• Mayweather Jr. and the 50 Cent challenge

    Ed C. Tolentino

    Ed C. Tolentino

    The on-going verbal tussle between rapper/business mogul 50 Cent (Curtis James Jackson 3rd in real life) and world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. has taken an ugly turn with the former recently questioning the literacy of the self-proclaimed boxing genius.

    Ironically, instead of settling their feud face-to-face, 50 Cent and Mayweather Jr. have been trading phantom punches on the social network. On August 21, 50 Cent took to Instagram and made a video in which he challenged Mayweather Jr. to read at least one page of a Harry Potter book. He later lowered the bar to ‘Cat in the Hat’ and promised to donate $750,000 to charity if Mayweather Jr. accepted the challenge.

    When 50 Cent received no reply, he surfaced at a New York radio station the following day and posted an unreleased audio of Mayweather Jr. supposedly struggling to read a line for the radio station. This finally prompted Mayweather Jr. to reply and he took to Instagram where he posted two checks worth over $70 million.

    Of course, the joke in the boxing neighborhood these days is that Mayweather Jr. did not really answer the question on his ability to read. By flaunting the checks, he only convinced many that he is the richest guy . . . who cannot read.

    Make no mistake, 50 Cent and Mayweather Jr. used to be good friends and they even joined forces to launch TMT (The Money Team) Promotions in July 2012. The boxing enterprise never got off the launching pad because the friendship between 50 Cent and Mayweather Jr. melted faster than butter left unattended at the oven. Reports have it that while Mayweather Jr. was doing time in jail for a domestic charge, 50 Cent discovered that TMT didn’t even have a promoter’s license or a stable of fighters. Realizing that TMT was just a name, 50 Cent shelled out $2 million to obtain a promoter’s license and sign up some fighters. When Mayweather Jr. was released in August 2012, he refused to reimburse 50 Cent for at least half of the amount the latter put up. 50 Cent felt betrayed and by November 2012, the partnership was over.

    Left on his own, 50 Cent has been floundering as a boxing promoter. One of his prized recruits, Cuban Yuriorkis Gamboa, was recently knocked out by World Boxing Organization (WBO) champion Terence Crawford. 50 Cent, who briefly boxed as an amateur, remains a neophyte when it comes to handling the business of pro boxing.

    For his part, Mayweather Jr. has been displaying a Midas touch. After severing his ties with 50 Cent, Mayweather Jr. successfully negotiated a six-fight pay-per-view deal with Showtime that guarantees him at least $200 million.

    50 Cent may not want to admit it, but he made a very wrong move in parting with Mayweather Jr., one of pro boxing’s biggest draws today. Obviously bitter, 50 Cent has been taking to the Internet to insult the boxing champion.

    As things stand, expect more mud-slinging. Just recently, reports came out that Mayweather Jr., via Twitter, challenged 50 Cent to a 12-round boxing match. It turned out to be hoax, but count on 50 Cent to dig deep in his candy shop to find ways to get even with Mayweather Jr.


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    1. If it is true that Mayweather CAN NOT READ … it follows that HE CANNOT ALSO WRITE … RIGHT ? … Not knowing how to READ & WRITE may cost him A LOT , if not all , of his MONEY someday !!!. Manny Pacquiao CAN READ & WRITE and a CONGRESSMAN to boot yet , the handlers of his MONEY AFFAIRS (in my opinion) caused him to have THESE BIR & IRS problems !!!

    2. Who cares if floyd can read or not. Im wondering what difference it makes. If there was a young person leaving school that couldnt read then yes i would be worried, but floyd has done pretty good for himself, in fact he has done better financially than probably any other boxer ever, so if he cant read but can make more than ever did it would seem even with their reading abilities they arnt as clever as floyd. I would rather talk of his boxing than his reading, in fact manny pac can read but look at the problems he is having with both the bir & the irs. It seems he should have spent less time learning to read & more time covering his tax affairs, but do you report on that which is of much greater importance than floyds reading ability. & i wonder if you are keeping that back to help manny with it as an excuse should he lose in november to algieri, i dont know im just asking.