‘Massive cheating in the works’

POLL FRAUD Inoray Malawi, a poll watcher, shows during a news conference on Friday a copy of a Vote Counting Machine receipt that she said contains the name of administration standard-bearer Manuel Roxas 2nd instead of that of another presidential candidate whom she ‘voted” for in a dry run. Her allegation seemed to validate claims by the head of the country’s biggest group of coconut producers of “massive” electoral fraud ahead of  Monday’s polls. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

POLL FRAUD Inoray Malawi, a poll watcher, shows during a news conference on Friday a copy of a Vote Counting Machine receipt that she said contains the name of administration standard-bearer Manuel Roxas 2nd instead of that of another presidential candidate whom she ‘voted” for in a dry run. Her allegation seemed to validate claims by the head of the country’s biggest group of coconut producers of “massive” electoral fraud ahead of Monday’s polls. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

The Liberal Party (LP) has allegedly hatched a plot to “steal” the elections and ensure victory for administration candidates led by Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd and his vice presidential running mate, Camarines Sur. Rep. Leni Robredo, based on an alert raised by a farmers group.

Efren Villasenor, the national chairman of the Philippine Coconut Producers Federation (Cocofed), on Friday said he has received complaints from the field about rigged results of test polls using Commission on Elections (Comelec) ballots and Vote Counting Machines (VCMs).

Cocofed is the oldest coconut industry association in the country, formed in 1947 as the Philippine Coconut Planters Association by coconut planters from Quezon and Laguna.

It was renamed Cocofed in 1956 and in 1971 became the government-recognized national organization of coconut farmers with the largest membership.

At present, it counts more than one million members from various provinces, with over 900 chapters nationwide.

Villasenor said their affiliates from Marawi City (Lanao del Sur), Cotabato City and Maguindanao–all in southern Mindanao–have reported to them that during the VCM tests, the results were for Roxas and his team even when the names of other candidates in the ballots were shaded.

“Even here in Lopez, Quezon, we have the same observation. Many actually shaded the names of [Davao City Mayor Rodrigo] Duterte and [Sen. Grace] Poe but the VCM receipt indicated that the votes went to Roxas,” he added.

“The VCM has a new name, Vote Cheating Machine. Let’s expect massive cheating on May 9. Imagine this is only a test, yet very clearly we can see how the machines are being manipulated,” the Cocofed official said.

These findings, according to Villasenor, led many in the two cities and two provinces to decide not to vote at all.

“I was told that those who witnessed the ‘cheating’ no longer want to vote, fearing that their votes will not be counted. This is going to be a farce [voting]. Cheating is very likely to occur,” he said.

Villasenor added that Cocofed has endorsed the candidacy of Poe for President and Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. for Vice President.

They are also campaigning for party list group 1PacMan, he added.

The Cocofed president scored Roxas and Robredo’s sudden rise in pre-election surveys this week, which he described as highly “suspicious.”

He said the surveys can be used to condition the minds of voters that in the event of a Roxas win, it was because he did good in the surveys.

“They will use the manipulated surveys to convince people and justify cheating. It will be a good cover-up for cheating. There will be chaos,” Villasenor pointed out.

Meanwhile, a political lawyer identified with the opposition also claimed to have received similar alarming reports.

“They [Liberal Party] are out to steal the elections. They will not allow Duterte and Marcos to win at all costs,” the lawyer told The Manila Times on condition that he would not be named.

The plan, he said, involves “trending” beginning Monday, Election Day, by first canvassing votes from “yellow areas” to create the impression that Roxas is leading the count.

The color yellow is identified with the Aquino camp.


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  1. Wala namang case na ganyan dine sa amin. I’m not sure about those cases. If it was testing, I believe each party were represented and the result should be properly documented. Baka naman nagkamali lang din ng na shade.

  2. Taga dVao ka on

    THANK YOU TO THE DIVIDED LUZON!The fight is over..Soon will rise the hero from the neglected Mindanao.The plot was undeniably victorious..Batang Cubao,Batang Makati and Batang Manila thru the Mayor Erap will soon vow to the greatest strategist of the history.Mindanao and North Luzon will be a solid block of vote adding those from INC voters..I pity you who ran from the NCR..IDIOTS and dumb losers you are dividing the votes from NCR.While the one from Mindanao having the Solid Votes..Thank you NCR for giving them the opportunity to be like the peoples republic of china.we are now savoring our victory.philippine red flag and china red flag..mabuhay

  3. Taga dVao ka on

    Its very clear to us..who met with dudirty before cayetano? Its bongbong marcos! What transpired during d meeting? Well why now INC endorsed the two of them.This political strategy is very clear.why is chavit singson in the line up of dudirty who hales from north..very clear the north is an ally of the Mindanao candidate..very strategic indeed.Bongbong with the north and leyte voters and duterte solid camp from Mindanao..My pity to those from Metro Manila..Its Mindanaos time to shine..

    • Taga PiLipinas tyo on

      naku nman, agree n sana aq ng ayos n ayos..kso d q ngsthan yng its now time for mindnao to shine u, sounds like ksi skin n d u nkikta ang pgbbgo in our whole country, no matter wt part man po ng pinas tyo ngmula, hwahwalay mn isla dto, we are one, so dont take all the credits as if groupings to and sa group nyo ang pnkmgling. lets just feel united, d ung tntlad ntin ang atng srili sa mga isla ng pinas, look ng mgkaisa ang mindanao, north luzon pati visayas at saan png panig ng bansa, naihalal ntin ang tunay n lider n may pagmamhal sa bansa at sa kapwa pilipino. at naguumpisa tyong mgsamsma pra ibngon mli ang pilipinas galing sa maling demkrasyang pinmulat ng mga naunang lider at mga ganid na myyman sa bansa. I know ur proud bcause hes one of ur kbbyan, but dont be boastful to the point that u feel the differences of our ethnicity. im from metro but im also proud, duterte is our president . “It is philippines time to shine once Again”.

  4. Bakit kasi binoto si Pnoy noon..kung hindi sana tanga mga tao noon..kesyo anak nang dating pangulo kaya ibinoto..buti nlng hindi ko siya binoto kaya hindi na sayang yong vote ko..ngayon gumising na kayo para sa tunay na pagbabago nang ating bansa..

    • Chris Asuncion on

      Unfortunately, tama ang sinabi ni Senator Miriam:

      “The people are not educated for voting and the people they elect are not educated for serving.”

    • Taga PiLipinas tyo on

      Agree ako sayo kung yung line n yan ay nagm8 nung eleksyon sa pgkapngulo ni pinoy, but now sorry to say..d n pde gmitin yan, mzyado ng naghirap at nagtiis ang mraming pilipino, kya it leads to a wise choice. d bale ng umasa sa mtalim mgsalita, nbbwi nman sa gawa. ksa nman sa mabulaklak n bibig ang alam lng ay ngumawa. peace!! d k cguro nktikim ng hirap, kya gnyan k mgisip.

  5. Mayor Buttmonkey on

    Duterte supporters are posting pictures and videos to facebook all day every day. None of them can point their camera at a VCM and catch this alleged cheating? LOL. A candidacy of fakes.

    • Taga PiLipinas tyo on

      oops. just a few words for you…Are you talking about your yellow Allies? LOL

  6. Another mind conditioning tactic of duterte’s keyboard warriors. Ibinintang pa sa LP eh sila naman ang may gawa nun. Through the Mighty Name of Jesus, Lord, thwart their EVIL PLOT.

    • So where did your LP’S lead the Philippines to???? Did it go to somewhere else better after the administration of Marcos???? I am so discussed by your accusations by saying it is another mind conditioning tactic of Duterte while he hasn’t even set foot in the Palace or served as the President of the Philippines…. Let the man prove himself that he is worthy and he could make a big change….a GOOD ONE!!! Unlike your LP’S they had so much time to serve the Filipino people and yet has never did us any good, in fact it has gotten the Philippines into a worst situation. how can you react to this and defend on this when it is proven world wide that the Philippines is already considered the 3rd world country????? Can you explain that????? Get your senses up and open your eyes into reality!!!!!

  7. Palagay ko naman mas marami ang matitino at matalinng Pilipino kaya si Roxas-Robredo ang mananalo. Sa tuwid ako!

    • Artaxerxes Michael Garcia on

      walang taong matino na boboto sa magnanakaw nang yolanda funds, at yung taong ang presidente na lumabas sa machine ay Roxas kahit Duterte and gusto nang botante.. Duterte -Marcos kami.. Taga Roxas City kami piro ang pangit nang Roaxs City as ang President Roxas na lugar sa Panay,, at walang decenteng gumagamit nang bata sa media.. why can’t roxas answer yolanda funds? Duterte is far superior to him

  8. Jose Escalante on

    April 26th, I handed my ballot at the embassy here in Washington, DC USA. The person at the window just took the ballot. That’s it. NO RECEIPT. I have voted in elections here in the US: primaries, local and national elections. Voting machines are used but NEVER have the voting machines gave receipts. VOTES ARE SECRETS! Ballots are counted at the canvassings. These claims are misinformations. Mr. Sy Egco you are a senior reporter. Please verify these claims before reporting.
    I have seen these claims here in the US, postings from Hongkong, the Middle East. I doubt their truth because I have voted so many times and never experience what the claim.

    • You just handed your ballot? Hehe good for you you dont wish you had a receipt?

  9. bakit ayaw ng comelec na kunan ng photo yun receipts at form…kc gusto nila masiguro na wala ebidensya makuha ang botante para sa pinakamalawakang pandaraya sa kasaysayan ng pilipinas para manalo si roxas at robredo…sabi nga ni pinoy he will use anything to stop duterte and bongbong….pinoy will use mr andreas bautista to impement the plan

    • Taga dVao ka on

      Kuya kung mali yung resibo pwede po na hindi mo cya ihulog sa ballot box..pwede mo po agad ereklamo claim mo the day u cast your vote..magbasa kasi.katangahan kung di ka magreklamo e makikita mo nga boto once na binasa ng machine.kabobohan na kung d ka makapagreklamo e binasa na nga ng machine ung shaded mo.makikita mo sa resibo kung tama ba pagkabasa.

  10. armando astudillo on

    It’s too late. LP PNoy and Roxas have been given a lot of time to prove their worth as public servants and failed, and now they woo everyone including their political opponents- for their own selfish motives. Up to Pnoy Aquino’s last days as a public servant, he not only has proven his very elementary brain, but his sinister and dubious nature at that for his recent pronouncements about uniting all the presidentiables against Duterte! After lambasting their opponents, they are now seeking their help? They have no other recourse but to CHEAT AT ALL COST. He, along with Roxas and Trillanes are TERRORISTS! They have and are sowing all forms of terrorism by spreading about concocted “looming” dictatorship, martial low, killings, etc in all directions. Can they not be held criminally liable for sowing terrorism among the peace-loving people? After lambasting their political opponents they seek for “unity”. This is all only for LP’s own consumption! Enough is enough of you lies and deceptions!

  11. Screw this moronic lunatic president of this nation. He should be trial for everything.
    Liberal party will never win.. Now they start to cheat, by mind settings that they were leading at the survey paid by government… This Survey , SWS and Pulse were the elements of this corrupt government by Aquino…
    Only Merriam and Bong Bong Marcos will win in this coming election.

    • Be fortunate you are living in a more forgiven time. During the time of martial law insulting Pres. Marcos will get you killed. This unfounded lies of cheating even BBM himseld admitted that the solid evidence is none. Pero kayong mga followers ni BBM you stand for Bulagbulagan Bingibingian Maangmaangan sa hatol ng taong bayan.

  12. Chico Ibarra on

    Funny. Digong and BBM are busting their ass off campaigning, but lazy Mar and Leni are waiting at the clubhouse and watching the Vote Cheating Machine (VCM) doing its own thing. Wallah, the votes are counted for Mar and Leni, and they say it’s credit to democracy. Legacy of tuwid na daan. BS is for BS Aquini.

  13. Cheating mechanism is already well embedded in the VCMs (Vote Counters for Mar). Mar has to cover the cheating by forging alliance with Poe to deceive the Filipinos that he won the elections because of the alliance. The alliance is just a cover..The reality is the VCMs are already pre programmed for his votes..

  14. Manaig man sa ngaun ang kasamaan at kabaluktutan ng daang matuwid na sinasabi, pero sa huli kabutihan at liwanag ang ating masisinagan.. walang mas makapangyarihan sa Ating dakilang lumikha.. alam nya lahat ng ngyayari. Di Nya tayo pababayaan,
    sama sama po tayo magdasal para sa tahimik, mapayapa at malinis na halalan para sa ating bayan.

  15. Desperado Na talaga mga yellowtards! Balita nga Hundreds of trained VCM technicians tinanggal ng Comelec without any explanation. ito Na ang pinakamaruming election ever sa atin bansa. DUTERTE at MARCOS Sa May 9,2016!

    • exactly you got it right……once this election is over and roxas and robredo win through massive cheating….EDSA PEOPLE POWER WILL BE DONE NOT FOR THEM BUT MASSIVELY AGAINST THEM

  16. Josefino Bajado Velasco on

    P-noy has got away from the numerous mortal sins in thecpast tat he committed against the people due to their passivity. Do not dip your figngers too deeply P-noy to test the waters. This will sutely be the last straw in your unillustrious career.

  17. Mga kababayan, are you ready? Dalawang araw nalang, “bonus na naman,” “pasko na naman.” Sana piliin natin ang mabuting pamasko para sa ating mahal na bayan. Magdasal po tayo para pangunahin tayo ng Puong Maykapal sa pagpili natin sa ating magiging bagong Pangulo. Ito po ang aking dalangin,

  18. The Filipino people are onto you, Mar Roxas and PNoy. We’re onto you. Don’t think you can get away with cheating that easily.

  19. Noel Garcia on

    Mar Roxas has no more chance to win the elèction only Leni Robredo has a very good chance because they are statistically tie at 28-29 with Bong Bong Marcos in the latest SWS survey as of May 03
    Duterte at 33 over Roxas 21 a difference of 12 % & even massive cheating cannot be successful it can be a failure of election

    • Pakakainin kita sa Jollibee pag nanalo si Duterte. Pero hindi mangyayari yon.

  20. Dr. Jose Mercado on

    is Mr. Aquino stlll in his right frame of mind? given his mental condition?
    is Mr. Aquino will stop at nothing to avoid jail and lose Hacienda Luisita?
    did Mr. Aquino finance Mr. Trillianes attack sorties and lies?
    did Mr. Aquino violated Election Laws and Constitution? phone calls to Andy?



    • Ang mga supporters ni Dudirty ang dapat bantayan. Sigurado pag natalo si Dutertard ang salita nila ‘may dayaan kasi’. Lumang tugtugin na!

  21. This are all bullshit! Who in his right will do this. He/she may end up being shot by DU30.

  22. Mark Torres on

    Nagpapakamatay manalo si BS Aquino dahil takot syang makulong. Sigurado namang maraming ikakakaso Sa kanya, kaya Para madaling maka bail Sa Sandiganbayan, he appointed 6 Malacañang people close to Ochoa as justices just recently.

    • Kung titingnan natin ang history ng mga Aquino, we’ll see na ilang henersyon ng ang nakukulong, starting from great grandfather, Sevillano, Lolo Benigno Sr., daddy Benigno Jr. I won’t be surprised if PNoy follows the same fate

  23. thats the reason why comelec chairman bautista doesnt want give the reciept before