Maybank securities unit launches online trade platform


Malaysia-based Maybank ATR KimEng Securities Inc. (MATRKE Securities) launched on Tuesday an online stock trading service that will help the bank gain more retail investors in listed Philippine equities.

MATRKE Securities launched its MakeTrade trading system, which uses the PSETradex, an online trading platform developed by the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). It will offer the most advanced online platforms of the PSETradex, namely Xplore and Xpert.

Xplore is a browser-based, simple and easy-to-use platform for people on the go, while the application-based and professional level Xpert is for more advanced equity traders.

MakeTrade will also be offering an innovative technical charting tool called Xtrack.

“Maybank ATR Kim Eng has long been known for its stability, regional strength, and its strong relationships with both corporate and institutional clients,” said MATRKE Securities Chairman and President Lorenzo Roxas during the launch of his company’s trading platform at the PSE on Tuesday.

“MakeTrade will allow us to provide retail investors with the same level of insight, skill and service that we do to our corporate and institutional fund clients,” he added.

MakeTrade, which can be accessed at, allows online users to get real-time access to market data and trading capability.

“MakeTrade is the ideal trading partner for investors of all backgrounds, because the technology and amount of information available elevates them to the next level of trading,” said Roxas.

MakeTrade also empowers investors with helpful tools such as Insight Story, a combination of research reports, market commentary and analysis; and Coaching Sessions, an interactive platform to further expand the knowledge of investing and trading of stock investors.

PSE President and Chief Executive Officer Hans Sicat said: “The Maybank ATR Kim Eng group is a pioneer in supporting the PSETradex Internet-based trading platform when we launched this in April last year. We are pleased that investing in the Philippine stock market will be made more accessible to a wider base through one of the top financial institutions in the region.”


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