May the MH17 tragedy change Putin’s policy


The downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over a rebel separatists-held region in the eastern part of the Ukraine Republic is being condemned worldwide. The Russian-encouraged murderers who shot the plane with Russian-made missiles must be exposed, tried and punished.

The notion that the pilots should be faulted for flying over a conflict-ridden land promotes tolerance for barbaric and lawless behavior. We are not yet a world ruled by savages and criminals. That air space is over a part of Ukraine that has been taken over by Russians–mercenary officers, thugs and soldiers disguised as volunteers, in the style of the Soviet Union’s KGB commandos, together with the Ukraine-born ethnic Russians who work and fight to make that part of Ukraine belong to Russia.

The Russian propaganda machine tries to make the world believe that the missiles were fired by Ukraine forces battling the Russian-supplied and supported rebels. This lie is easily proved wrong by the fact that Ukraine has not brought any anti-aircraft weapons to the area of conflict because the rebels have no airplanes. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been actively encouraging the ethnic Russian rebellion against the Ukraine Republic. He has sent mercenaries and gangland-type muscle and killers to Ukraine wreaking havoc, targeting government offices and outposts.

Immediate proof that the missiles were fired by the Russian rebels became public. They and their Russian officers rejoiced over social media that they had hit another Ukrainian military aircraft. The Russian rebels before this had shot down six Ukrainian planes. The rebels are coached by famous ex-KGB officers notorious as experts in this kind of warfare that Russia apparently loves to wage. These officers had served in Chechnya, Latvia and other fronts where their subversion skills earned them laurels from the Russian establishment.

One of these notorious Russian officers was heard online making happy noises about the rebels’ latest kill. Alas, the plane they had downed was Malaysia’s MH17.

They pulled down the online posts of their incriminating media celebrations. But they were not quick enough. Recordings of the incriminating audio were made by Ukrainians and even others abroad (amateurs whose hobby is to monitor such social media incidents and, of course, American and European intelligence snoopers).

Malaysia, backed by practically the whole world, except Mr. Putin, is calling for a thorough and zealous investigation.

Mr. Putin cannot abide the present government of Ukraine. It recently signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with the European Union. That is something Putin has long fought against. Before long, Ukraine could become a member of the European Union–and maybe the NATO.

While subverting the independence of Ukraine and making that country fall ruthlessly under the control of Russia is in Mr. Putin’s agenda, he should realize that being involved in the rebellion in eastern Ukraine will only drain a lot of cash, energy and other resources from his country.

The Russian people want to live in the First World lifestyle of the Europeans and the Russian economy is not a marvel of growth and wealth. It cannot afford to spend money that should improve the life of the Russian people for the support of the separatist rebels in Ukraine.

Putin’s policy is the root cause of the MH17 tragedy. May the death of 298 innocent passengers—mostly Europeans and including three Filipinos —make him realize that his dream of resurrecting Holy Russia can be achieved by being a peaceful partner of the United States and the European Union instead of being their enemies.


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  1. Carlo L. Adan on

    I like your prayer at the end very much.
    Russia could really be a very strong country politically and militarily and go back to being the powerful Holy Russian Empire if Putin and its other leaders decided to integrate completely with Europe and the US-led world society and economy. After less than a generation Russia could more pleasantly become a sharer of the multipolar dominance of our planet–with the US, the EU and China. I pray Japan too becomes a real player in the globe’s multipolar leadership–along with Asean.