‘Maynila’ celebrates 19th anniversary


Former Manila Mayor and Buhay Representative Lito Atienza continues to host with his daughter Angela Lei as the program’s executive producer

Former Manila Mayor and now Buhay Party List Representative Lito Atienza’s television brainchild “Maynila” has just marked its 19th year as a drama anthology. A block timer on GMA Network for many years, the show continues to promote good moral values and Filipino values and traditions with the backdrop of the Philippine capital.

Initially geared to spotlight inspiring stories of Manileños, the weekly habit has managed to attract viewers from across the country as well what with relatable story lines and a bevy of talents from one episode to the next.

“We are happy to say that the likes of Marian Rivera Dennis Trillo, Tom Rodriguez, Dingdong Dantes, Coco Martin, Angel Locsin, Iza Calzado, Richard Gutierrez, Enrique Gil and Erich Gonzales, among many others have been on the show in the recent years, and definitely the list is much longer going back to when Maynila started in 1998,” shared Angela Lei Atienza, the youngest among the congressman’s brood and the show’s executive producer.

On its 19th year, she said viewers are in store for more timely stories in Maynila, especially intended for the millennials.

Still hosting the show to introduce each episode and impart wisdom at the end is Congressman Atienza, who has made it his life’s work to advocate the Filipino family.

Maynila airs every Saturday at 9:40 am on GMA Network.


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