Mayor in Palawan urged to step down


PUERTO PRINCESA CITY: Residents of this city are reportedly clamoring for Mayor Lucilo Bayron to step down and give up his position to allow a more deserving local chief executive to steer the city to its former glory.

Region IV Tourism Director Becky Labit said tourism growth has drastically fallen down to 5 percent in 2013, from a growth rate of close to 30 percent in 2012.

The Manila Times received a report that six months ago, 26 commercial flights arrive daily in Puerto Princesa, disembarking thousands of tourists.

Presently, however, eight to 10 flights reportedly arrive each day, even during summer peak season.

Al Babao, a businessman who moved to this city in 1986 claimed, “Newly built malls are rife with empty store spaces. The few in existence are either closing or planning to close shop.”

Babao added that big investors from Metro Manila who have made commitments to the development of Puerto Princesa are shelving their plans until the city recovers.

The Police Regional Office here also reported an immense crime rate increase of almost 800 percent—from a monthly average of 36 reported crimes in 2012 to 283 in 2013.

In a phone interview, Mayor Lucilo Bayron said these accusations are all baseless, created to justify a plea for a recall election that his political opponent is allegedly preparing to file today at the Commission on Elections.

He confirmed that commercial flights reached a peak of 26 arrivals daily, but that was during the height of the campaign to include St. Paul Underground River in the New Seven Wonders of the World.

He maintained that, presently, 22 commercial flights arrived daily in the city.

Bayron, moreover, explained that the sharp increase in the crime rate is attributable to a new police reporting system where all crimes—petty or otherwise—are reported to police stations, including those which have been resolved in the barangay level.

A press conference is scheduled today at 9 a.m. at the City Hall where concerned stakeholders are set to report to journalists the present situation in Puerto Princesa City.


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  1. The slow progress of business in Puerto Princesa including the influx of tourist and low patrons for its malls could not be attributed to the present administration, but rather to the attitude of the people there for refusing to accept the fact that the only viable source of cheap and reliable power is by operating a coal fired power plant. There is already one in operation in Rio Tuba for almost 10 years but no one was ever reported to have been sick because of pollution brought about by the operation of coal fired power plant and so in Cebu.For who will patronize malls and other stores, night spots included and business men to invest in Puerto Princesa with the frequent brownouts? If a business man would try to invest here, he needs to include in his cost the installation of a mini power plant for his electrical needs, diesel fueled at that which means additional operating cost. How could he check his pricing then to be competitive?