• May Pacquiao and Bradley not brain-damage each other badly

    Rene Saguisag

    Rene Saguisag

    Let’s hope Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley do not brain-damage each other badly and have them stutter-walk sadly, in pain (as I do, with my HurryCane on uneven surfaces).

    We don’t want anyone moving like Muhammad Ali, a glorious physical specimen in his time in the sun.

    Manny and Timothy hit so hard they cannot but damage each other’s brains, let alone the solar plexus.

    Not for nothing did McGeehan call boxing the Manly Art of Modified Murder. Too many people have died, or been brain-damaged. On the installment plan.

    Now, Manny says he’s 80 percent sure of running for the Senate after being a Non-Performing Liability in the House. He is being asked by Jojobama Binay to be our next what—Ninoy? Tanny? Pepe? Jovy? Gerry? Soc? Paddy? Enchong? Manny? Amang?

    Manny may not be the only one who ought to have his head examined, for the sake of the suffering Motherland on whom Senator Manny may be inflicted unless he prepares for lawmaking asap. We do not underrate his capacity for subjective growth. He may be the next wise and prudent Amang Rodriguez, he with the common touch and colorful English.

    Arum said many months ago that Manny’s IRS papers were on their way. By snail mail? A Harvard Law Alum, surely Harvard Arum must have heard of scanning or express mail.

    Kim Henares ought not to shame anyone given the basic human right to dignity in our Consti and the UN Declaration of Human Rights. But government should accentuate the positive. Show clearly where the taxes go —not the pockets of crooks or charlatans.

    Singaporean or Canadian taxpayers can see where their money goes. This, Kim and the rest of government, must accentuate. Not Shame Shame Shame and Charge Charge Charge!


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