• ‘Maute brothers planned to kill Christians’


    The leaders of the Maute Group, brothers Omar and Abdullah Maute, as well as Isnilon Hapilon, planned to kill Christians in Mindanao after taking Marawi City, security officials said Sunday.

    Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief Eduardo Año said the three top terrorists wanted to seize Marawi City and turn it into an Islamic caliphate on the first day of Ramadan.

    In a briefing on Sunday, Año said the terrorists planned to kill “many” non-Muslims to prove that they have established an Islamic state in Asia.

    However, the military repulsed the Maute Group’s attempt to take Marawi City, engaging the militants in fierce gun battles that had so far killed 191 terrorists and dozens of soldiers and civilians.

    An analyst in Singapore agreed that ISIS terrorists are eyeing the Philippines as another base of operations after failing to establish a caliphate in Indonesia.

    Rohan Gunaratna, a Singaporean analyst on security affairs, said the terror group’s expansion began in 2014 when ISIS decided to go beyond the borders of Iraq, Iran, Syria and the Middle East and set its sight on Africa, the Caucasus and Asia.

    “The Philippines was selected because they (ISIS) could not establish a caliphate in Indonesia,” Gunaratna said in an interview during the Countering Violent Extremism Forum held by PTV-4.

    He added that ISIS also found in the Philippines local terrorist groups willing to support its extremism cause.

    These include Abu Sayyaf leader Isnilon Hapilon’s group in Basilan, Abu Sayyaf sub-leader Hatib Hajan Sawadjaan’s band in Sulu, the Ansar Khalifa Philippines in the Soccsksargen region, the Maute Group in Lanao del Sur, and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters.

    With these new alliances, Gunaratna said, the ISIS saw an opportunity to create a new threat landscape in the southern Philippines.



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    1. You have high numbers of soldiers dying, and ISIS planning to kill Christians had they succeed in their plan to capture a city. Capturing a city will give them more strength since that will trigger the inflow of large number of foreign fighters like what happened in Raqqa. These foreign can be more brutal than local fighters since the local fighters might have some consideration for their local country men,

      Yet you have those “CHR”, Catholic church, oppositions parties, ignorant people, etc asking for the government to stop air strike. All cities that were occupied by ISIS had proven that airstrikes is needed since they hide on structure.

      Those who are asking to stop airstrikes shows blatant disregards for the life of the soldiers and blatant dishonor for those soldiers that died. It also shows narrow minded and extreme ignorance of the hell on earth for those residence of the city that get captured by ISIS. Many more lives will be lose that what is currently lose in the airstrike if you don’t wipe them out from the start.

      Sometimes compassion bring more cruelty down the road, which the CHR and Catholic church are doing in asking to stop airstrike. Will they be responsible for the more lives that will be lost later on if ISIS get hold of Marawi.

      The deadline impose by your government on when to finished the war on Marawi is also very naive. War has no calendar unless you totally wipe out the entire cities. In may cause more end on the part of the soldiers if they are pressured to end it soon.

      • Very true. Marawi’s civilians are killed, their houses are looted, churches are ransacked, gov’t troops fighting for its liberation are killed and then these so called peacemakers are calling for stoppage of bombing of these extremists??? I cant believe these people, are they really Filipinos?

    2. Hindi ko alam kung bakit hindi na lang gumawa ng mabuti sa kapwa Muslim at Kristiyano itong Maute brothers imbes na terrorism at kasamaan.