Martial Law victims can file claims starting Monday


The Human Rights Victims’ Claims Board (HRVCB) announced on Thursday that Martial Law victims may now file their claims for reparation and recognition under Republic Act No. 10368 starting on Monday.

”All systems go. The Claims Board and its staff, with the established systems and procedures, are all set to receive and evaluate the documents about stories of sacrifices and heroism from those who suffered during Martial Law. The members of the Claims Board know by heart the substance of RA 10368, its intent and purposes to tilt the scales of justice in favor of the victims by recognizing the victims and providing reparations,” said Chairperson Lina Sarmiento in a press conference in UP Diliman on Thursday.

Sarmiento said that victims of Martial Law must submit their names at the HRVCB within six (6) months, starting from May 12 to November 10, 2014.

If claimants are not not capable, their legal heir or authorized representative may file it on their behalf, otherwise they are considered to have waived their claims.

Mr. Ruben Veluz, a 68-year old Martial Law victim who was illegally detained, said that he is pleased and looking forward for the advancement and fair execution of the said Act.

Sarmineto said the HRVCB will enshrine the names of the Martial Law victims in the Roll of Victims of Human Violations, and afterwards will be endorsed to the Memorial Commission. (PNA)


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  1. The government needs to sequester ALL Marcos assets to reimburse itself for all the reparations given to the victims of Martial Law.

  2. If they are identified and proven member of CPPA-NPA , they should not receive any benefits of reparation for very important reason because they committed treason in joining a communist organization in de-stabilizing his or her country , but if they suffered physical injury caught in the cross-fire during the fighting btw the military and the NPA, then those are the real martial law victims who are entitled to receive benefits.. Expect to find many fake , and false documents that will be presented by many impostors.

  3. Lets hope that those Martial Law claimants who alleged that they were victims are real victims. May I ask what kind of supporting documents do they hold to prove that they were real victims or were they young recruits (mostly students) an easy prey during those years who did not know any better , who at a young age (teenager) going to college supported by hardworking poor parents tilling in the ricefield thinking their sons and daughters are going to college in Manila only to learn and found out they joined the organization of Jose Maria Sison CPPA- NPA without knowing its bad purpose.(de-stabilize the democratic form of gov’t by a communist leader).

    • Hindi po ako lawyer. Opinion ko po ay: (1) birth certificate (nagpapatunay na napanganak at may taong bangit sa klaim) (2) affidavit na permado ng dalawang taong nakakita noong buhay pay ang biktima, (3) pictures, (4) sworn statement ng Claimant kong ano ang family relationship nya sa biktima such as son, brother/sister, husband/wife. Magtanong mismo sa opisina ng Human Rights Victims’ Claims Board (HRVCB. Pahabol po, huwag ng isipin pang Presidentiable and sino mang Marcos.