• MAYWEATHER contemplates dream fight with PACQUIAO next year

    Marcos Maidana (right) of Argentina slams a right to the face of Floyd Mayweather Jr. of the US at The MGM Grand, Las Vegas on Saturday (Sunday in Manila). AFP PHOTO

    Marcos Maidana (right) of Argentina slams a right to the face of Floyd Mayweather Jr. of the US at The MGM Grand, Las Vegas on Saturday (Sunday in Manila). AFP PHOTO

    LAS VEGAS: After running his unbeaten streak to 47 straight fights with a convincing win over Argentine Marcos Maidana on Saturday (Sunday in Manila), Floyd Mayweather is raising the possibility of a much-awaited match with Filipino boxing idol Manny Pacquiao next year.

    Mayweather, who hasn’t lost a fight since the 1996 Olympics, defended his World Boxing Association and World Boxing Council welterweight belts and the WBC junior middleweight belt, pounding out a unanimous decision victory in his rematch with Maidana.

    After the fight, the American told reporters he plans to fight twice more in 2015 and one of those fights could be against Pacquiao.

    He denied he is avoiding the Filipino star and said if a deal can be worked out, he would go for it.

    “I will go back and talk to my team,” Mayweather said. “I am not ducking or dodging no opponent. If a Manny Pacquiao fight presents itself, then let’s make it happen.”

    “In the past, if you look at Pacquiao when he fought (Juan Manuel) Marquez, he was too focused on Floyd Mayweather instead of the guy in front of him and you saw what happened,” he said, recalling Pacquiao’s defeat.

    But he said Pacquiao is “not my focus” at the moment.  “I want to enjoy my time off. We don’t know who we going to be fighting. We are not in a rush. We are the A side and we are going to take our time,” he said.

    The Filipino ring icon had been aching to fight Mayweather and had even agreed to submit to a drug test to make it happen.

    But Mayweather always came up with excuses to avoid what is being billed as “the mega fight” with Pacquiao.

    Another possible Mayweather opponent is British boxer Amir Khan, who sat ringside at Saturday’s fight.

    “Of course, Amir Kahn would be a potential opponent,” said Leonard Ellerbe, chief executive of Mayweather Promotions. “Amir Khan is a very good fighter just like a lot of other potential opponents.”

    On Saturday, Mayweather was ahead in all the judges’ cards. Two scored it 116-111 and the third had it 115-112 for the champion.

    “I didn’t stay on the ropes. That was the difference,” Mayweather said. “I felt I did better in the first fight. This fight I felt dry and dead.”



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    1. Here we go the first one here say floyd wont fight him because he is scared of losing his 0. How can you people be so blind & stupid. You can fool yourself but you cat fool boxing fans. Floyd twice offered to fight manny & the 1st time each fighter would get half of everything. It would have been the most money any fighter would have ever got ever. But manny refused rbt to fight night, so it wasnt floyd scared of losing his 0 it was manny scared of getting caught juicing. Then floyd offered him $40,000,000. Manny said im worth more than that. Well manny has never ever earned anything like that for a single fight. Now you can bet your last dollar that floyd wont offer him anything like $40,000,000 for a fight now. Since those offers manny has lost 2 times, & both losses were to light welterweights. In 3 years manny has only fought 1 welterweight & that welterweight himself has only fought manny at welterweight. The problem here is manny. Ive nevr yet seen any pinoy questioning manny on any of this. Its like its unthinkable he might cheat with juicing, well we know about corruption ( cheating ) in the philippines & manny grew up with that as part of his life.
      I think 1st of all manny needs to beat 2 top 10 rated welterweights to prove he is worthy of fighting floyd, & please dont tell me algieri is a worthy opponent. How on earth he was picked to fight manny is beyond me & i know if floyd had picked him as an opponent you pinoys plus the rest of us boxing fans would have slated him. But not a single one of you will slate manny.

    2. ain’t gonna happen. Mayweather is too focused on maintaining his 0 loss record to risk it fighting Pacquiao, and he admitted it.