Maynilad: No Hong Kong treat for MWSS execs


(By Jing Villamente, Top Stories, December 18, 2013)
Well, isn’t this a surprise? A professional leftist mudslinger now works for WARM’s Dirty Tricks Department. I guess they’re not paying poor Mr. Javellana enough if this was the best he could come up with: A bunch of hearsay and unsubstantiated charges. Perhaps someone should inform him that sensationalism cannot replace proof. I have a pretty good idea where Javellana got the inspiration of slandering Manny Pangilinan on campaign contributions. None other than his friend MWSS Administrator Gerardo Esquivel who gave PNoy P10M for his last campaign. (Unlike Javellana’s fiction, this one is documented by the Statements of Election Contributions and Expenditures (SECE). It should be remembered that one of the many charges now levelled at Esquivel is the excessive hiring of consultants, some of whom belong to . . . WARM! Slink back to your cave in shame, Mr. Javellana.

AWACS Ernie,


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