• Martial Law meets millennials at NCCA Gallery


    The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) Gallery hosts two exhibits that stand separate from each other, yet are intricately bound together by the current state of nation.

    “Sound of Silence: Remembering Martial Law” showcases Edgar Talusan Fernandez’s recollections about that era of rage, repression, and revolution, with new images that unsurprisingly still reflect the nation’s current socio-political situation.

    As we are currently in the throes of discussions about a hero’s burial for the late dictator Marcos, and on the 44th year of his declaration of Martial Law, the exhibit is a call to remembering correctly what that era meant for nation, and what it should stand for in the present.

    From Edgar Talusan Fernandez's "The Sound of Silence."

    From Edgar Talusan Fernandez’s “The Sound of Silence.”

    Where Sound of Silence reminds us of what is real about nation given what are historical truths, the group exhibit “(X, Y)” reveals the idealism of the current millennial generation. Curated by Jonathan Olazo with works from the UP Diliman College of Fine Arts, “(X, Y)” is necessarily a response to, as it is the audience of, Fernandez’s exhibit.

    Happening side-by-side at the NCCA Gallery, what is revealed here is a dialogue between the millennial generation in “(X, Y)” and the generation of those who lived through and survived history in “Sound of Silence.” It is a discussion that needs to be had about nation, now so painfully divided by politics, and ultimately rendered unstable by the inability to look at the past and learn what we need from it, towards forging a present and future with a sense of justice and change.

    This twin-bill exhibit will run the whole month of September at the NCCA Gallery in Intramuros, Manila. ***


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