• Mayors Binay, Cayetano finally kiss and make up


    AFTER Mayor Lani Cayetano of Taguig City extended the hand of peace to Mayor Jejomar Erwin “Junjun” Binay of Makati, the latter personally visited the former to finally kiss and make up.

    During their meeting at the Taguig City Hall on Monday, both Cayetano and Binay agreed to avoid any further acts that may result in tension over the territorial dispute in Fort Bonifacio.

    “We are very glad that Mayor Junjun Binay responded favorably to our calls for peace in BGC [Bonifacio Global City]. We both acknowledge that as leaders, it is our responsibility to look after the welfare of our people first before anything else,” Cayetano said.

    Cayetano also expressed gratitude with the renewed friendship between her and Binay, as well as their respected cities.

    Although no specific details were discussed on the Fort Bonifacio territorial dispute, Cayetano said what was important is that the lines of communications are open between Taguig and Makati.

    “What is very certain is that both of us agreed that we don’t want the tension to escalate because of the dispute. We agreed to restrain our own people and promote peace and order,” she said.

    Although they are not compromising anything with this reconciliation effort, Cayetano said they would stick with their respective legal positions on the territorial dispute.

    “We both recognized that it is not for us to decide but the court’s,” she added.

    Cayetano said she and Binay respect each other’s differences and that they both acknowledged that they can both exhaust all legal remedies available to them.

    “I know that we cannot fix everything in one sitting. But definitely this is a very good start and I am happy that the lines are now open between us,” she said.

    For his part, Binay said he decided to pay a visit to Cayetano to “avert any further violence.”

    “At the outset, our statements will always be that the issue is nothing personal between Mayor Lani’s family and our family. Issues have been raised in the courts, and due to Court of appeals decision, both parties acted accordingly,” said Binay.

    He also offered to allow Taguig to continue collecting revenues from BGC for a certain period of time while Makati resumes its jurisdiction over the area.

    Binay also reiterated an earlier proposal for a revenue sharing scheme with Taguig.

    Cayetano said Makati’s proposals will have to be studied by their legal team.

    Both mayors appealed to their employees not to resort to violence.
    They also agreed that cases filed against personnel of the Taguig Public Order and Safety Office who were caught on closed-circuit television camera sowing chaos in Forbes Park will continue.

    Ritchie A. Horario


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