Marvel’s Jessica Jones is raw, odd and inspiring


I’m barely halfway into Netflix’s new Marvel series, Jessica Jones, but I can say it is quite a landmark series.

Jessica Jones is played by actress and former model Krysten Ritter, who Breaking Bad fans will lovingly remember as Jessie Pinkman’s tragic love, Jane Margolis.

Jessica is slender and oh so very goth. She loves wearing jeans, black tank tops, black leather jackets and tattered gray scarf. Her hair is long and black, her eyes darkly lined and her lips pouty and red. She is the last person who would join a popularity contest. She’s probably a notch friendlier than The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo though.

She lives in a grungy poorly New York apartment that doubles as her office. She is a private investigator who loves whiskey and is pretty much a loner save for her best friend Trish (Rachael Taylor) who matches Jessica for bravery, courage and spirit (but not for fashion sense). The two end up working together trying to take down The Purple Man.

The Purple Man a.k.a. “Kilgrave” (David Tenant a.k.a. Doctor Who) is one of the best TV villains in recent memory (you may add him to Game of Thrones’ Ramsay Bolton and The Walking Dead’s The Governor). He certainly strikes me as more palpable and frightening compared to other Marvel villains on screen—Ultron, Malekith, the Chitauri, Red Skull.

The Purple Man’s superpower is the ability to get in your head and control your mind. He is obsessed with Jessica—who he has previously used for his nefarious ends. The Purple Man is scary as he brings to mind that real world male figure in a woman’s life who has used his powers of manipulation, brute force, emotional blackmail or verbal abuse to destroy her self-esteem and turn her into a lifeless stack of flesh and bones unable to make choices for herself. Scary.

Will Jessica be able to give everything she’s got and take him down?

Apart from the two best friends, there’s another strong female in the cast, lawyer Jeri Hogarth (Carrie Anne Moss a.k.a. Trinity) who gives Jessica a private investigator work—she’s tough, selfish and drives hard bargains.

I absolutely love how Jessica is so imperfect, dark and real; and despite how easy it is for her to be cynical, she still wants to do the right thing and fight for herself and break free of the Purple Man.

The series also introduces love interest Luke Cage (who is set to have his own Netflix series next year) and hints at another Marvel character named Nuke. All this easily ties in with their Daredevil which will be released earlier next year. Both series do make mention of the “the incident” which involved the Avengers trying to save New York from the Chitauri attack.

With Jessica Jones, I think I’ve found the Marvel hero closest to my heart.


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