Mayweather doubtful, Garcia next for Pacman – Roach


MACAU, Macau: Trainer Freddie Roach played down hopes of a

Manny Pacquiao showdown with Floyd Mayweather and said unbeaten two-belt world champion Danny Garcia could be next for “Pacman” after he fights Chris Algieri on Sunday.

The drop to light welterweight (140lb) would be a further blow to prospects of a $1 billion megafight with the unbeaten Mayweather, whose last three contests have been at light middleweight (154lb).

Freddie Roach

Freddie Roach

Roach instead is targeting the impressive Garcia (29-0, 17 KOs) who holds both the World Boxing Council and World Boxing Association belts at light welterweight.

“I’ve been waiting three-and-a-half years for this (Mayweather) fight. I don’t think it’s going to happen,” Roach told reporters on Friday at the Venetian Macau.

“(Promoter Bob) Arum says it might happen but can they deliver Mayweather? I don’t think so,” added the Hall of Fame trainer, who has guided “Pacman” since 2002.

“You know, if it was going to happen I think it would have happened by now. I want it to happen as badly as you guys.”

Pacquiao defends his World Boxing Organization welterweight (147lb) crown on Sunday morning (Saturday night US time) against American Algieri at an agreed catchweight limit of 144lb.

“If Manny feels good in this fight at 144 then I think his next fight will be at 140 because he makes 140 very easily,” said Roach.

“First fight back? Danny Garcia. That’s my personal opinion.”

The fear is that Sunday’s clash with the largely unknown WBO light welterweight champion Algieri will not attract the lucrative pay-per-view figures in the United States of previous Pacquiao contests.

There is a dearth of truly world-class opponents in the 147lb division, making the explosive Garcia—who has recorded fourth-round knockouts against both Britain’s former world champion Amir Khan and Mexican great Erik Morales—the most attractive alternative to the elusive Mayweather.

“Danny Garcia at 140, we’ll go there,” added Roach. “There are options out there. Mayweather’s not everything.

“I think Manny’s a better fighter at 140. He’s faster and more explosive — I think the knockouts will come back.”

Roach hinted that Pacquiao could drop further, maybe back to lightweight (135lb) if the right opportunity came up.

“Yes he could make 135. He’s been in the 130s a couple of times during training camp already,” Roach revealed.

“When he gets a little too low in weight I send him home and tell him to have a good steak.”



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  1. You seem to have got a few things mixed up here, i think yes if manny moves down to light welterweight he might fight garcia, but not danny, but mikey. I hope he does fight danny as that will definately be a good fight & should show us if manny still has it at this level.
    Then you mention about mayweather & say his last 3 fights have been at light middleweight, no they havent, his last 2 fights were at welterweight & was against maidana, the one before that was light middleweight against canelo.
    Now for roach saying he wanted the fight to happen with floyd well it was all so easy way back in 2009, all manny had to do was agree to rbt to fight night, floyd even relented 24days in arbitration but manny wouldnt accept that, which makes me feel he was juicning, as apparently now he will take rbt to fight night.
    Now you also say this fight was agreed at 144, it was manny who wanted the 144 as he didnt want algieri to have any weight advantage over him. Now when accepting a challenge from a lighter guy its him who should ask for a catchweight not the champion telling him he has to have a catchweight. In fact i dont agree with world titles being fought for at a catchweight.
    They keep saying manny makes 140 very easily & he also thinks he can get down to 135, so why insist on algieri coming in at 144. If manny wants to come in at that weight its his perogative, if algieri doesnt ask for a catchweight then dont impose one on him. Its legal cheating, but hey pinoys are ok with cheating, right.

    • Dustin, what do you think is Mayweather doing all these times? Fighting clean, fair and square?

  2. iriga city boy on

    Good!! Because that Garcia mouthed off that he can beat Pacquiao.He brags about his inborn pair of “hammers”.