• Mayor refutes VCM witnesses’ claim


    LUCENA CITY: Mayor Roderick Alcala doubted the story presented by the whistleblowers alleging the vote-shaving and vote-padding operations in Quezon province that allegedly benefited Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd and now Vice President-elect Leni Robredo.

    Alcala said if the allegations are true, first to benefit from the alleged cheating was Roxas but he only ranked number 2 in the final canvass of results in the province. The official result in the presidential race has Sen. Grace Poe in the top place.

    In Lucena, Alcala said Roxas’ margin was only 1,000 votes.

    He also denied knowledge of the rental of a building for the activity described by the whistleblowers

    “It’s sad that our city was singled out for this dubious activity, but I’m confident that the truth will come out and their story would turn out to be a mere script,” Alcala said.


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    1. Catalino Garcia on

      An Alcala refutes…No need to say anything more. He is a Yellow lapdog.

    2. INC are God-fearing people and they will not make up any false statements as accused by the mayor.