Mass protests for Aquino ouster start

Students kick off a series of protest actions on Sunday by marching from the Rizal Park in Manila to the Ermita Church.

Students kick off a series of protest actions on Sunday by marching from the Rizal Park in Manila to the Ermita Church.

Hundreds of students on Sunday staged a “unity walk for truth and accountability” to add heat to the growing public outrage over the killing of 44 members of the Special Action Force (SAF) in Maguindanao last month.

Wearing armbands and shirts printed with “Truth and Accountability,” a message obviously addressed to President Benigno Aquino 3rd, some 300 students started their walk at 6 a.m. from Luneta (Rizal Park) to Ermita Church where a Mass was celebrated in memory of the massacred police officers.

The students called for the resignation of the President whom they described as incompetent and a liar for allegedly hiding vital information on the January 25 encounter between the SAF and combined forces of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters.

Some of the students also wore T-shirts printed with “Nasaan ang Pangulo [Where is the President]?” a message to Aquino who is said to have failed to satisfy the cry for justice from the families, relatives and friends of the “Fallen 44.”

Various groups also gathered at the Our Lady of Edsa Shrine on Sunday to call for the ouster of Aquino.

The groups belonging to the “Edsa 2/22 Coalition” said Vice President Jejomar Binay, Senate President Franklin Drilon, Speaker Feliciano BelmonteJr. and their colleagues in Congress should also step down to enforce “system and reform change.”

Jose Malvar Villegas, founder of Citizens’ Crime Watch, warned that the country will face a bleak future if these officials do not resign.

Meanwhile, labor groups under the banner of Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino, Partido Lakas ng Masa and Sanlakas BMP-PLM-Sanlakas expressed their unity and support to political forces calling for the removal of Aquino.

The President “deserves to be ousted, not just because of allegations about his incapacity to hold the highest office, but because he symbolizes the interests of landlords and capitalists whose greed for power and profit cause the misery and poverty of the Filipino majority,” BMP-PLM-Sanlakas said in a statement.

Several groups led by Jose “Peping” Cojuangco also marched to EDSA to call on President Benigno Aquino 3rd to step down, the first of a series of mass actions set this week. PHOTOS BY RENE DILAN

Several groups led by Jose “Peping” Cojuangco also marched to EDSA to call on President Benigno Aquino 3rd to step down, the first of a series of mass actions set this week. PHOTOS BY RENE DILAN

“Aquino is the personification of neoliberal policies of liberalization, deregulation, privatization and labor contractualization that continue to wreak havoc on the lives and welfare of the people. [He] is the manifestation of the tyranny of political clans, brought about by the rotten and backward system of elite democracy,” it added.

The group said the Mamasapano incident is but the latest and strongest argument for the ouster of the President.

“The workers and the poor demand not just regime change but meaningful changes in Philippine society. We have learned the bitter lessons of the past EDSA upheaval,” it added.

According to BMP-PLM-Sanlakas, millions of workers, including the majority who are unorganized, are ready to support a movement to unseat an elitist President only if it also fights for meaningful reforms that would address their everyday problems.


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  1. Pnoy is just like the example of Jesus Christ though Pnoy is not prefect like Him, Jesus. He did his best to help free his people from slavery to corruption.

    But still he was rejected and persecuted by the haters who were blinded by their own pessimistic evil mind esp. by tatad “marcos errand boy”, tiglao frustrated, pepeing the kamaganak corp. and the rest of the manila times people. these guys cannot match the majority behind Pnoy.

    Pnoy will be known for his great superb legacy but he will be persecuted by these evil minded people after his term in 2016.

    but Pnoy will be known to those who are open minded, scholar, considerate, wise loving Filipino people of his own to include us, the American Pinoys here in USA.

    pls. pass these words to those people who are doing somthing good for the country and not what the country do for them…

    pls. vote wisely with your conscience and for the good of JUan dela Cruz

    • Agueda Kahabagan on

      I agree with you that Pnoy is not perfect. However, he definitely lacks leadership skill. From the Hongkong tourists issue to the Mamasapano incident hanggang sa pagkukulang na oversight sa paparating na energy problem. Hindi rin pala totoo ang gusto nailing ipamukha sa atin na transparent sila dahil sa nakikita natin sa DAP. Hindi siya ma compare kay Jesus Christ who is the Lord. Do you know who is more like him? He is so much like the emperor in the children’s story The Emperor’s New Clothes. As the Mamasapano hearings reveal, (if it is true that he was misinformed as what his political dogs want us to believe) his generals only informed him about things na gusto niyang marinig like the AFP reinforcements which is not true naan pala. I want to laugh like the people laughed when they saw the emperor without his clothes on. But nakokonsenya akong tumawa because there are lives who were sacrificed dahil sa kapalpakan nila. Moreover, he is the most insensitive president we ever had. During his talk with the SAF kin and in his speech palagi niyang sasabihin na pareho lang sila dahil namatayan din siya ng tatty. My God this is not about him and his family anymore. This is not his song to sing anymore. Kaya tama na give them the stage.
      Regarding your issue with the Manila Times, eto na lang siguro ang hindi parte ng yellow media.

    • i see the word USA and it irk me that your sentiments are that of a stupid president a hundred miles from where u are right now. can u imagine what WE are feeling right now here in the Philippines. To see and witness the stupidity and idiocy of Pinoy face to face and unlike YOU, WE are experiencing it right now. YOU are in a country of opportunity and wealth, WE are not so fortunate as YOU are. The shame of MY country is how did WE elect a stupid and idiot of a boy president.
      As for Jesus, YOU compared Jesus to that stupid and idiot little boy in malacanang. YOU judged Pinoy to be ” open minded, scholar, considerate, wise loving…….”. Have YOU seen the news lately, news in the Philippines i mean. i dont think YOU did because you have made up your mind that he is the Jesus of todays modern age. Pinoy was rejected by the People because he deserves so, Pinoy is hated because he deserve so. He is not doing his best because he was not elected by the people, he was elected by a machine.
      How is YOUR life there in the great US of A, my friend? must be great huh? American Pinoys u call YOURself these days. where did YOU ever in YOUR rght mind think that YOU are that. BTW what is an American Pinoy? Someone like YOU who does not know what is happening in his own country of origin?
      Pls. refrain in using American with Pinoy because it is insulting to the Americans. do not also use Pinoy in referring to Filipinos because Pinoys are not Filipinos. American Pinoys pfffttttttt…. pwe!

  2. These people have no brains…although it’s sad that 44 SAF were killed, Marwan himself killed over 300 innocent children,men & women. If not killed, he could have easily killed thousands more. For the SAF’s, that was their jobs & they know that the risk were high.

    • Ramon–Marwan still at large ,body no where to found. 44 SAF were silent to the last to keep the secret. Marwan’s hut was torched lately in the middle of investigation of no reason.Everybody in the govt trying to shield the mastermind to avoid prosecution

  3. Adeptus Astartes on

    Grabe din si Peping, sarili niyang pamangkin tinatalo niya at walang nakukuhang suporta sa kanya. Kitang-kita ang kung ano ang gusto niya: pera at kapangyarihan

    • Adeptus Astartes–Most loyalist say “where is the proof” I don’t buy this Peping’s rally either.which is the right thing to do ” Talk first before action or action first before Talking”

  4. Kung ako kay President Aquino aalisin ko na talaga ang buong tiwala ko kay Jojo Binay. Aminin man o hindi, isa si Binay sa mga nasa likod ng coup plot na yan

    • Mandy Mallari– Binay ,Abnoy same horse stable. magtatakipan lang yan
      Hanggang ngayon, wala pa yung 88 impeachment congressman at yung small lady.Hanggat do nothing si pinoy sa corruption ni Binay ay wala yan
      Palabas lang yan para di makalkal ang DAP..

  5. AFP/PNP Special Units Leaders band together and lead the way to form a Transition Government made of civilian/military.P-NOY is no longer capable of running the country his state of mind is no longer stable.

  6. A protest with yet another Cojuangco featured in its movement spoils the broth, this is a clan that sees opportunities in every misfortune, its a win-win scenario for this clan because they will take part on each opposing side. Out of their participation, will come great rewards in future investments in Mindanao, through its extensive natural reserves.

    NTC, if it needs the support from patriot Filipinos, should be come clean and express their true intention publicly, as it seems to be too close for comfort to be seen with these political butterflies and opportunist – for the republic to be reformed it needs patriots not traitors and opportunist on its side.

  7. People behind this movement are Trapos, including the former mouthpiece of Marcos. People have learned their lesson on Estrada and Arroyo, there is no way the Philippines is going back on that kind of leadership. this movement is doomed.

    • Perhaps you are the trapos member of KKK and therefore you wish otherwise, but remember this movement are being mobilized by the majority unlike the EDSA I which was represented mostly by minority rich elite comprising only !% of the total population of the Philippines. This is pure KARMA .

  8. Abnoy-noyingski on

    Kahit na isa lang ang nagpoprotesta basta makatotohanan, at yun ang mahalaga. Tama ba? Kung 1,000,000 pero mga sinungaling naman ang isinisigaw, tama ba yun?

    • Abnoy-noyingski –Sigurado ako ,kahit anong palpak ang gawin ni Pnoy kahet mag martial law ay pabor ka pa rin ano. Ang buhay ng isang loyalista,basta may pagtawid gutom, kesehoda na pasukin tayo ng mga intsik,basta ang importante ay pansariling interest,,yan ang tunay na pinoy..Yung tunay na magiging lider ng bansa ay hindi pa ipinanganganak…

  9. What is the plan? Who will we put in his place, Binay? This protesters are just pulling this idea out of their behind!

  10. This writer is exaggerating the number of student protesters. More truthful number is about 90 and not hundreds as he claims to be.