Maserati of ‘attacker’ of traffic aide found


The luxury car of a motorist who dragged a traffic enforcer from the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) along a busy avenue on Thursday has been found by authorities.

The car, a Maserati, was traced to a condominium in Quezon City, an report said also on Thursday.

Its owner has been identified as Joseph Rusell Ingco of Valencia Hills, New Manila.

Shortly before the Maserati was found, the MMDA had offered a P100,000 reward to anyone who has information about the expensive car and its owner.

According to a TV news station, traffic enforcer Jorbe Adriatico plans to file cases of serious physical injuries and direct assault of a person in authority against Ingco.

Adriatco said he flagged down the blue Maserati on Thursday after it tried to make an illegal left turn on Quezon Avenue and Araneta Avenue.

He recalled that he tried to stop the car’s driver from making the left turn but it made a U-turn instead, with the driver giving him the dirty finger as the car passed him by.

The car driver then grabbed Adriatico’s cell phone and his collar and dragged him while the car was moving along Quezon Avenue.

Adriatico said the driver punched him twice in the face, breaking his nose, even as the car was zipping along the avenue.

He added that the driver only let him go when his passenger noticed that another traffic enforcer on a motorcycle was following them.


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