May he not weather the next storm


We Filipinos have a saying, “May araw ka rin!” or “Your day will come!”

The saying reinforces the Eastern concept of karma, of cause and effect. For Christians, the biblical passage is: “Ye shall sow what ye reap.”

Yet another modern day Filipino saying is, “weather weather lang yan,” which translates loosely thus: there is a time and a season for everything.

May araw and weather weather is also something that sports fans everywhere—not just Filipinos—expect to happen to a certain Floyd Mayweather Jr., boxer without equal and world class jerk of the highest order.

The American prizefighter remains unbeaten after 44 fights, winning 26 by knockout. He is to boxing what Michael Jordan is to basketball—the best ever.

Or so it seems. Mayweather has won a handful of fights against topnotch opponents, but has also fought against lameducks, has-beens and never-weres. And he always managed to duck the one man who would have given him not only a run for his money, but might have beaten him in a fair fight. That man is none other than our own Manny Pacquiao.

A Mayweather-Pacquiao fight would have been one for the ages. It was the match that all fight fans wanted, nay demanded. But it never took place because Mayweather made all sorts of excuses to avoid facing the Filipino in the ring.

The only time that Pacquiao and Mayweather went one-on-one was in a legal battle, with the latter having homecourt advantage. Still, the Pinoy pride won in his lawsuit against the trash talking African-American, although the details have been kept from the public.

Even with Pacquiao’s skills fading, Mayweather still avoids him like the plague.

Mayweather’s next fight is against the Mexican Saul Alvarez, who is tough but slow. This match is pre-designed to end in a 45th straight win by Mayweather. Everything else will be smoke and mirrors.

There will be countless fans who are wishing and hoping that Alvarez lands a lucky punch, a haymaker that will KO the cocky American, thereby permanently eradicating his mantle of invincibility.

No one is more deserving of such a fate. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. may not enjoy the taste of humble pie, but it is one dish that he’s been asking for for the longest time.


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