Matobato surrenders, posts P200K bail


SELF-confessed “Davao Death Squad” hitman Edgar Matobato on Thursday surrendered to the Manila Police District and posted bail over a frustrated murder charge.

IN AND OUT Edgar Matobato, 57, the self-confessed hit man of the so-called ‘Davao Death Squad,’ surrenders to Manila police in connection with a frustrated murder case. Matobato posted P200,000 bail and was subsequently released. Matobato is said to be in the custody of a religious group. PHOTO BY DJ DIOSINA

Around 2 p.m., Matobato posted bail of P200,000 before the Manila Regional Trial Court. He first went through the booking process at the Manila Police District headquarters in Ermita, Manila.

Matobato was the subject of a warrant of arrest from the Regional Trial Court in Digos City, Davao del Sur for frustrated murder in connection with the 2014 ambush of an agrarian reform adjudicator.

The court later ordered the release of Matobato.

His legal counsel, Jude Sabio, said they did not want Matobato detained as he could suffer the fate of Rolando Espinosa Sr., who was killed while in the Leyte sub-provincial jail in November for supposed illegal possession of drugs and forearms.

Following recent statements by retired policeman Arturo Lascañas, Matobato remains an important witness to alleged executions carried out by the so-called Davao Death Squad.

Matobato claimed before a Senate inquiry last year that President Rodrigo Duterte was behind the Davao Death Squad that killed, and sometimes mutilated, 1,000 people from 1988 to 2013.

Asked where they got the money for bail, Sabio said half of the bail money came from Matobato and the other half from donors.

Matobato is in the custody of a religious organization, Sabio said.


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  1. Dio San Pedro on

    The Catholic Church in the Philippines doesn’t or can’t help the poorest buy food but can support a killer. Need to stop donating money to the Catholic Church.

  2. Investigation in aid of legislation is the senate’s version of the ” Twilight Zone” TV series…… the viewers are mesmerized by the magical skills of the legislators …… ……….

  3. Why is this self-confessed killer of over 200 people being coddled by the priests and nuns??

  4. The P200,000 was given by Sen. Trillanes, came from his account set aside to pay his consultants. The same process he will do for Lascanas whenever he is in need of help. Trillanes should have written a better script because on both occasions, Matobato and Lascanas did not yield anything, only embarrassment and made Trillanes looks like the biggest fool in the Senate. .

  5. Leopoldo Mayo on

    This Edgar Matobato, a self-confessed hitman and killer of over 200 people, is a very lucky man indeed! He’s out of prison for an attempted murder by assassination charge, posting 200,000 pesos in bail–half of which he claims to be his own money (that means his own cold cash, because no insurance company would underwrite such a big bail bond for such an unsavory and unschooled character), the other half by donors, no doubt by the priests and nuns coddling him like a prized overgrown child and also by his handlers in the Philippine Senate. What this means is that 50% of his bail is being financed by the fruits of his own unspeakable crimes, and the remaining 50% by (a) donations and alms to the religious group giving him safe-house sanctuary, (b) the discretionary public funds of the senators using him as demolition tool against the Duterte administration, and (c) God knows what other unseen hands are exploiting him for their own ends. How lucky can heinous criminals like Edgar Matobato can get in this unthinking, cockeyed society of ours!

  6. Hindi po idiots ang mga Filipino na maniniwalang half of the bail was from Matobato and half from donors! Imagine, the religious groups is pretecting a killer… a self confessed killer! ibig po bang sabihin na pag nag rape with murder kayo, they (religious groups) will protect you as well? Criminals now will be protected by religious groups?

  7. Kaya di umuunlad ang Pilipinas dahil sa katulad nila Trillanes, De Lima at Mga dilawan. Puro DDS at killings ng mga criminal ang inaatupag nyo, puro bayad na witness. E ANO NGAYON sa mga bumoto kay DUTERTE? Matagal ng alam yan at kahit nung kampanya nilabas na yan, baka nalilimutan ng mga tanga na kaya nga nanalo si duterte dahil gusto ng tao yung diskarte nya at pag sugpo sa droga at krimen

  8. Why religious groups always cuddling killers/law breakers? I don’t understand!

  9. Ramon Gloria on

    Narco bishops to the rescue! P200,000 is nothing compared to the hundreds of billions that the Catholic bishops possess and the hundreds of millions that they receive from narco politicians every month.