Mar’s sacrifices


“My willingness to make sacrifices has already been tested” –Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas.

No, Mar Roxas wasn’t talking about his life as husband of television host Korina Sanchez. Banish that from your thought, you mischievous you. After all, Korina, together with his mother Judy Araneta Roxas, has been his strongest campaigner.

Rather, he was referring to the possibility that he might give way to Sen. Grace Llamanzares Poe as standard bearer of the administration party in the 2010 presidential election. On this, he talks with sincerity (not bitterness, you mischievous you) for he had already done a similar sacrifice – in 2010 when he yielded the presidential nomination of the Liberal Party to then Sen. Benigno S. Aquino 3rd and ran instead for vice president.

Now, Mar’s the presumptive presidential candidate of the LP but even that is now up in the air with BS Aquino The Last evidently courting Poe. (Certainly, the President prefers “courting” her than the voluptuous Japanese actress Maria Ozawa, right Pareng Bert de Guzman of Balita?) I can feel the pain of a person sacrificing his personal ambition in favor of another, only for that person to ignore that sacrifice later.

The personal sacrifice of Mar Roxas will become more painful if reports are true that BS Aquino The Last wants him to go around the country with Poe AND Sen. Chiz Escudero. The wounds of the 2010 election battle haven’t healed yet so it would be very inconsiderate of the President to request Mar Roxas to barnstorm the country with the face of the group that supported Jojo Binay as vice president of Aquino.

I really don’t think Mar Roxas and Chiz Escudero would be sharing the same stage and attending the same political stage. Mar Roxas was among the shoo-ins in the 2013 senatorial election but he decided against running. He said he wanted to concentrate on his job as DILG secretary. I suspected, however, that the real reason was he didn’t want to be on the same stage with Chiz Escudero, one of the senatorial candidates of Team PNoy.

Perhaps, the President wanted only Mar Roxas and Poe to go around the country without Chiz. He shouldn’t expect Roxas to forget so easily Chiz’s role in his (Roxas’s) defeat in 2010. How can he when even he can’t forget even slights? The onion-skinned president dislikes criticisms, saying his critics were only “kulang sa pansin.” He can easily disregard decades-old friendship if that former friend bares his inadequacies and pretentious knowledge. He should demand of Mar Roxas only what he can do himself.

A most promising start
In 1996, on the tenth anniversary of The Philippine STAR, the late Mrs. Betty Go-Belmonte asked me to pick the ten most promising young congressman. (Yes, Mrs. Belmonte had such trust and confidence in me. She even asked me several times to pick the most outstanding congressmen.) Among those I had chosen were Reps. Michael Defensor of Quezon City, Hernani Braganza of Pangasinan, Renato Diaz of Nueva Ecija, and Mar Roxas of Capiz. On that year, the 10th Congress was barely a year old but Mar Roxas had already shown great promise.

Alas, many promises couldn’t be achieved. Mar Roxas became trade secretary and then topped the 2004 senatorial elections, giving him the mojo to aspire for the presidency in 2010. His being a Senate topnotcher, however, didn’t help him at all however, and he languished in the surveys. After his 2010 defeat, he was again aiming for Malacanang but the promise he had shown as a neophyte congressman was no longer appreciated nationwide.

Such was also the case of Oscar Orbos of Pangasinan who made a meteoric rise from congressman of Pangasinan to transportation secretary and executive secretary. Now, he’s rarely seen and heard. (After the first session of the Eighth Congress, Mrs. Belmonte assigned me to name the two most innovative members of Congress and I picked Orbos and the late Sen. Raul S. Roco). Orbos should have been a very great plus to the nation, especially the Senate, had he remained the apple of the nation’s eye.

But I digress. Going back to Mar Roxas, he humbled himself when he accepted without any protest his being ignored by BS Aquino in the planning of the ill-starred operation to nab two international terrorists in Mamasapano. He made another sacrifice in swallowing his pride so as not to give added trouble to the Malacanang tenant.

Now, he says he’s willing to sacrifice more. Indeed, how much sacrifices can this man endure? And all for nothing?


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  1. Tricycle Driver on

    It’s not like Mar Roxas has a choice! And why wait for an endorsement from Pnoy? Is this law? Roxas should just grow a pair and declare his desire for Prez.

    But then again, we all know that he’s not going to win.

  2. I agree with you on your analysis of what Pinoy is doing to Mar. Regardless of the non endorsement of Pnoy, it’s high time for Mar to officially declare his intentions to run for President. If he gives way to a neophyte like Poe, he better pack his bag and migrate to the U.S. There’s no political future in store for him if he backs out now!

  3. He should be man enough to stand.Ngayon pala tumiwalag na siya dahil anak ni Cory iyan di ba ginawa rin niya kay DOY LAUREL kaya si Doy tumiwalag ng suporta kay Cory.Poor Mar

  4. How about this scenario?
    Grace Chiz Mar goes around the country to raise credibility of Mar as potential winner. False Asia will be hammering that into national consciousness.
    Meanwhile, Mar will keep hoarding the Lacson-exposed PDAF to pay off hocus PCOS COMELEC. Then. at a most dramatic moment, MAR will damn Grace Chiz Binay Duterte, Lacson Racuyal etal and (if necessary and believable) kunyari si Pnoy na rin

    AND . with the hoarded neo-PDAF and COMELEC in the bag —-

    DECLARE himself as presidential candidate.

    Time is running out on Penoy. He must convince Grace even if Mar has to accept going around with Chiz and pretend acceptance of technically eligibility-deficient GRACE as penoy endorsed.

    • ps. After Grace makes Mar look like a winner. Someone will make Grace lose a Supreme Court decision, making her ineligible to even be a Senator.

  5. Amnata Pundit on

    He is weak just like his father was. If he is a real man he should denounce the real mastermind of the Plaza Miranda bombing that almost hilled his parents.

  6. Mar can help the country by running for President as he spends every peso of the LP. That will destroy the LP and good riddance.

  7. on

    Mar Roxas must have been out of his mind for making a crazy sacrifices for Abnoy.

  8. Abnoy-noyingski on

    Lokohin mo ang lelong mong panot (gaya ni Noynoy); kaya ka lang bibigay dahil mababa ka sa survey at di ka gusto ng tao! kung mataas ka sa survey at number one, magsabi ka ng totoo…mag-gi-give-in ka ba? gunggong, haling, mang-mang. Giagawa mo kaming tangang tulad ng kasama mong Presidente. Pwede ba ano?

  9. P.Akialamiro on

    I mentioned somewhere that Mar Roxas is in a ‘sorry’ state. It’s too bad that even as DILG secretary, he hasn’t done any remarkable decision. What more, he was even bypassed by his boss in Malacanang on some occasions, but didn’t have the delicadeza to resign. Meanwhile, he should forget being a candidate for VP, muchless a presidential candidate. He should run for Senator and “show off” as such before he will run again for a higher office. Otherwise, even with the annointment of BS Aquino, he is an “iffy” candidate and, mostly likely, will lose again, either as VP or presidential candidate.