Mayor Rodrigo Duterte: The hottest man in town


“To be or not to be?
That is the question.
Whether it’s nobler in the mind
To suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles And by opposing end them.”
From Hamlet by William Shakespeare

I have already written the sequel to The Age of Pretense and Cowardice: From Cory To Noynoy Aquino and should have been published today but because of the hottest man in town – Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao City – I moved it for next Saturday. My interest in Duterte is not only because he is the hottest man in town but primarily because, like me, he is a Mindanaoan and Mindanao deserves the presidency of the Republic this time.

Why? That is the question. First, because in the history of the presidency in this country, Luzon has had twelve Presidents – Emilio Aguinaldo, Manuel Luis Quezon, Jose Laurel, Sr., Elpidio Quirino, Ramon Magsaysay, Diosdado Macapagal, Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, Corazon Cojuangco Aquino, Fidel Valdez Ramos, Joseph Ejercito Estrada, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Noynoy Cojuangco Aquino; Visayas has had three – Sergio Osmena, Sr., Manuel Acuna Roxas and Carlos Polistico Garcia. Mindanao? None!

Probably the most brilliant Mindanaoan of his time was Vice-President Emmanuel Neri Pelaez from Misamis Oriental, my home province. Unfortunately, for him, he lost to Marcos in the Nacionalista Convention in 1964. If Pelaez had won the NP presidential nomination, he could have been handily elected president. Most likely, he would not have declared martial law and the history of this country would have changed probably for the better but that is a lot of historical guessing game. It is too late in the day for that. Your guess is probably better than mine.

Second, Mindanao constitutes the third biggest voting population in the country. Third, it contributes to about one half of the national revenues in the national coffers. Fourth, it has vast natural resources, more than any island in the country and Luzon is no exception. Fifth, the future of this country is in Mindanao that is why the Americans and the Malaysians are out to Balkanize Mindanao so they can have exclusive privileges in the exploitation of Mindanao’s natural resources. Sixth, if Mindanao cannot have a crack at the presidency of this country, the option is Mindanao independence.

Now is the time to give Mindanao a chance to have someone become president of this country. And considering the present circumstances, the Mindanaoan who has a chance to become Philipppine President or the national leader is Rodrigo Duterte of Davao City, a Mindanaoan.

The Hamletian question
I cannot help but be emotional about this Hamletian question: to endorse or not to endorse Duterte for President. Duterte and I have one thing in common: we both believe that to solve our country’s problems, the national leader should head a revolutionary government. But the similarity ends there. The differences are as wide as the distance between the Earth and the stars. It is delineated by more than hundred million stellar parallaxes. First, Duterte believes that he should be President first before he should declare a revolutionary government; I don’t. This distinction simply means that Duterte is a traditional politician, not a revolutionary. If he is a traditional politician, he cannot change this country even if he lives a thousand years or even a million. The revolutionary option now is to lead a peaceful constitutional revolution within the ambit of sections 1 and 3 of Article II of the Constitution. Because if you want to change the country and our people, you need systemic change; and to have a systemic change, you need a transition period to cleanse the country of its ills and the people of even worse ills.

That is why every time I am asked whether I am running for public office, my simple immediate answer is I am tired running, I just want to sit, whatever that means.

Second, why spend so much time, money and energy just to get elected? Everyone knows that elections in this country are criminal exercises. As a rule, the candidates buy votes; the voters allow themselves to be bought. These are criminal offenses. As a rule, the teachers who participate as members of the board of election inspectors allow themselves to be bought this is a criminal offense. As a rule, members of the military and the police allow themselves to be manipulated by politicians and other partisans. This is a criminal offense. Businessmen and like others of their kind contribute a lot of money to candidates and they do not report this to the BIR. This is a criminal offense. Candidates overspend but they do not report this to their statement of expenses to the Comelec. This is a criminal offense. Public officials and employees are involved in partisan activities. These acts are criminal offenses. I can go on interminably with miles and miles of enumeration but I don’t have to do that.

The indisputable fact is that election in this country is a criminal process. In a sense, we are all criminals by allowing this criminal process to continue from 1949 until today without let-up. So why is Duterte running when the exercise is a criminal process, it is, I repeat, because he is a traditional politician. And traditional politicians as I said cannot change this country not in a thousand or a million years.

Moreover, as one great Indian leader and universal humanist, Mahatma Gandhi, once said, “Bad means never make for good ends.”

Third, why are you, Duterte, using vulgar, gangster and criminal language every time you open your mouth? Every time you open your mouth, as a rule, you commit a mistake. Even a fish if it keeps on opening its mouth will get caught, as popular wisdom intones. That kind of language maybe good for Davao City but it is not good for this country and the presidency. You want to be President? Speak like one, not like a gangster in a grade B movie. Exercise discipline on your mouth. If you cannot do that you have no business running for president.

Fourth, you have not defined your vision for this country. As biblical scholars keep on saying, without vision the nation will perish. The picture that you paint is your ability to kill, kill, and kill criminals. That is not a vision. That is not a program. That is a blueprint for murders. If you do that, you have no place in a democratic country that sanctifies the rule of law, not the rule of men. Your place is in jail.

Historically, you remind me of Adolf Hitler. He mesmerized Germany after her humiliating defeat in the First World War. In the well remembered statements of the German scholar, Reinhold Niebuhr, in describing Hitler’s Germany and I will paraphrase them: When Hitler persecuted the socialists, the Germans did not protest because they were not socialists. When Hitler persecuted the communists, they did not object because they were not communists. When Hitler persecuted the Jews, they did not protest because they were not Jews. Finally, when Hitler persecuted the Germans, there was nobody around to protest.

Without having to cite Hitler, does anyone remember Saloth Sar, also known as Pol Pot of Kampuchea? He, like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, initially made the Cambodians march behind him. He, like Duterte says he would make the Philippines, made Kampuchea a killing field.

The difference between Duterte and Hitler and Pol Pot is that Duterte has no known ideology unless he has adopted the Maoist ideology of the Maoist CPP-NPA whom he publicly proclaims as his friends. But Hitler and Pol Pot had well-defined ideologies. In the case of Hitler, he defined it in Mein Kampf, the story of his life and the body of his beliefs. In the case of Pol Pot, the revival of legendary Kampuchea rendered immortal by Angkor Wat.

The mere intoning to change from a unitary to a federal system, without specifics, is a lot of moro-moro or mumbo jumbo.

I could go on and on, and I will bore you to death, and you might also conclude that I am anti-Duterte. I am not. I just want this fellow to change because he has the greatest potential, votewise, to have a Mindanaoan as President of the Philippines. And if he does get elected, though I do not believe in elections for now, I will be happy to have my dream fulfilled, even if Duterte is the one to fulfill it. But he cannot be president unless he changes his ways. If he does not change between now and Election Day, if by some miracle, elections will be held, he should be ready to be thrown into the dustbin of history. It is not lonely because there are many have been and who should have been who are there.

The way to change
It does not take miracles to change, if you know how. Stop talking like a mad man or top dog in an insane asylum. Submit a vision to the country and a road map as well as a blue print to get there. Get a group of fifteen of the best and the brightest of the country to help you steer the ship of state if you get to be the captain. Be presidential, focused, disciplined and committed to God, country and our people, instead of to yourself, to Viagra and your women and mainstream media. If you do that, you’ll get there if the election will be clean and honest. That’s a big IF because you know, as everybody knows, it will not be.

So we are back to square one – a revolutionary transition government. Do not fritter away this golden opportunity for Mindanao. If you can’t do it, somebody will.


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  1. There is a meteoric star rising! This person does not have the ‘balls’ as you would prefer but she is destined to be a historic figure reaching beyond the borders of Philippines. She is not known just yet, but in a very short time it would be obvious to you who this unique and exception person is, she has more courage and brains than a hundred raging bulls with their cajones included.

  2. Duterte is very vocal about changing the country from it’s worst state to a kind that everybody even the grassroots level of the society can be equally treated as human. A safe place to live, no discrimination, without corruption and most of all less criminality. He’s not pretending to be perfect as he also discloses his dark sides with all the honesty. Unlike other aspirants who are just showing their good sidea just to fool voters to believe them and their visions for the country.

    We have already fooled by this trapos in decades or centuries promising everything to us but when get elected they forgot their promises and even used their power to gain more wealth.

    Duterte opened his book to the public the way he will lead the philippines when get elected. He also showed the result of his leadership in Davao. If we were not criminals there,s nothing to afraid of, unless we are.

  3. Luis Antonio Roldan on

    Well said Mr. Adaza yet, to each his own. “To be or not to be?” are only for the uncertain. I think Duterte could care less because he owes nobody anything and not tied up to anyone. For a person to have to courage to be his own self regardless of criticisms and will do what he thinks is good and beneficial for the many takes heart – untied and bold. I think also Duterte is not on the state of ambition but more of wanting to put legacy behind. He has done enough and very proud of it. How about us? I think we should do also our part not only him.

  4. Nathaniel Orteza on

    People have everything to tell Duterte except, to do the dirty job of pushing the shovels to get things done?

  5. Its not the fault of Duterte if the media focuses more on his PI, viagra and women, instead of his platforms during his speeches… if u think its what his speeches is all about, then u havent been to his speeches…

    Its a wonder how the media can twist, cut and paste what they want the people to see…and how stupid it is for people to believe and judge a person by a 20 second video clip…

  6. Dear Author: HOMOBONO A. ADAZA,

    How do you propose this ( or your proposed) revolutionary government be done/executed without being elected president? The way you present your political intellect here is truly amazing and I would love to listen and be educated.

    Alvin M.

  7. I admire your Political,Judicial views & suggestions for a peaceful constitutional revolution w/n the provision of the constitution in order for us to clear the flawed systems. It is true that w/o Vision for the Nation by aspiring Presidents.The Nation perish!!! Then they are leading w/o direction. Proverbs 29
    29 A man who hardens his neck after much reproof
    Will suddenly be broken [a]beyond remedy.
    2 When the righteous [b]increase, the people rejoice,
    But when a wicked man rules, people groan) They can not lead our nation & can not bring genuine,honest,transparent reform as the living word of God says, “Without VISION THE PEOPLE PERISH.” That was the sad state of the present aspiring leaders.They don’t have clear vision on how to solve the systemic problems that hinder the development of our Nation but rather have the mentality to placed themselves in the position to entitle them to enrich themselves from the tax money & enjoy all the perks & prestige that was entailed upon the positions.I agree that election in this Nation is a criminal offense because everyone participating in the election allows themselves to be bought by our own tax money.So election in our nation is not honest,transparent & credible as a result we lost our integrity as a nation.Election is like a sarsuela play! It is an exercise in futility.Therefore may I humbly suggest that we start the peaceful revolution now by compelling the aspiring candidates,COMELEC,Election inspectors,AFP,PNP, SmartMaticSurvey agencies to stop the enumerated criminal offenses mentioned & they will all signed w/ a pledge to abide by it.No participation to the permit to campaign fee Extortion of the CPP-NPA in their hostaged barangays.We must include in the agreement that violation of all these Criminal & flawed system will banned them from government position & P500Million penalty or 40years imprisonment.If the aspiring leaders will agree then it will be the greatest demonstration of UNITY by our leaders to stop election criminal activities.It will demonstrate that rule of law exist in the hearts of our leaders & they are willing to make a difference to save the nation,restore our integrity,save the next generation.If the agreements are enforce by them & the concerned agencies.We will make world history on 2016 election as the most honest,credible,transparent election in Philippine’s election history & we will redeem the honor & integrity of our nation as a true freedom loving Christian Nation & it will make us stand at par w/ Sweden,Norway, Canada,US,Israel, Singapore in term of transparency because the mentioned nations-Transparency is the rule of law that is why the people are progressive & their Nation is strong militarily, politically & economically.Now If the candidates will not agree to unite & willing to stump election fraud then election on 2016 is an exercise in futility that will sink our Nation deeper! Our leaders think that maintaining the statusquo of cheating,dishonesty,political murders,corruption as a way of life has no end? They are dead wrong because the leaders are leading our ship without direction & creating holes to a ship sailing in a rough seas slowly sinking & if they don’t act together to enforce radical ways to plug the holes or stop creating holes then they will sink w/ the Ship!!The candidates & business leaders must wake up & see that they will not profit from unrighteous wealth. Matthew 16: 26 For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? Proverbs 11
    Contrast the Upright and the Wicked
    1 A false balance is an abomination to the Lord,
    But a just weight is His delight.
    2 When pride comes, then comes dishonor,
    But with the humble is wisdom.
    3 The integrity of the upright will guide them,
    But the crookedness of the treacherous will destroy them.
    4 Riches do not profit in the day of wrath,
    But righteousness delivers from death.
    5 The righteousness of the blameless will smooth his way,
    But the wicked will fall by his own wickedness.
    6 The righteousness of the upright will deliver them,
    But the treacherous will be caught by their own greed.
    7 When a wicked man dies, his expectation will perish,
    And the hope of strong men perish! I also agree that we need to enforce constitutional reform radically if we want to change the flawed systems that had weakened our Government Institutions specially the Judiciary. Strengthened the Criminal Justice system & protect our Judges & lawyers from hired killers by reimposing death penalty to the hired killers & to those who employed their criminal services.

  8. Tana lang iyang mga sinasabi ni Duterte. Kung ang lugar mo sagana sa illegal drugs, ang dapat na lider ay si duterte para presidente, nagsuooort ka naman adaza sa sinasabi mog predente, pero lalong lumala ang sitwasyon, walang nangyari, tama lang si Duterte sa ganitong panahon siya ang kailangan. Ang pinapangarap mo hindi mangyayari kung puro durog na ang tao

  9. I am biased with regards to Duterte as I am a long suffering Mindanaoan ,one of those who had trooped to the polls eyes a blinking by the hypnotic lies of a series of politicians who had been blessed and consecrated by a many a hypocritical prelate since THE Cardinal Sin. Today I will not be moved by any of these blabbering of this wannabee protegee of his late eminence into voting into one of his deceptively prim and proper candidates of the same series that has been steadily dragging this country into the brink of anarchy with their idiotic neo-liberalism and myopic legalism especially Mindanao where with the crime rate is the added plus of brain dead Islamic fanatics are lurking in every shadow.No ,not even the threat of the most elaborate excommunication this pansies can ever muster will stop me from supporting Duterte.

  10. Atty. H.A. Adaza, I wish you will be one of the counsels or consultants of RODY DUTERTE, if the latter will win the race. With your wisdom and knowledge, I believe you could greatly help or guide ROD to run our country in most aspects of life or governance. Lead our country to be peaceful, productive, successful, more investors coming in and tourist to visit PI. More power to you & God bless you more in all aspects of life.

  11. Well written article. I fully agree Duturte does not act presidential and should control his mouth. Somewhat, anyway. One of the reasons I like him is because he is “politically incorrect” and could care less. This type of honesty is unheard of in a man running for the highest office in the country and must be respected. Forget “diplomacy” someone needs to speak the truth. As far as relying on the courts and justice in this country, that would be great if either actually existed in fact and not name only.

  12. Mr. Adaza, Sir where are you. You are one of those who are qualified and have all the attributes of quarterbacking this country, Philippines. Why don’t you submit yourself to the arena and let your brilliant mind get the country from mediocrity as you said the “evils’ of society because of its people.

  13. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    03 December 2015

    I am afraid my good friend HOMOBONO ADAZA’s suggestion that presidential candidate RODY DUTERTE will need to change his ways before he could ever be the equivalent of Singapore’s LEE KWAN YEW boils down to nothing more than “a consummation devoutly to be wished”–to borrow the felicitous phraseology of Shakespeare.

    To borrow a well-worn cliche, “Can a leopard change its dark spots?” You know the answer to that one.

    Rody Duterte, Davao City’s strongman, is no hypocrite and no pretender. He is not of the same mold as the traditional politicians [“TRAPOS”] who, on the campaign trail, promise the voters the “moon and the stars,” only to turn out to be men and women with feet of clay who do what they can in office to fill their pockets or their bank accounts with what they can steal from the public treasury.

    He is honest to a fault. But he also suffers from very serious faults which in effect should disqualify him from ever being President with that office’s awesome powers which Rody Duterte can be expected to use in complete defiance of the Rule of Law, as was his unchecked habit as the strong-willed and strong-armed Mayor of Davao City.


  14. Nobody can teach old dog new trick. Maybe Duterte is acting like an old dog and this new trick does not work because he became popular because of his tough language. I still do not believe all of his statements. He is like Donald Trump that irritates the Mexicans, females and fellow Republicans and still is number one in the poles. In my opinion ,he is a scary guy and I do not want to be near him. I will definitely not vote for him. I am an educated Pilipino and I am not a fool.

    • Maraming eduacted Pilipino pero ang katangahan is a disease di naggamot ng education yan kasi kapareho ng katangahan ang hypocrisy.

    • A leader’s accomplishments recognized by the international community are not “tricks”. They’re the best gauge of leadership. I am from this region where Duterte rules and he never became popular because of his “foul” language. He became phenomenal because of his excellent service beyond expectations.The deposed presidents Ferdinand Marcos and Gloria Arroyo are educated Filipinos. I won’t call them fools either. Being “educated” and so civil in language is no guarantee to sterling leadership; these does not reflect either the inner heart of a person.

  15. Well, I guess Digong is just a product of media-hype. He spews what the gallery wants to hear. Indeed, he has no program of government and his spiel on federalism is just a vote-getting mantra similar to “wala mahirap kun walang corrupt”. If voters still pick him, we have another benigno phase 2 administration – a president swept into office because the followers bought the fraternity cheer.

    If he talks of killing criminals, that works on people who have no guns to fight back but how about when you have the ISIS or NPA who have the hardware to shoot it out? Secondly, solving criminality is the job of the police but for a president to do the job of the patrolman is unpresidential. Even the problem of the drug lords can be solved in just one month when substantial monetary rewards are offered as their foot soldiers themselves would even kill the boss when the reward is say, ten million pesos. You do not need a Duterte for that and that I will do if I am the President. Shouldn’t he rather focus on the economy, job generation and employment? The soldier in the person of Gringo would be a better killing machine as they have the training and experience against those rebels in Mindanao jungles. I just rather find it funny that a thug would present himself as the leader of the nation when all he knows is killing criminals.

  16. He is a joker (clown). He does not fit to be a good leader for the country. He maybe good as a Mayor but in reality he is a clown, he say one thing today and another thing tomorrow.

    • Sa lahat ng nagpapatawa or clown si Duterte lang ang may mahusay at nakakahangang track record of good governance. Yung ibang kandidato sila yung clown na walang nagawa solid kungdi puro patawa lang dahil puro promises.

  17. rene catalasan on

    The damage has been done and Duterte is done.
    Changing one’s reputation overnight is impossible based on the way he acts, behaves and talks.

  18. Kung ang masamang tao na sinasabi ninyo katulad ni mayor Duterte na napakaraming natulungan hindi lang sa Davao kundi sa ibang parte ng Pilipinas…at napakasap at kampanti kami ngayon dito sa Davao kuntrolado ang krimin, druga almost zero corruption ay mas nanaisin ko pang pamunuan ang Pilipinas ng taong katulad ni Duterte na sinasabi nyong masama kysa mga santo-santuhang tao na gusto nyong mamuno sa mahal na bayan na ngayon ay sadlak sa kahirapan, krimin, kurapsyon, druga…at sa mga Pari na pro lng salita ng Dios ang kuno tinuturo pro wla namang aksyon pra mkatulong sa mga kapwa na naghihirap!!!mga kapatid mag-isip kayo hindi pra sa sarili ninyo kundi pra sa kinabukasan ng mga ank ninyo…Lord kayo na po ang bahala…

  19. One of my greatest pleasures in life is a well written opinion. I wish we have more like you. Very few intellectuals can dissect the political scenery as you Mr. Adaza. I hope you and I will live long enough to have your Revolutionary Government realized..

    • apolonio reyes on

      Mayor Duterte, election is still far away, I am from Luzon but please follow the advise of your fellow Mindanaons, Atty. Homobono Adaza, whose editorial in this paper and sometimes guest at GNN TV, I always read,watch and admire. Lay down your platform of government, get 15 good adviser and I suggest two if you may, former CJ Reynato Puno and Arch. Villegas, who can give you a good advise on Federalism and how to control your mouth without using fluoride, respectively.

  20. It is obvious that Mr. Adaza can’t dare ATTACK Mayor Duterte because he would look like a traitor to Mindanao, even if Duterte deservres to attacked!
    Kaya ang haba haba ng mga explanations ni Adaza. (Mao nang taas kaayo ang mga explanations ni Adaza). Ako taga MIsamis Occidental ug Cagayan de Oro nga karon taga Marikina City na.
    Mangild-ad nga tawo kana si Duterte. Dili angay kana siya ma presidente. Angay na siya i-charge with all the crimes he has admitted to have done.
    Tanang mga Katoliko ug matarung ang utok bahin sa maayong pagka-Filipinpo kinihanglang mobabag sa iyang ambisyon nga ma presidente.

    • abaw linti gid on

      Diin gid ka sa Iloilo o bacolod ti linti ilonggo kagid kagirun gid kw hindi man ka taga mindanao..

    • If Duterte has done nothing in Davao? Why Davao placed Top 2 safest,zero corruption and clean city in Asia? and placed 4th. in the world? Don’t you believe that Duterte roaming around Davao City at night merely check the City? Where can you find a mayor like that? Whom would you like to choose? The one who is kissing the hand of Pope and pretending praising the Catholic Church but corrupt(literally speaking “-mediocrity”!!), or the one who is not pretending and saying the truth?- Isang pagkadulas lang ng kanyang bibig ay viral na kaagad and many were brain washed and change their mind not to support him. hahay, (speechless)

      F.Y.I he also loves really love the native tribe in Davao especially the Lumad. So think logically not emotionally. I am also resident of Davao City and I could toughly say that Duterte is not a barbaric. and I see his “Good and huge Contribution in Davao.”

  21. Duterte looks and sounds like a megalomaniac killer boasting the murder in his own hands a number of criminals making himself a criminal for being a law enforcer, judge and executioner. Duterte appears like a mentally deranged obsessed leader who enjoys his city’s applauding citizen for his braggadocio, and behavioral abnormalities in treating lawbreakers in trying to be an iron-fisted Mayor in eliminating lawless elements. His cursing, cussing public speeches on issues not at all related to Presidential solutions of the nation’s educational, social , economic and corruption problems is becoming as a unbecoming presidential model behavior, not proper for a head of state. Duterte is just another “street-brawler” and organized crime mob leader who feast on liquidating and taking down criminal-suspects who had not been found guilty by the court of law, yet already sentenced to die by Duterte’s law of the jungle.
    Duterte is not a prudent and rational administrator of the economic, educational and social upliftment of the society he administer like Davao City. Then how can he be a prudent and judicious leader of the entire nation when he only excel and boast is his capacity for extra-judicial liquidation of suspected criminals.
    Duterte could be an effective President only in Iraq, Afghanistan or Somalia where warring tribal factions kill each other to rule the other.
    Duterte either run as President in those countries or in Africa!

  22. Hindi kaya maganda kung makipagugnayan si Mr. Adaza sa bayanko ni Carmen Pedrosa at ang National Transformation Council?

    • Yang National Transformation Council at parang di rin alam ang gusto. Puro plano lang pero wala naman yatang timetable kun kailan nila ito isasakatuparan. Kun meron na siguro sigurado plan for implementation at pera na lang ang kailangan, siguro, marami na ang maglalabas ng pera para sa kanila.

      Yun mga sinasabi nila ay puro textbook solution at malayo sa katotohanan. Kailangan ng mas definite na program of implementation. Dapat nila maintindihan na bawa’t operation na isinasagawa ng surgeon at may dugo na lumalabas sa passante.