• Mary Jane must stay alive for Noy’s sake


    Malacañang must have been thankful the Paquiao-Mayweather pre-fight hype and the continuing saga of Mary Jane Veloso had overshadowed the Labor Day issues, particularly the workers’ demand for a wage hike.

    In all arrogance, President Noynoy even snubbed labor leaders, skipping a “traditional” Mayo Uno breakfast dialog with them.

    Thousands of protesters who trooped to Mendiola were blocked by barbed wires and anti-riot policemen.

    Instead of hearing the workers’ grievances, Noynoy chose to do photo ops in Cebu City, including a cameo at a contrived mini-job fair sponsored by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), which has done nothing to alleviate the massive unemployment in the country.

    Under the government’s “labor export” policy that encourages a brain drain, a lot of our kababayans have gone astray and ended up being exploited abroad.

    Countless of Filipinos have been victims of abuses or have chosen to work in strife-torn countries rather than suffer starvation here.

    In that sense, the tragedy of Mary Jane has everything to do with the observance of Labor Day last Friday.

    It dramatizes the desperation of Filipino jobseekers who easily fall prey to modern-day slave traders known now as human traffickers.

    It clearly shows how Noynoy’s five years of Matuwid Na Daan have failed to stem worsening unemployment and the widening gap between the wealthy and the impoverished Filipinos.

    Unfortunately, not too many among the poorest of the poor are gifted with the special talents that catapulted Paquiao from rags to riches.

    Well, the public’s anticipation of yesterday’s mega-fight (which turned out sadly for Paquiao and us Filipinos) and the “miracle” in Indonesia’s death row even distracted attention from the whitewash-coverup of the Masasapano massacre.

    After all the lies and finger-pointing over the bloody mess, it was almost heart breaking to hear about Noynoy desperately dogging Indonesian President Joko Widodo “at the sideline” of the recent Asean leaders summit in Malaysia.

    Malaysia happens to be the transit point from which Mary Jane was unknowingly used to transport the 2.6 kilo of heroin into Indonesia.

    And, that’s what makes Mary Jane’s exoneration extremely difficult, the fact that the crime she was convicted for transpired between Kuala Lumpur and Indonesia.

    Illegal recruiter Ma. Kristine Sergio, whose “surrender” spurred Mary Jane’s reprieve, now denies she had anything to do with the drugs.

    Malacañang, which had announced it accepts Indonesia’s death verdict, immediately grabbed credit for the suspension of the execution. Kapalmuks!

    Bannered in some newspapers, the Palace press release looked more like paid ads.

    Doesn’t Noynoy deserve to be given epal credit for doing what he should have done years ago after Mary Jane was condemned to die by musketry?

    Mary Jane has languished in jail for five years since her February 2010 arrest.

    Definitely, Noynoy must do everything now to help Mary Jane stay alive because doing so means exactly the same for this inutile administration, “staying alive.”

    There are reportedly at least 80 other Filipinos on death row, mostly in China and other countries.

    Will the government keep noynoying until execution hour?



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    1. it is truly sad and unfortunate when the stupidity of one individual is enough to make the entire national government bureaucracy come to an almost standstill and scramble little precious resources to have to beg a sovereign nation to change it’s legal ruling if only to accommodate the life of a drug smuggler that just happened to get caught

    2. There are already 6 OFW’s who were executed during the pnoy aquino administration – 4 in China and 2 in Saudi
      Does pnoy aquino want to grab the credit for those executions, or hide behind a wall of silence.

    3. What’s wrong with some of our Kababayan is lack of ACCOUNTABILITY. If they committed a mistake/knowingly broke the law they will blame others for their miseries. What happened to Mary Jane, she took the risk or just being ignorant and she got caught. Sorry this was the truth….then the Vultures who against the administration, the so called Activist (Bayan, Anak Pawis, Migrante, KMU, Media, opposition etc.) took this issue against the Phillippine Government. For so many years these organizatiions always opposed the government they never help or they do not have the intention to help. They are the professional protesters who most of their members did not even know the issue . Wearing stupid red head bands, waving the red flag, disrupting traffic and wasting other peoples time. What a shame….

    4. Ruben V. Calip on

      They won’t care whether their government is noynloying or not as long as they are in power–and they will continue to be forever until the Philippines breaks up under the CAB-BBL-MILF-Malaysia pressure. They wil be in power untl kingdom come because of their Comelec-Smartmatic/PCOS machine control of our elections.

    5. P.Akialamiro on

      With the incursion of China in the West Philippine Sea; the continuous flow of OFW from the country; the very low birth rate in many countries like Japan (and even China), the European counties like Germany and France; and, the unabated corruption in the country, will it be impossible to think of a Philippines absorbed by China?

      This sounds like a wild ior preposterous idea, but many more workers are needed in the countries with low birth rates as their population age. Otherwise, they will end up closing their factories, shops and industrial complexes. They will be opening their borders to foreign workers like those thousands of unemployed or underemployed earning meager salaries from the Philippines. These will weaken the economy of the Philippines significantly and suceptible to the ‘mercy’ of bigger and stronger countries like China. What incentives will these OFWs to think of returning to the country once they are given the privilege of bringing their families and finding their ‘niches’ in these foreign coungries?

    6. One’s prediction – the PNoy’s last 2-minutes of failures in governing will still be failures, even worse than anticipated.