political purposes.

Roxas was reported to be the top overall ad spender last year, shelling out P774 million from January to December 2015. Binay was said to have spent P695 million while Poe paid P694 million for her campaign ads.

Drilon expressed confidence that Roxas will win the presidential derby.

He also expressed dismay over supposedly slow resolution of disqualification cases filed against Poe.

“I am not happy with the pace of trial in the Supreme Court. It appears that the High Court lacks a sense of urgency. These are] not ordinary case[s]. [They] will have a vast impact on our future,” the Senate chief said.

He maintained that it is within the High Court’s power to hold marathon hearings on cases of great importance.

“Having oral arguments once a week, that is not giving it the urgency it deserves. I’m not dictating on the court, but it is very frustrating because we know for certain that the court could hasten the process by conducting marathon hearings but it has chosen not to do so,” Drilon said.

Defending Mar
The President also expressed confidence that Roxas will recover in surveys, scoring opposition candidates for taunting the LP standard-bearer because of his poor survey ratings.

In his speech before local leaders in Iloilo City on Tuesday night, Aquino took potshots at Binay, saying he regretted that Roxas did not make it as Vice President in 2010.

“We need leaders who share our same mindset, who loves Filipinos, and will put the country before self. They are none other than the tandem of Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo,” he said in Filipino.

“Mar and Leni are candidates who don’t do deeds to earn brownie points with the public, who have no drama, who have no gimmick but just all work. With them, we don’t need to hear promises because Mar and Leni have been serving the public especially the needy for a long time now,” the President added.

Also on Wednesday, he called on mayors to support candidates of the Liberal Party so that the reforms that his administration started will continue.

“If you think that we were on the right path for the past six years, why change it?” Aquino said in a speech at the League of Municipalities of the Philippines’ general assembly held at Marriott Hotel.



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  1. I would say to Sen Drilon not to worry because the most powerful element in the world is on Mar Roxas’ side. Surveys are basically used for some type of statistical analysis to pinpoint the strength and weaknesses of certain candidates. Mar Roxas has the money that can change the impossible into a favorable results. He belonged to a wealthy family and his political backers are weathy as well.

  2. Gee whiz, “Senior Reporter” Joel, you never let go huh!? You have reported last January 17th, that “LP Stalwarts to Dump Mar, Leni” (Exclusive…you wrote). Well, did it happen??? Now that we are in the campaign season, and Pres. Pnoy with full machinery of LP party is solidly behind Mar and Leni…What can you say about that?Now, you have toned down a bit with this latest article. Frankly, I have not read that much of the above article. Because, you have lost all credibility to me and you’re dragging the reputation of Manila Times, as well. I am looking forward on seeing another of your write-ups on the matter…just to be amuse…!

  3. Binay will never win because of pending corruption charges. I believe Mar will win because many Filipinos now knows how to judge who is qualified and not qualified. Ping Lacson knows best!
    A lot of Senatorial Candidates who are against the administration switched to UNA because they are other charge with plunder or do not want to pay tax. Sinong niloloko ninyo!!
    Poe will be the back-up for the current administration to continue on its path to “Daang Matuwid”. I think we should forget about the Binay who’s family are all in government! What for???

    • And why US citizen POE despite a pending DQ case . still in the race and hoping to win so to overturned the constitution .

  4. too early to dress up for the party…but never the less…let us us see how you wear your make up after the party…

  5. Please take note the silent majjority is the netizens which is FB and not anymore media, news, etc. It has overtaken now by FB as the internetworld is main key. Everybody see at the Face Book and the truth will prevail. All dark secrets of any political individual will be revealed anything, thru internet etc.
    WE WILL BE SURE THAT LIBERAL PARTY WILL BE TOTALLY LOSS IN THIS COMING ELECTION. THEY WILL BE IN DISASTER.THEY WERE THE THIEFS AND MAFIA OF THE CONGRESS AND SENATE. NO MORE LIBERAL PARTY. THE NETIZENS CAMPAIGN IS TO ZERO TO ALL LIBERAL PARTY and to all allies of this abnoy president, binay, poe, digong and mar. we will vote who has clean who dont received bribe from this president.
    We will vote for Merriam defensor santiago ang Bong bong marcos. The netizens is solid for MDS-BBM team…Fyi.

  6. Mr. Drilon would like to influence the SC to fast track the resolution of Poe’s disqualification. He forgot that they are of co equal branch and he is also insensitive in their work as senators to pass the bills to aleviate the living conditions of the masses like the SSL IV and increase of SSS pensions.. Wala talagang maganda sa mga corrupt na liberal na mga ito!!!!!!!

    • Pnoy new SC the one delaying the verdict on POE.
      The tactics is to delay this hearing until the end of election. POE still testing the water. If she wins as 2016 President, the issue against her just go to trash can. Now she can reveal her true father’s name
      Daang Matuwid now rename as Bagong Umaga

  7. Mr. Drilon criticized the the SC for being slow in resolving Poe’s disqualification but he is also slow in convincing his fellow senators to pass bills to aleviate the living condition of the masses like the SSL IV and increase of SSS Pensions.. Insensitive Liberals!

  8. nizzer dionisio on

    ^huwag lamang po magiiwanan sa survey ang 3 candidates na yan ay INC pa rin ang magdidikta ng kung sino ang mananalo dahil napakalaking swing votes po ang boto ng INC kung sino piliin ng INC yun ang mananalo…kaya walang kapanapanalo si Roxas sa isang malinis na election lalo na at lagi siyang kulelat sa survey…kahit manguna pa siya sa survey at huwag lang lalayo ang kalaban niya talo pa rin siya dahil sa boto ng INC

    • I disagree, in the last presidential election INC all voted for Mar Roxas and still Mar lose. There are many pressure groups in this country. The very big one is the SSS senior citizens and their dependents that were affected by the veto of Pinoy Aquino. The Seniors are united not to vote for any liberal party candidates. Even Leni Robredo in an interview acknowledge that she will be affected by the veto. We Seniors are united. Let us see Mar lose , Binay lose , Poe wins.

    • Let’s not get into religious group dictating who should win. That is the thing of the past. They are also having issues internally. Watch what Makati Business Club, CBCP and Club Filipino has to say.

  9. As long as Mar is connected with Aquino , he will always be trailing Poe and Binay. If Poe is disqualified, Binay will surely be the next president of our country. Mar will never win in this election. The Seniors will never vote for Mar and all Liberal Party candidates. Watch out Drilon, you may be jobless after the election. Seniors are about 1.9 to 2 million and their dependent voting must be 5 times the number of voting Seniors. Imagine , President Aquino vetoed SSS increase that angered all seniors. In my area alone comprising 10 seniors with voting dependents, before the veto, we were all for Mar, after the veto all of us will be voting for Poe. That is the effect of Aquino veto on SSS. Mar you lose, Binay you lose , Poe will be the next President of our country.

    • Binay will never win because of pending corruption charges. I believe Mar will win because many Filipinos now knows how to judge who is qualified and not qualified. Ping Lacson knows best!
      A lot of Senatorial Candidates who are against the administration switched to UNA because they are other charge with plunder or do not want to pay tax. Sinong niloloko ninyo!!
      Poe will be the back-up for the current administration to continue on its path to “Daang Matuwid”. I think we should forget about the Binay who’s family are all in government! What for???

  10. Eduardo valdez on

    During the last vice presidential election Roxas was consistently at the top of surveys but he lost to Binay who was almost unheard of. This time it is Roxas at the bottom of surveys. Who knows recent history might repeat itself.

  11. I thought Mr. Drilon is an attorney. He said Cabinet members are not prohibited from campaigning, what is prohibited is use of government funds for campaigning. Cabinet members are salaried, so when they go out and campaign they are still using “government funds”.

  12. You really have to worry Yellow cult and LapiAng Pork, for your days are numbered!! Unless you cheat or Your Manchurian candidate wins..

  13. the Chief Justice , Justice Leonen and Justice Jardeleza are lawyering for Poe ! And it’s a matter of time when LP membership will be reduced and its members will fit in to a Volkswagen Beetle ! Poe is the insurance policy for Aquino!

  14. Nonsence Beenay on

    The evil will not prevail over the good. It is a common knowledge that questionable wealth of the Binay family was obtained through corruption. Let us continue praying to save the Philippines from the corrupt Binay family.

    • Oh! really. All the public elected officials are all magnanakaw. maliit man or malaki ang kinuha sa kaban ng bayan. Itoy matuturing na magnanakaw. Although Binay was accuse of corruption nasan ba pruweba sa 3 itlog lang naman ang may pakana kasama yung original na NONOG Mercado na kung ano ano ang inilalatag sa kangaroo court. At inamin naman ni Mercado na may natatangap syang pera galing sa kaban ng bayan. dapat sya ang kasuhan. Mag pray kana sa satanas baka mabaligtad ang mangyari si Nog mercado ang makulong. Remember si putak ng putak Trilla-Ines nasan ngayon tumakas dahil nakasuhan ng libel. At saka nga pala huwag mong gamitin yung alyas na Beenay napaghahalatang fans kapala ni VP. Mainam ma diqulify si POEnyeta. para 1 on 1 na sila ulit ni Epal Mar. Ang sigurado tambak naman si Epal. 2-0. hehehe. GO BINAY GO>>>>2016>>>>sure WIN!