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    TV and movie actress Danita Paner is a girl after the T-Zone’s own heart. In this dizzyingly busy world, she considers massages a necessity rather than a luxury to fight stress. She supports science and technology and is therefore willing to try its amazing inventions to enhance her skin and body. And most of all, she believes in the power of evaporated milk as the best facemask there is to cure and calm dryness and rashes.

    In my many years of covering the beauty beat, I had never heard anyone talk about my dermatologist’s age old prescription for my unfortunately sensitive skin, other than Danita. I may not be slim like her, nor have as smooth a mane and skin as she, but we were certainly thrilled to find something in common.

    “Wow! You use evaporated milk on your face too?” she gleefully exclaimed after dishing out her beauty secrets at a dinner to honor her official launch as ambassador of Oceanic Spa Massage, Facial & Salon.

    When I said yes again, I knew we had the same thought bubble, “I’m not the only one who’s weird!”

    “It’s not an easy skin care routine to do ha,” Danita chatted on. “Once I forgot I left the milk on my dresser after using it on my face and nilanggam ako!” she laughed out loud.

    The flawless Danita Paner

    I have to agree that it is difficult to use milk ideally as a facemask after cleansing every night to keep the skin soft and supple. I admitted to Danita that I’ve been remiss in the routine but have long “included” it in my first aid arsenal whenever my skin breaks out in a rash due to weather changes, encountering a dusty environment and stress.

    But given that I now know there’s someone out there trying her best to stick to the milk routine, I pledged to pick it up again and share with you what a teleserye star no less and I swear by together.

    Take note, the range of milk-formulated skin care products in the market won’t work as well as raw milk so don’t waste your money on them.

    Here’s what you do for honest to goodness natural skincare.

    * * *

    Preps: Go for a trusted quality brand evaporated milk because its thicker consistency allows for the formation of a mask on the skin. Pop open a can, pour into a container that no one at home will think they can use in coffee or anything edible, and chill.

    Steps: After cleansing your face at night, dip a cotton ball into the cold milk and spread a thin layer all over your face. You’ll feel a soothing sensation upon application, but of course as you leave the milk to dry it will tighten up on your skin. Once the whole thing turns into a mask, just rinse with tap water, pat dry with a soft towel and feel the difference.

    Effects: How does it work? Milk has Vitamins A, B6, B12, Lactic Acid, Potassium and Calcium that work wonders on dry, flaky and peeling skin, promote skin moisture and elasticity, all while and soothing breakouts and rashes. Continued use—so long as you don’t get lazy as I do to go to the fridge for skin care—will give you skin like Danita’s!

    * * *

    “The milk routine can also save you money from all those expensive creams—money you can use for that weekly massage I need from Oceanic,” she giggled.

    Danita, who’s currently on a break after her last teleserye stint on ABS-CBN’s “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano,” is no stranger to hectic schedules.

    “It’s very hard to keep going if you’re so tired, that’s why I think that these days, people need regular spa visits to reenergize. For me, a massage doesn’t just relax my body but it also me an inner sense of calm and relief,” she explained.

    As for being a fan of non-invasive treatments, Danita’s favorite is the finest of diamond peels she discovered at Oceanic, which she swears is ever so gentle in exfoliating her skin.

    “Walang gasgas after like other treatments and it leaves a smooth powdery finish,” she guaranteed.

    Proud that every part of her face and body are “all-original,” she is open to trying the spa’s latest range of technologically advanced fat burning and firming machines from Israel when she sees the need to do so.

    “They have medical doctors on duty all the time so if ever I try any of their treatments, I can be sure to get the proper advice and information,” she enthused.

    As a parting shot and bonus, Danita who’s bursting with positivity cited three other beauty secrets that help keep her tip top form: “Lots of water, lots of sleep if you can, and stay away from worries!”

    * * *

    Oceanic Spa Massage, Facial & Salon is located along Dr. A. Santos Avenue, Barangay San Dionisio, Sucat, Parañaque City. It’s website is www.oceanicspa.ph.


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