• Mayor not the top contender, analyst says


    DAVAO City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte may have surged in the latest survey but this does not mean that he is now the new leading presidential contender, an analyst said.

    Professor Ramon Casiple explained that although Duterte topped the Social Weather Stations(SWS) survey, he cannot be considered as the top candidate for President because other surveys conducted by other known pollsters have shown different results.

    What is clear in the survey, Casiple said, is that Poe and Duterte are pulling away from the other two serious contenders — Vice President Jejomar Binay of the United Nationalist Alliance and Manuel Roxas 2nd of the ruling Liberal Party.

    “So I can’t say who will likely win the elections base on the results of the surveys. What is clear is who are the two candidates who will be fighting for the top post on May 9,” he added.

    The results of the latest SWS survey prompted the tandem of Senators Grace Poe and Francis Escudero to adopt minor changes in their campaign strategy to be able to reach out to more people.

    The ratings of Poe and Escudero dropped several points, relegating both of them to second place in the presidential and vice presidential surveys, respectively.

    “There will be some adjustments [in our campaign]but this is not new, we have been making adjustments since the campaign period started,” Escudero said in an interview, noting that it is normal for candidates to change their campaign strategy.

    He added that they take all surveys seriously and study them in order to come up with adjustments for a more effective strategy.

    “In fact, from our point of view, we will always believe the raw survey that comes out so we can plan accordingly,” Escudero said.

    Meanwhile, Poe’s spokesman Valenzuela City (Metro Manila) Mayor Rex Gatchalian said survey results will continue to guide their campaign on the next moves they will take.

    “The information this survey provides will serve as various parts of the compass for our group in charting our next course,” he added.

    Gatchalian said Poe, during the homestretch of the campaign period, will continue to offer solutions to the decades-old problems of poverty and unemployment.

    “As more people hear and understand the essence of Gobyernong may Puso [Government with a Heart], we believe more support will consolidate behind Sen. Poe,” he added, referring to the battlecry of the Poe-Escudero tandem.


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    1. The people must vote with guidelines , what are the criteria to vote their candidates . Like the flatform for their government, what will be they offer to the Filipino that will benefit mostly the Filipino in general. Hindi iyong pansariling kapakanan at walang katapusang pangako.. Iyong nga lang trapik hindi nila masolusyonan..simple lang solusyon diyan, magpagawa ng panibagong elevated highways and train system para mabawasan nang kaunti ang trapik.. Education, Health servies, employment services, etc.. ang daming problema ng bayan..Puro pangako itong mga pulitkong karamihan sinungaling…

    2. juan delacruz on

      For me I dont care the cussing words of Duterte what is importante to me is that he will deliver his job and solved the Country”s problem by way of eliminating drugs,criminality and corruption in government.For a decent candidate ,but cannot solved the problems facing the Nation is useless the likes of Mar Roxas which is in effective is no place in our government,the likes of Binay facing multiple charges of corruption is no place in our government and the likes of Grace Llamanzares who pretend to solve the complicated problems of this Country by way of promises is impossible to a neophye politician and so therefore no place in our government summing it up among Presidentiables only Duterte has the qualification to govern this chaotic,impoverished and abuse by the ruling class Nation.

    3. Surveys are meant to show what a very small portion of the Filipino people are selecting. The results never affected my choices because I do not consider myself as a statistical data. I base my decision on qualification and character of the candidates. I am not a regionalistic voter. I am not the only one. Majority of the voters have my characteristic.

    4. It is never too late to pray: in the bible the Word of God instructed is to pray. 1 Tim 2:1-2 I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people—2 for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godlinessy and holiness. Let us sincerely ask God’s intervention and let us pray so that the chosen leader of the Phil. for the next 6 years be God fearing leader. Grace Poe parang siya ang May takot sa Diyos at gustong maglingkod sa mga pilipino lalo na sa mahihirap.

    5. unemployed bum on

      The “People of the Republic” already made up their mind, who they are going to elect as the President. They have been waiting for a candidate, who has been tested and proven, to clean up the whole country from all kinds of criminal activities. Drug smugglers, drug pushers, drug lords, are freely roaming around the country. Kidnap for ransom, guns for hire, communist insurgencies, you name it and we have it. Elected and high government officials that do not understand accountability, are still stealing people’s money, even on daylight, and everybody along the way have share of that stolen money. Judges and Justices, may sarili silang DISKARTE.

      Duterte believes that the whole country cannot move on economically, without cleaning up its criminality. What Mayor Duterte ‘s objective is to get all these criminal activities get under control, because it will be easier to deal with, when he have the situations under control.

      To the government officials, elected or otherwise, who have stolen money from poor Filipino people, MAG-INGAT kayo because Duterte got your numbers. Here is the fact: Mayor Duterte will get the votes of SOLID Mindanao, most of the Visayan islands, like CEBU, and he will be doing very well in Luzon and Metro Manila. One of his program that he will be pushing if he gets elected is FEDERALISM, an equal distribution of country’s wealth throughout the country, not just in Manila, where the central government seats.

      Lastly, if this comment is not printed, I can conclude that this article was exclusively written for Grace Poe.

    6. Duterte .. do not tell lies … for sure you can’t or will not be able to solve crimes in 6 years how much more 3-6 months.. you are just full of empty promises ..HAMBOG . you shout to all Filipinos that Davao city is the safest city in the Philippines … no,no,no Davao is the 4th city with the highest crimes .l no to liar du30 ..

      We need untainted candidate like Senator Grace Poe .. she is the leader that is decent .. pro-active ..she is the leader that walk the talk and will lead us to progressive Philippines … mabuhay ka Poe.

    7. The only true on survey is that Duterte leading, whether we admit or not Filipino are fed up with sweet thoughts from politician, majority wanted total change, government that will work for the people and not for the big businessman!!

    8. Pare pareho. Yan mga kandidato,, mag nanakaw lahat mga yan pag naka upo na, kay a nagkaka da dapa cla aka puesto sa Gobyerno…..c Duterte ay over rated,,,, Wala din cya magagawa pag nano cya..

    9. surveys can be a guide for a candidate but they’re never an assurance that they will win. Poe wasnt number 1 back in the 2013 surveys and yet she was 1st place on the real elections.

      Poe and Duterte as front runners is better than Poe and Binay. But I’m rooting for Poe. We dont need someone barbaric to lead the country.

    10. Professori Casipli: I firmly believe, ito na yong start na palagi si Digong ang mangunguna sa labanan. Di kaila sa iyo ang dami ng taong umaattend ng mga meeting ni Mayor Duterte – walang meeting si Mayor Duterte na kakarampot ang tao, hindi mahulugang karayom ika nga. Any way, of course you are being paid for your personal survey and you are doing it very well.

    11. Regardless of these surveys and debates, I would like to believe that most if not all voters have already made their choice whom to vote on May 9. Except for the few undecided ones.

    12. Para sa bayan si sen.grace poe ang nararapat. hndi nga sya matibag tibag ng mga kalaban. at kung ano anu na lamang ang mga ginagawa na kaso para lang masira sya. at kung ano anong issue ang binabato. paano wala na silang magagawa dahil alam natin na sya lang talaga ang nararapat maging presidente ng pilipinas.

      • Is the job of presidency of the Philippines require somebody with the traits of a movie star? Are we going to elect somebody just because her father was famous action star? Most of all, are we going to continue electing a president who is subservient to the oligarchs, big business, etc who has been funding his/her campaign?

        gumising naman kayo! kailan pa tayo matoto? Our politicians many or majority of them are under the control of moneyed people. It is therefore rational that the leaders of the country whom they have supported and funded will always work to protect their interest to the detriment of the poor and those need most.

      • Dapat lang mag isip ang taong bayan kung sino talag nararapat na iboto. almost three quarter ng population ay sa kapibahay lang nya naririnig kung sino ang iboboto nya dahil hindi sya marunong bumasa,low iq, etc kaya sa tsismis lang nya ang basehan nya.be careful now ikaw din ang magsisi sa huli.goodluck.

      • Rodan Guerrero on

        Magsaliksikka kasi sa internet kong alammo….para makilalamo ng lubusan ang babaeng yan na sa pagkaanak palang ay balutna ng kasinungalingan. Tumanda na sinungaling…isang bastarda na dapat idura ng lipunan….

    13. Naniniwala ako na pagdating ng election e si Grace Poe parin ang mangunguna maaring sa saurvey lang na ito nangunguna si Duterte pero sa ibang survey si Grace Poe parin talaga ang nangunguna. Antayin na lang natin ang darating na election para sa mas totoong pulso ng tao.

    14. If both of them (Poe and Duterte ) are really the leading choices for the president
      I am saddened that we as Filipinos have refined our moral characters.
      POE- represents a virtue if you call it as such , of DECEPTION
      DUTERTE -represents a character of MORAL DECAY – wherein cussing or cursing
      and killings are acceptable way of life.

      Sana matauhan at bumoto ng tama at karapat dapat ang mga Filipinos sa MAY 9, 2016. The result will be the face of our country in the next six years.

      • Erlinda Rabe on

        CORRECT! We need to examine ourselves who can bring our country forward not backwards..

      • I totally agree with you. I cannot fathom the psyche of Filipino voters. I wish we could be more discerning in this period of great political exercise. If we want to really make a leap forward in our development and maturity as a nation now is the time to make the right and moral choice. If not, then we are to waste this great opportunity, and remain slumped as a 3rd world nation.

      • Sana nga matauhan ang mga voters na ang politician na parang makaDios ay silang magnanakaw at subra pa sa pumapatay. Mamili ka pumapatay ng magnanakaw at drug adict o ng pumpatay sa sa kanila?

    15. Surveys are meant for propaganda. “What’s behind the front is always the opposite, the back”.

      • Right you are…it conditions the minds of those whose outlook in life differs from the truth and realities.

        On second thought, it is entertaining also, because candidates will pursue different kinds of political stretegies.

        However, the debates being conducted by the comelec will guide us who befits the two highest office in the land.

      • Erlinda Rabe on

        I don’t believe in surveys, the person who pays for it will be at the top otherwise no one will commission another survey.