• Matteo Guidicelli gears up for concert


    Filipino-Italian actor Matteo Guidicelli initially became known through his racing career, having started at an early age of 11. Coming back to the Philippines after taking acting workshops at the New York Academy, he took his best shot in entering show business and landed several television and movie roles.

    But not many people know that he has a heart for music and singing. He took theater courses at Brent International School and participated in plays. He also attended Columbia College in Chicago for two years to pursue a degree in performing arts in the field of musical theater.

    “I think it started when I was in high school. I did a play and I did musical theater in college. After that I started appreciating music. Not just that, two years ago, I met the boys in my band and we started playing every Sunday, having a good time, watching gigs like South Border in a bar every Thursday. We enjoyed that, so obviously I got to love music more after hanging out and playing music together,” the 27-year-old actor-model-racer-triathlete said in the media conference announcing his latest endeavor.

    ‘Hey Matteo’ is the actor-singer’s first major concert in Manila

    Because of this, Guidicelli is taking a big leap from actor to singer, importantly as concert headliner. After his very successful concert in his hometown Cebu last year, he is preparing to take center stage again, and this time in Manila with “Hey Matteo” on November 30 at the Kia Theater.

    His self-titled concert will give fans a glimpse of a different side of his artistry. Though he has sung live on television and in personal appearances, it is his first time to headline a concert in Manila.

    To say that he is excited is an understatement, especially because singing is one of his passions and it allows him the opportunity to share a side of himself with his fans that they may not always see in the movies or TV.

    “Singing for me is freedom, honesty and telling your story. Singing [or playing music]is the most natural, the most raw form of art. In acting you’re portraying a character, but when it comes to music, it’s real,” he said.

    The concert – directed by Rowell Santiago with Louie Ocampo as musical director – will tell Guidicelli’s story through songs that strike the perfect balance between a youthful vibe of the ’90s sound and the present time. He will be performing covers inspired by the music that he grew up with like songs from Blink 182, Kitchie Nadal and Bamboo and also original songs from his new album including “Hey”—the album’s first single that was released in September which reintroduces to the public that alternative rock sound.

    “It’s basically a rock and roll show but a fun show. It’s prioritizing original music, new music and sound,” he noted.

    “My album is all-original music. Although I didn’t write the lyrics, I asked my friends to do it for me. I told them how I feel, my thoughts and they translated it. It’s like a love letter, inspired by the truth. Everything in the album is about what I feel and I know people like me—the millennials—can relate to [them]also, whether they were going through the same thing,” he added.

    Finally, Guidicelli pointed out that he doesn’t want to be an actor who just sings on TV but also to perform on stage and make the audience happy.

    “I just want to focus on these things. I think I found the love for music especially with the band and not just me. It’s not about me it’s about all of us. I want to focus on here a little more. Maybe do school tours or perform in bars,” he shared.

    “It’s my dream ever since the beginning even before Sarah [Geronimo] became my girlfriend. But she has been always very supportive. She’s a big inspiration to whatever I do,” he cleared.

    Joining Guidicelli in his debut Manila concert are some of the top names in the music industry today—Kiana Valenciano, rapper Loonie and Morisette Amon.


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