• Mayon’s behavior baffles Phivolcs


    LEGAZPI CITY: Officials of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) are puzzled by the current restiveness and unpredictability of Mount Mayon describing them as the trickiest in the last 50 years.

    Ma. Antonia V. Bornas, chief of the volcano monitoring and eruption prediction division, said Mayon’s behavior is very different from past eruptions that they could not exactly predict what would happen next.

    Latest observations showed that the magma chamber beneath the volcano is not only ascending but is also expanding, making the base called magma dike to inflate to accommodate bigger volume of magma build up.

    “Magma intrusion is not only taking place within the conduit but also in dike type. The current unrest of Mayon is very different and so tricky,” she said.

    “So we cannot bring down the alert level status of Mayon from Level 3 to Level 2 because the magma is there already and it could explode anytime. So we need to make our best judgment as scientists,” Bornas explained.

    In 2001, lava dome showed off for five months before the volcano exploded but only after lava trickled down the slopes of the volcano.

    Ed Laguerta, Phivolcs senior resident volcanologist, said it’s very dangerous to interpret the behavior of Mayon. He called on the public to observe the six to eight kilometer extended danger zone to prevent any potential damage to human lives in the event of an explosion.

    Yesterday’s bulletin said Mayon volcano’s seismic network recorded three rock fall events during the past 24 hours.


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    1. benji Goldhawk on

      I agree with the above statements. God is in charge, He has created all, He decides for all time. Cumia, Mehilda, thank you for your words.

      Everything starts with God, He gives life and HE takes lives at HIS discretion. We can and will be called by Jesus, His son at anytime, and we shall rejoice when He calls us.
      I look forward to His coming or when HE calls me.
      I am praying and will continue to pray for the safety of all my fellow filipinos in regards to the volcano.
      Praise to God!

      Thank you for reading.

      B Goldhawk

    2. Pray; nothing is impossible with God through Jesus Christ we will knock, seek, ask and give glory to God alone.


    3. One of the things that Filipinos still believe strongly in way more than what Science can do is God’s Supreme power. Whenever natural calamities occur, we almost always attribute the cause as “punishment” or wake-upper from someone higher in authority than any human being. This mindset is a carry-over of our cultural development from our great-great ancestors and from generation to generation. So, in this 21st century, some people consider science facts as secondary to this belief. Personally, I consider both science facts, the power of prayer and some superstitious beliefs. Even in the medical field, more patients believe that the doctor is just an instrument/conduit to healing. Only God gives life and completely heals. Science is secondary.