• Massive CCT loot boosts Liberal Party’s 2016 booty


    One of the legacies of Gloria Arroyo’s reign of corruption that her Ateneo student Noynoy Aquino perpetrated in his identical presidency is the anomalous Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) or Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps).

    So, it is no longer surprising when the Asian Development Bank (ADB) disclosed that up to 30 percent of the funds under the CCT end up in the wrong hands.

    We’re talking about tens of billions of pesos in “leakages” on the disbursement of borrowed money that do not benefit the poorest of the poor, the intended recipients.

    Inutang po iyang pondo ng 4Ps na ang pagbabayad ay iniatang sa ating mga taxpayers.

    This year’s CCT budget reached P62 billion and 30 percent of which amounts to P19 billion.

    For the reason that the ADB and the World Bank are funding the CCT program, they are curious about how the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has spent CCT funds.

    An ADB study showed that Noynoy’s welfare program has become the source of “high leakage,” apparently benefiting corrupt DSWD and barangay (village) officials.

    A great deal of CCT funds goes to people who should not be on the DSWD list of poor households.

    The program doles out cash monthly to listed families who are supposed to keep their children in school.

    Noynoy brags that the program benefits 4.5 million of very poor households, and yet, his economic managers claim that poverty in the country is nearly eliminated.

    Sinungaling talaga itong si Noynoy tulad ni Arroyo.

    The CCT program has merely fostered mendicant mentality among the people, as well as encourage corruption among the DSWD and barangay officials.

    It is also clearly evident that CCT funds are being used to buy political patronage from the poor at national level down to the barangay level.

    What Arroyo began as a P9-billion program has steadily grown every year to this year’s P62 billion.

    In time for the elections next year, the CCT budget has been jacked up to P66 billion.

    House of Representatives Minority Leaders Leyte Rep. Ferdinand Martin Romualdez and Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares said Social Welfare Secretary Dinky Soliman has a lot to explain during the coming 2015 budget hearings.

    In a statement, Soliman said the ADB report was wrongly based on 2009 data.

    Pinalalabas ni Soliman na panis ang ADB report? Magaling talaga ang kalihim na ito magpalusot kaya hindi matinag kahit katakut-takot ang anomaly sa DSWD.

    If the “stupid” ADB report is indeed wrong and useless, that does not necessarily mean the leakages have been eliminated just because Soliman said so.

    Needless to say, that is easier said than done.

    CCT beneficiaries have said some DSWD social workers and barangay officials have demanded “cuts” or “service fee” in exchange for enlisting them in the program.

    The doleouts have not also encouraged recipients to find productive work.

    In many cases, the cash received has been used to support the parents’ addiction to alcohol and illegal drugs, and gambling.

    Congress indeed must look into this sham welfare program but I doubt if Malacañang would even care about another probe.

    If Noynoy and Dinky really want to help the poor and truly minimize poverty in the country, the multi-billion peso CCT funds should be used to set up enterprises.

    Doing so would not only boost national production but would also create jobs instead of causing the national debt to balloon further.

    Sana sa mukha nila sumabog ang lobong yan!

    By grace of God, not another mascot in Malacañang
    Suffice it to say that the endearing Senator Grace Poe, whether she now likes it or not, plays the role of a catalyst as to which direction the nation takes towards the May 9, 2016 elections.

    And, I have a question that many, many supporters of Senator Grace Poe like me would wish to ask her.

    Would the good senator, if she decides so to run for higher office, choose to serve the interest of the Filipino people rather than that of the kingmakers who put a mascot in the Palace five years ago?

    Would the smart and independent-minded Poe agree to use the “FPJ Magic,” as well as her own Cin-derella charm, and help install another stupid mascot in Malacañang?

    I can’t believe the senator would even imagine allowing herself be taken for a ride that is worse than an MRT ride.

    Enough of the sham and hypro¬critical matuwid na daan nonsense!

    Gasgas na gasgas na yan!



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    1. instead of focusing on wealth creation this socialist party(Liberal Party) waste so much of our hard earned tax money on wealth distribution and keeps the rest for themselves. what an administration. Ang kapal!

    2. Tama ang nakalagay na ang CCT ay hindi naka encourage na humnap ng trabaho o magtrabaho ang mga beneficiaries nito. Actually naiutang na ito bago pa nila matanggap kasi umaasa na lang sila dito. Tama din ang suggestion na dapat ipinagpatayo na lang ito ng mga business enterprises na nasa lugar ng mahihirap kayulad ng Integrated Coconut Processing facility na ang Initial Capital eh approximately P800M at pweding makapagbigay ng employment opportunity na 15,000 sa isang lugar na maraming source ng niyog. Pwede itong mag produce ng Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Water as energy Drink, coconut milk, at marami pang iba (walang matatpn sa matured coconut fruit). Ang problema hindi sila nag-iisip para tumaas ang production at employment opportunity ng mga tao.

    3. Roldan Guerrero on

      A STUPID CEO will never be able to attract and convince TOP-GUN TECHNOCRATS. It is a general rule for the intellectuals not to be under the command of a stupid chief executive officer. Who do you think among the keymen of PIGNOY is a competent one? His standards lies within the boundaries of KKKs and BALIMBINGS! The result is as what we see and suffer today.

    4. Mr. Tulfo, GMA has been in hospital arrest for 5 years and not a single evidence has been presented that will establish her guilt. Until you can cite any evidence that will establish her quilt, you should refrain from calling her corrupt. I like to think you have an ax to grind with her family.

    5. Erwin Tulfo sounds like PNoy himself, laying blame on Arroyo who has no part in what is going on in the PNoy administration. How can Tulfo justify a CCT of 9 billion against 62 billion. Thre is no comparison and the analysis is quite simple. It only solidify that the PNoy administration is a much, much more corrupt that the previous once. And Tulfo should stop looking back and move forward.

    6. naku kung si poe ang uupo tuloy ligaya ng liberal party….biruin nyo tinabla si mar roxas last time dahil sinakyan ang pag ka matay ni cory kaya si noynoy na wala namang abilidad sa pag ka presidente ang sinabak….at this time gagawin na naman nila ulit…tatablahin na naman si roxas at si grace poe ang susuportahan para lahat sila sa liberal fiesta na naman…mga wala namang prinsipyo ang mga taga liberal…ang importante sa kanila ma ka pwesto sila…kaya wala silang paki alam kung dummy lang ang presidente na ma i uupo…at eto pa si purisima sinibak na…wow happy ang mga tao kse may justice daw…..pero ang tunay na reason kaya sinibak ay para di na sila mahirap depensahan ang mga ka palpakan ni purisima together with pnoy sa darating na election…so hindi pala para sa ngalan ng justice ang pag sibak…..para pala palinisin ang record ng gobyerno in preparation for the 2016 election