Mayor orders inspection of water refilling stations


BAGUIO CITY: Mayor Mauricio Domogan has ordered the City Health Services Office (CHSO) to conduct monitoring and inspection of all water refilling stations operating in the city to ensure that the processed water product being sold in the market is clean, safe and potable. The order came after Councilor Betty Lourdes Tabanda raised a concern on the disparity of the prices of bottled water due to the purification process it undergoes. “There are some refilling stations that sell P25 and others for P50 (per five gallons depending on the purification stages) the water undergoes. Some claim it undergoes a single stage of purification while others undergo five stages,” she said. Tabanda said water refilling stations should have a standard in pricing and should comply with health and safety requirements aside from business requirements asked by the city.


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  1. Many times it bothers me that deliverers of bottled processed water maybe delivering to us consumers just plain water from the faucet for our consumption. How are we to know?