• Mastermind in Quiapo human skeletons stockpile known


    The mastermind in a series of killings inside the Islamic Center in Quiapo has been identified. A source with knowledge of killings disclosed to The Manila Times: “The mastermind is no less than the owner of the two-storey house where the stockpile of human skeletons was found hidden under the stairs.” The informant is referring to a certain “Shariff” who was killed sometime last year in Cagayan de Oro City. Shariff was the suspect in the killing of Datu Amerol Galam Ambiong, a respected elder in the Islamic Center and president of the Metro Manila Muslim Brotherhood Association. “He was killed a week after the October 7 raid in Quiapo where seven people were killed by the anti-drug raiding team of the Manila Police District,” the source said. Village chieftain Faiz Macabato was also killed in the raid on Barangay 648.


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