Maxine’s Q&A draws mixed reviews online


Overall, the Philippines’ bet to the 65th Miss Universe, Maxine Medina gave an impressive performance on Monday’s grand coronation pageant at the Mall of Asia Arena. As some senators tweeted following the 26-year-old interior designer’s Top 6 finish, she showed grace and beauty that befits a Filipino, and did her country proud.

While most netizens agreed that Miss Philippines deserved a pat on the back even if she failed to deliver a back-to-back win with 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, her performance during the question and answer portion still came as a huge disappointment to many.

First to be called to center stage by host Steve Harvey, Medina’s question was, “What is the most significant change you’ve seen in the world in the last 10 years?” An interpreter whom she said would be on standby to help her deliver the best answer did his job and translated the question in Filipino.

Medina chose to reply in English and said, “In the last 10 years of being here in the world, [the most significant change]is that I saw all the people bring in one event like this in Miss Universe [sic], and it’s something that brings to us that we are one as one nation, we are all together. Thank you! Maraming salamat po!”

Her answer proved many netizens’ prediction that the Filipina candidate may ace the swimsuit and long gown
competitions but do poorly in the Q&A because of her poor English skills and inability to quickly deliver a well-thought out reply.

Twitter user @RiiiRay said, “Listening to Maxine’s answer be like… girl. You had the easiest question. How can you bomb a question like that???”

“I think the problem with Maxine is not that she can’t speak English. The problem here is that she can’t compose her thoughts well,” said Twitter user @Arlene.

@Abarrajhay posted, “Come on Maxine that was disappointing but good try, you should’ve just spoken tagalog instead of English. We love you tho still.”

“I think Maxine is thinking she will be bashed if she speaks in Tagalog. Utak kasi ng iba, iba din eh. – @gabtab.
“To be honest, Maxine could’ve done better if she spoke in Tagalog. What’s the use of the interpreter?” @dyayre said.

“Kinda disappointed because Maxine could’ve made it to the Top 3 if she spoke in Tagalog which could’ve made her answer more clear and pointed out,”@ yeolliepoly posted.

Those who tweeted kinder messages to Miss Philippines pointed out that the pressure must have gotten to her, with everyone demanding a back-to-back win and having such big shoes to fill in predecessor Pia Wurtzbach.

“To our very own @maxinemedina THANK YOU! With or without the crown, you’ve made us very proud! We love you! Chin up!” actress Anne Curtis posted in her Twitter account.

Comedian Vice Ganda said, “Thanks so much Maxine Medina!!! You still made us proud!”

“It’s ok @maxinemedina we are still proud of you. Congrats for being in the Top 6,” Carmina Villaroel said.
“Dear @maxinemedina, despite all the challenges, you did your best. We are proud of you. As you said, we are ONE,” socialite and host Tim Yap posted.

“It takes courage and stamina to be where you are right now and I salute you! Congrats pa din Maxine #Philippines #MissUniverse,” Twitter user @ulyjas said.

User @VeoVon exclaimed, “I admire Maxine Medina for acknowledging her weakness. Asking for an interpreter is a bold move. Brave one!”

“Despite all the online bashing and criticism, Maxine held her head up high! Being in the Top 6 is something to be proud of,” @VernEnciso supported.

Senator Grace Poe wrote on her official accounts in Twitter and Facebook, “We are proud of you, Maxine! Your
journey will continue to inspire and empower Filipinas to go after their dreams. Good luck on your future endeavors.”

“It’s OK Ms. Philippines. I am certain you did your best. That’s all that matters. Congratulations pa rin for a job well done!” Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan tweeted.

Sen. Joseph Victor “JV” Ejerito also took to Twitter to congratulate her, posting, “Mabuhay ang Gandang Pinay! Congrats Maxine Medina for making the semis!”

In congratulating the new Miss Universe, France’s Iris Mittenaere, Malacañang included a message for Medina: “We likewise congratulate Maria Mika Maxine Medina for making it to the Top 6. She represented the Philippines well in the international scene.”


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  1. You’ve done your best, Maxine. Just move forward and go find your place in the sun. Keep going and don’t stop fighting for your dreams. Don’t let what people think of you define you. Thank you for bravely representing the Philippines in the MU.

  2. The answer to the question is simple, if she just looked around – computers. “Ten years ago, our operations are in manual mode. With the advent of computer technology, the digital world has changed not just drastically but even dramatically. You can communicate in real time, buy and sell on line, and even commit violations known to men as cybercrime. From office to the factory, from cars to aircraft, and almost all walks of life are operated using computers, which made life comfortable and convenient.” But I doubt if she really would have it as Ms Dayanara Torres said, “at the end of the day, its personality that counts”

  3. Truly, can’t satisfy everyone, yan ang bad politics get’s in the way. We all know the “yellows” want the organizers to find another host country in so called protest of the ejk daw. When there’s yellow there will also be “blues”..Inggit lang sila Maxine is a green archer bwaahhahah..remember it’s a beauty contest not a quizbee in the first place. Ano gusto nyo puro brain nlang??.. that was during Gloria Diaz’ era..

  4. She had almost no chance of winning no matter how well she did. With the contest in the Philippines and last year’s winner from here as well, if she won, the backlash from the losers would be never ending.

  5. Maxine’s answer is aligned with the tagalog translation of the question asked. But the question asked was also tough, given the pressure she’s in. You also have to be abreast with current events to cite one “signicfant change, and an answer does come to mind easy.

  6. The problem with Maxine during that Q & A portion was: 1) She didn’t give herself seconds to stop and think of a well – thought out answer – even if for, say, 8 to 10 seconds. She just rushed to answer it … without thinking. 2) She answered in English, which as we all know, isn’t so good. And before the pageant proper so many people advised her to answer in Tagalog. So that’s just the truth. But, then again, aside from that, she did very well in her walks and looked very hot in her looks. We still congratulate her.

  7. Her answer to the question that was asked was very shallow and the judges felt that her IQ level or her reasoning ability is way below the norm. The most significant change in the world you have seen in the last 10 years? It is NOT by bringing the “Miss Universe pageant in the Philippines”. There are millions of significant changes in the world in the last ten years and Philippines, itself, is not the world. I would expect this type of answer from my 9 years old, 4th grade daughter. Instead of blaming her personally, we should blame our education system in the country. Just look at curriculum or subjects the DepEd added to the extra 2 years of K-12 program. English, Math, Science subjects are not there at all, and we expect our young people to compete internationally?

  8. aladin g. villacorte on

    Rumors has it that Malacanang offered Maxine the services of its translators and interpreters. But she politely declined.

    Now that’s being intelligently beautiful.

  9. Congrats. Maxine! You did well and you’re a credit to our country! Keep your heads high & be proud of what you had accomplished.You did your best & that’s all it counted. Congrats again!

  10. The problem is she answered the question that was asked correctly but she didn’t answer the question they thought they asked.

    Meaning she took the question literally “What is the most significant change you’ve seen

    I’m sure that Miss Universe show was the significant event she personally had ever seen.

    Maybe next time someone can compose better questions

    “What is the most significant change in the world in the last 10 years?”

    Take out the you’ve seen and she would have given a different answer.

    Maxine Medina deserves an apology, she was the only person apparently that knew what the question was.