• Martial law atrocities died with Marcos – Binay


    The atrocities committed under the Martial law regime will not prevent Vice President Jejomar Binay from accepting Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. as his running mate if the latter will agree to run for vice president in 2016.

    Binay noted that the sin of former president Ferdinand Marcos should not be passed on to his children.

    “Ang minamasama nila kay Bongbong ay siya ay anak ni former president Ferdinand Marcos. Pero si Ferdinand Marcos tapos na po, namatay na po. Iyong ipinaglaban natin ay nagamot na ho natin…nabalik na po noong panahon ni President Cory ang diwa ng demokrasya. Hindi na ho issue [What they are taking against Bongbong is the fact that he is the son of former President Marcos. But Ferdinand Marcos is over. He is dead. What we fought for…we have already got it back at the time of former President Cory (Aquino)…the essence of democracy. It (Martial law) is not an issue anymore],” Binay said in an interview with TV5’s Luchi Cruz Valdez.

    Binay, a human rights lawyer, fought for the rights of the people abused during the Martial law years. The most prominent victim was former senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., father of President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    After 27 years, Congress passed a Marcos compensation law, a landmark legislation that makes the former strongman and his family liable for human rights abuses under Martial law by providing P10 billion for the remuneration of victims of atrocities such as summary executions, enforced disappearances, and torture.

    “The best assumption is the goodness of the man,” Binay said in defense of senator Marcos.

    The Marcoses are back in power. Former First Lady Imelda Marcos is a member of the House of Representatives, representing Ilocos Nort. Her daughter Imee is the governor of Ilocos Norte.

    Binay said he wants a presidency that is unifying and healing, citing that it has been done in the past as evidenced by the good diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Japan.

    “That [chapter]is over. We have to move on,” the vice president said.

    Binay, however, admitted that there are ghosts that haunt people forever.

    “Magiging kasinungalingan o kaipokrituhan ang sabihin sa iyo na mawawalan ng agam-agam lalong lalo na iyong mga naging biktima ng martial law. Pero tapos na iyon (It would be a lie or hypocrisy to say that the fears brought about by Martial law, especially among the victims. But that period is over),” he said.

    Senator Marcos has not made any declaration what position he will be seeking in 2016. He only admitted that he will not run for reelection.


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    1. Kahit ano ang sabihin nila sa akin si Marcos pa rin ang pinakamahusay na naging pangulo ng Pilipinas. Lahat halos ng nakikita mong development sa iyong paligid ay mga IDEA ni Marcos. Siya lamang ang nakapagpakita ng DICIPLINA sa mga Pinoy . kaya siya ay hindi matanggap ng mga dayuhan na nagmamanipula sa ating bansa.
      Marcos has with him, Nationalism, Vision for Development , Protection for the Welfare of our modern heroes (OFW) and many other ideas for the common tao. Though he lacks the Vision of Marcos, Estrada also showed his love and concern for the Poor,
      kaya maraming galit sa kanilang magandang layunin.

    2. Indeed, atrocities continue and they are now called BENIGNO ATROCITIES. Just read the barbarism described in the column of Ms. Katrina first written about by Mr. Satur and you can just wonder how such atrocities are being tolerated under an ambiance of DUNG MA TWEED (reminds me of Shannon Tweed). If such barbarism are left and swept under the rug which seems to be the way this Simyon fascist dictatorship is heading, what more cruelty and murder were done by his paramilitary agents and kept from the public eye? What is that eunuch Human Lefts Commission doing about this latest display of Simyon fascist tendencies?

    3. BBM political blunder if he joins as VP of Binay. BBM should run for President and select Lacson as his VP or Trillanes since the latter is running for VP. Both Lacson and Trillanes is a good combination. “BBM takes this recommendation and for sure, the combination will strong and Filipinos are looking for a tough and decisive Pres and VP. Good Luck BBM!

    4. BBM would do well to stay away from Binay – far,far away. The Marcos name, up to now, evokes passionate reactions from either side of the fence. If BBM were to run for either of the two top posistions, such passions would again be dredged. The young Marcos has a lot to prove that sometimes a better fruit springs forth from a bad tree. History is not on his side.

      Teaming up with Binay would not confer any angelic halo on him. Quite the opposite in fact: The past and present faces of corruption would be merged – a dream team of evil.

    5. Bobski Natividad on

      Is Binay so desperate in his quest to live in the palace by making a deal with “baby” doc?

    6. BINAYaran is really desperate. Now he will say anything to get Marcos to his side. But Marcos must be too intelligent to see what Binay is doing. Mr. BINAY, listen, NOBODY wants to run with you because your corruption stinks so much that they are afraid your stench will rub on them. Dalawa na lang ang mapag-pipilan mo – si GMA o si Toby Tiangco.

      • Why isn’t anyone taking Nancy Binay for VP seriously? Perhaps this would be the first father-daughter candidate tandem in the history of democracy. Many people regard Poe with seriousness, but isn’t it true that in terms of political-managerial experience, they do not differ at all? Both are newbie senators. Nancy, as far as I know, does not have citizenship issues.

    7. Roldan Guerrero on

      Until now there is no proof that Marcos was the culprit of Ninoy`s death. The Cojuangcos and Aquinos are up to now continues to put the blame on the late FM, The mother and son became presidents of this country yet why did they not show any `interest in pinning down the brain of Ninoy`s assasination? Is it true that a relative of theirs is the mastermind but they just could not reveal it to cover-up the shame their family would face? VP. Binay may know it too, but chooses to keep his mouth shut. For the next president of this country, VP Binay`s statement that circumstances of whatever FM`s wrongdoing should not be passed to his children, however, I would prefer A BBM presidency over a Binay`s. Bongbon Marcos will be a very much better choice!

    8. Sa mga botanteng pnoys sabi ni Binay nkalimotan na daw ang kuration ni Marcos. Kasi siya na ang numero Unong corruptor sa boong Pilipinas. Kailangan huwag iboto si Binay para ma bawi nang gobierno ang mga kinorakot niyang pera nang taongn bayan.

    9. Binay is desperate to become President at any cost – including the cost to the principles of justice. The guy is so blinded by money that he thinks he can dip his dirty hands into the Marcos loot by accommodating Bongbong as his Vice-President. After all his pretensions as a human rights lawyer he is now exposed as nothing but another thief in government and still trying to be a bigger thief !!! The guy is really a piece of shit !!!