Mayor Binay suspended

LONG NIGHTS AHEAD Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin binay addresses the media after the Office of the Ombudsman announced his preventive suspension. PHOTO BY RENE DILAN

LONG NIGHTS AHEAD Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin binay addresses the media after the Office of the Ombudsman announced his preventive suspension. PHOTO BY RENE DILAN


Ombudmans to start probe on City Hall Building anomaly

The Office of the Ombudsman on Wednesday announced the suspension of Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin “Junjun” Binay Jr. along with other city officials in connection with the allegedly overpriced Makati City Hall Building 2.

Binay and the city officials have been preventively suspended for six months without pay while preliminary investigation of the building’s contracts is being conducted.

“They are hereby suspended for six months without pay during the pendency of these cases. In case of delay in the disposition of these cases due to the fault, negligence or any cause attributable to respondents, the period of such delay shall not be counted in computing the period of suspension,” the order signed by Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales read.

The order is “immediately executory,” the order said.

The Ombudsman’s office initially made the announcement via the social networking site Twitter.

“@OmbudsmanPh preventively suspends Mayor Binay, Jr., for 6 months, pending investigation of the Makati carpark complaint,” the Ombudsman’s office said in its Twitter account.

Binay, in a statement, questioned the preventive suspension order (See related story).

Joey Salgado, the mayor’s spokesman, said Binay will not leave his office and would stay there overnight. The mayor’s supporters have also reportedly flocked to the City Hall compound along J. P. Rizal Street to hold a vigil.

Aside from Mayor Binay, also ordered suspended are former City Administrator Marjorie de Veyra, , City Budget Officer Lorenza Amores, City Legal Officer Pio Kenneth Dasal, former City Engineer Mario Badillo, former Central Planning Management Office (CPMO) chief Virginia Hernandez, former acting City Accountant Raydes Pestaño, former City Accountant Leonila Querijero, City Accountant Cecilio Lim 3rd, City Treasurer Nelia Barlis, acting City Accountant Eleno Mendoza, CPMO Engineers Arnel Cadangan, Emerito Magat and Connie Consulta, CPMO chief Line dela Peña, Bids and Awards Committee Secretariat heads Giovanni Condes and Manolito Uyaco, BAC member Ulysses Orienza, General Services Department Officer-in-Charge Gerardo San Gabriel, Technical Working Group Chairman Rodel Nayve and GSD staffer Norman Flores.

The private respondents include Orlando Mateo of MANA Architecture & Interior Design Company and Efren Canlas of Hilmarc’s Construction Corporation.

Except for Vice President Binay, all would be facing administrative charges for grave misconduct, serious dishonesty and conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the service, with the possibility of being suspended from government pending administrative adjudication.

A source at the Ombudsman’s office said the order was already sent to and stamped “Received” by the Department of the Interior and Local Government on Wednesday morning, but DILG Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd said he is yet to receive a copy.

Roxas was at Camp Crame in Quezon City in the morning to lead the turnover of 55 vans to Philippine National Police units and stayed in the national police headquarters until afternoon before proceeding to nearby Camp Aguinaldo for a meeting with military officials.

Roxas lost to Vice President Jejomar Binay, the suspended mayor’s father, in the 2010 elections.

As DILG secretary, he was designated by the Ombudsman to implement Mayor Binay’s preventive suspension.

The Ombudsman is set to conduct its preliminary investigation against Vice President Binay, Mayor Binay and 22 others for malversation, falsification, graft and violation of the procurement law in connection with the allegedly anomalous Makati City Hall Building 2.

The elder Binay was not included in the suspension order as the Vice President is an impeachable officer.

A special panel of Ombudsman investigators has filed a complaint against the Vice President, Mayor Binay and 22 others for malversation, falsification, graft and violation of the procurement for the alleged overpricing of the building, which started construction in 2007 during the administration of the elder Binay.


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  1. mayor binary I would suggest to prepare yourself for defence. You cannt just stand in front of the public & say your innocent & its politically motivated. I know you can readily afford the best lawyer. Whatever you did as mayor you are accountable to people of Makati.

  2. High time this family carries the burden of their greed . From the father , who is the worst , having escaped two corruption charges before , to the mother who is now facing the same .. What can we expect? Like parents , like children …the Binays roots are so corrupt that they emit bad smell …the two Binay woman who are also in government , should RESIGN ! Lest their own corruption will also be disclosed . Everything hidden will now come to light !

  3. The Binays must really believe that Makati is their fiefdom and the mayorship their private property after their dynasty ruled the city for 29 years. Junjun must be getting bad legal advice if he thinks he can defy the suspension order simply by filing a petition for a TRO. If the court finds for him, he can prevent his suspension but not before.

    The next scenario will be interesting when the Makati PNP or better the SAF will come calling to evict him from his office. Secretary Roxas was charged by the Ombudsman to implement the suspension and he has stated that no person is above the law, not even himself. Junjun’s loyal mob of paid followers can’t protect him this time, he needs the MILF or BIFF to engage the PNP.

    Junjun, this is no longer the Dasmarinas-gate episode when you can order the Makati police to bully poor security guards. Now, the shoe is in the other foot and your Cinderella reign is beginning to crumble. Tapos na ang may kurap, may mahirap, may royal family naman.

  4. Alfredo Bernardo on

    Only the thick faced stick to their gut. You have been suspended by the Ombudsman, then leave and see you in court. Law and order must be upheld.

  5. Junjun, kung totoong mahal mo ang Makati – umalis ka na.
    Pagkayong lahat nakulong, ikaw, kaya mong bayaran ang isang batalyong abogado. Best lawyers money can buy. Eh sila, paano? Don’t tell me tutulungan mo rin sila pag nakulong na sila.

  6. Get out of the office and obey the ruling if you want to clear your name with your parents. Its the law, you did things with your father behind it Blam it to your parents why they train you how to steal the box of the people. Who will be next with Binay family. The Father, The son and The Mother are facing the court for graft and corruption. Why???is it the genes when you are thief the offspring is always a thief. Very embarrassing ended.

  7. & as usual the person charged will not stand down. I will stay in my office & do my duty. What is wrong with these imbiciles. They think they are so important & above the law. They have no delicadessa as you would say. But it seems with binay junior its a case of like father like son. Even his mother is charged with corruption. My god what a family. Then we have another one of them in congress, be careful this family will unite against this country. They will conive & scheme to get their way, money & power means everything to them.
    I also cant understand why he was suspended for only 6 months, shouldnt it have been until his case is concluded. If in 6 months time it still hasnt gone to court or is in court will they lift his suspension. If not then why not at outset suspend him until all criminal proceedings have been finalised & a conclusion reached.

  8. Rene L. Canlas on

    Very good..I fully agree on their suspension but let’s wait and see if said suspension could be carried out and implemented. The Binays are billionaires and as the saying goes..MONEY TALKS..they can buy everything with their billions just to escape being know what I mean..right??

  9. ju nationalist on

    Hep hep!!! Hurray !!! Sandiganbayan. For the family of the Binays, stop complaining for you have been making excuses not to appear in the senate hearings. Binay said “… I will answer the accusations only in courts…”. Now you have another excuse that you will not step down because of selective justice. Who the hell are you Binays to be above the law of the land? I guess you cannot answer the accusations because it is a common knowledge now that (even the Makati residents) the whole population of the Philippines know of your corruption.