Master chef Jereme Leung back for ‘Majestic Summer’


Hong Kong-born international master chef Jereme Leung made a triumphant return to Manila as he launch China Blue restaurant’s “Majestic Summer” promotion.

Recognized as one of the “World’s Best Chefs” by the American Academy of Hospitality Science, the culinary trailblazer Leung breathed fresh life into the country’s most-sought after emerald harvests to showcase the culinary marriage of modern Chinese dishes and the Philippines’ finest local ingredients.

Chef Jereme Leung in action

The culinary event is a seasonal and guilt-free selection delicately prepared to suit the body’s needs and satisfy the palate’s cravings just in time for the summer season.

“Over my last three or four visits here in the Philippines, I realized that there are wonderful produce here in the your country. However, I am also curious on why many of those wonderful products are not being presented and used in Chinese restaurants. Just like pili nuts, malunggay leaves, tamarind, calamansi, Batangas coffee bean and kamias,” the chef told the press.

“We may say these products are common but I wanted to explore the possibility of how these can work with Chinese food and answer the question why aren’t many people use these products in Chinese restaurants. Also, through this exercise, learn enough about these Filipino products and then export them out to my other restaurants throughout the globe—in Maldives, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Singapore, Macao, among others so that more people would learn more about it,” he added.

Poached malunggay seafood wonton

Diners and gourmands were able to choose from an artfully curated a la carte menu that features signature creations by the Master Chef himself, such as the poached malunggay seafood wonton and crispy black rice coated with king prawn in pumpkin sauce; and deep-fried lapu-lapu in sweet and sour calamansi sauce among others.

Barbecue chicken skewers in tamarind sauce

Other dishes in the menu barbecue chicken skewers in tamarind sauce, wok-fried pork spare ribs in Batangas coffee sauce topped with local pili nuts, and malunggay and cucumber sorbet with chia seeds and mixed fruits.

Diners can still experience a summer food crawl with signature epicurean creations in a spacious dining area with glittering panoramic views of the bay, cozy booths and four private dining rooms that are available in Conrad Hotel’s China Blue to make dining experience more memorable.


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