Massacre dooms BBL – Marcos


THE killing of 44 elite police commandos by separatists from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) on January 25 in Mamasapano town in Maguindanao province will likely snag the approval of the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) in Congress as inquiries into the “massacre” will further push back the deadline earlier set for its passage.

In fact, Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Thursday disclosed that some of his colleagues have already withdrawn support to the BBL over the carnage.

He said the incident only showed the “infirmities” and “imperfections” of the draft measure that will be the basis for the establishment of the Bangsamoro political entity to replace the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM).

“The truth about that incident is central and fundamental to the BBL . . . we may have to amend or enter new provisions in the proposal. These can only be done after the truth to what happened has been known,” Marcos told the Meet the Press Forum at the National Press Club in Intramuros, Manila.

The lawmaker, who heads the Senate Committee on Local Government where the BBL is being deliberated, said the “window” to pass the measure has been “narrowing,” adding that the executive branch was at least five months late in forwarding the draft to the Senate.

Worse, Marcos claimed that upon consultation with the Commission on Elections, he was informed that it would take the poll body eight months after the signing into law of the BBL to prepare for the plebiscite.

“But this is until all legal questions have been answered. I know that once the BBL is passed into law, it will be immediately questioned before the Supreme Court. We have to factor that in. The time that will be consumed,” he also told the forum.

Besides, the senator said, even the Bangsamoro Transition Commission, the body designated to formulate the BBL, has argued that to come up with a “complete” formula, they would need three years to firm up the plan.

Marcos, who wore a black armband in support of the victims’ families, noted that Sunday’s incident “ is the worst thing that could happen to the BBL.”

Meanwhile, Marcos claimed that “morale is low” in the both the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police.

He asked those who have anything to share about the incident to come out.


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  1. This is a sad day for.the Philippine people, Muslim &Christians alike. This is a time for all Filipinos to unite and find a common ground to attain peace in that part of the country. All you Monday morning qusrterbacks, haters should cease your criticism and keep your opinion to yourself. Give our executive, legislative & judiciary do their job so that we can.moveon. pray for peace instead.

  2. hahahah funny marcos. can’t remember how many Filipinos were salvaged during his dad’s martial law admin compared to this incident.

  3. Sayang mawawala na ang “Nobel Peace Prize” ni Abnoy; baka hindi pa makuha yong ‘bounty’ ng napatay na ‘bomber’.

    Ngayon pa man takot na ang mga militar na lumaban sa mga MILF at BIFF kahit na marami ang napatay na miyembro ng SAF, ano pa kaya pag batas na ang BBL?Kung tutoo ang mga sinasabi ng mga kritiko, lalong hihina ang sandatahan ng Pilipinas at may mga lugar na hinidi na sila makapasok kung walang pahintulot ang BIFF; bawas na ang teritoryo nga bansa. Bakit hindi pa sinaklolohan ang mga SAF sa dami ng napatay sa kanila; dahil ito daw ay saliwa sa usapang pangkapayapaan. Ang pagpatay ba ng marami sa mga SAF ay hindi saliwa sa anumang usapang militar o pantao? Ibasura ang BBL ni Aquino!

  4. this is true, just junk BBL and maintain ARRM. under ARMM we still have more control of it than the BBL who wants its own police, taxation, etc. like an independent state. no way jose. they can just go home to SABAH if they want independence.

  5. armando flores on

    Instead of approving the creation of a Bangsamoro Republic in Mindanao our legislators should pass a law strengthening the sovereignty of the nation as an undivided republic. If they cannot do this, the Philippine territory may as well be surrendered to the MILF and BIFF and let them establish an islamic state and all its citizens be mandated to convert to islam. The way aquino is acting he seems to have already converted himself to islam.

    • You have to look back and see why, where and when the fighting all started. A peace process with our muslim brothers should be pursued. There could be some provision that need to be look at such that the BML or autonomous region does not separate from PH republic. There is only one option and that is PEACE. We can’t go back to the fighting many years ago. I was born and lived in this place for many many years and I have seen the killing or deaths.

  6. The BBL in its current form is dead.

    An insertion of a law and order condition could make it work.
    1. Law and order must be re-established in all of the Philippines.
    A. Bring the murderers to Justice.
    B. Outlaw and disband all private armies.
    C, Outlaw all weapons larger than a pistol in the Philippines.
    2. Place A,B,C in the BBL as conditions to be achieved before anything else takes effect.

    A,B,C does not have to be included in the BBL. It can be passed as a seperate law.

  7. Ano ba ang problema sa ARRM? Narito na ang pundasyon. Kailangan na lang fine tune ito at hindi na dapat palitan. Ang dapat palitan ay ang mga nagpapatakbo. Isipin lang ninyo ang bilang ng namatay na sundalo, pulis, bsdu, chdf at civilians para marating ang peace agreement noon. Ngayon iba na naman.Isipang Legacy ba ito! Ang mga muslim rebels noon na narbsorb ng AFP at PC/INP/PNP ay may magandang record sa kanilang serbisyo. Marami na ngang nagretire na. Walang katapusan ang ambition ng mga muslim leaders na ito. Nag umpisa sa MNLF na ang gobyerno noon nahikayat sila. Tapos sumanga ito sa dalawa pang factions. Walang katapusan ito, magising tayo ang Mindanao ay membro na ng caliphate ng ISIS. Gulo gulo walang katapusang gulo!

  8. Sen. Marcos, let us not expect folks from the administration, especially those who continue to received bribes from PNoy to provide accurate and correct information about the SAF carnage. These times reminds us of the time of your father that anyone who talks negative about him, disappear just like smoke.