Mayweather’s win signals death of boxing

Floyd Mayweather Jr. (left) employs his defensive scoring style to secure a unanimous decision victory against Manny Pacquiao on Sunday. AFP

Floyd Mayweather Jr. (left) employs his defensive scoring style to secure a unanimous decision victory against Manny Pacquiao on Sunday. AFP

Though his defensive scoring style allowed Floyd Mayweather Jr. to beat Manny Pacquiao on Sunday via unanimous decision, many boxing aficionados believe that the unbeaten American’s hit-and-run tactics could spell the death of boxing.

Boxing fans that’ve paid thousands of dollars for tickets were terribly disappointed when the bout dubbed Fight of the Century did not live up to the hype.

In an interview with ANC-ABS-CBN News Channel, veteran boxing analyst and The Manila Times columnist Ed Tolentino explained the possible repercussion of having a world boxing champion like Mayweather: “Other fighters now may want to follow the route of Floyd Mayweather. Get in, get the money, the hell with the boxing fans, my mug is scratch-free, but people will soon get tired. They will soon lose patience and when it happened you are looking at boxing in its final rounds.”

Tolentino also pointed out how mixed martial arts (MMA) could soon be more popular than boxing.

“The big fights they want to see, the UFC [UltimateFighting Championship] arranges it fast, second they [UFC] offer incentive if the fight is action packed. They also discipline people who gain more yawns than cheers,” he said.

Established in 1993, the UFC was created to identify the most effective martial art used in realistic combat situation. The UFC attained phenomenal growth when it modified its contest rules. Its bouts originally have no time limits, which is favorable to Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighters but boring to spectators. The UFC is responsible for the phenomenal growth of MMA today as a combat sport.

Filipino-American MMA fighter Brandon “The Truth” Vera, who predicted a knockout victory for Pacquiao in October lamented on the sorry state of the sport of boxing.

“I respect the science [boxing]… Especially to [its]use in MMA. That being said………the sport of boxing is s_ _t. Your champ can run and win. Congratz Mayweather, boxing is dead.,” Vera posted on his Facebook page immediately after the fight.

In a separate interview, Tolentino told The Times that considering his status, Mayweather is setting a bad example, “The defensive style of Mayweather is likely to trigger an epidemic where future champs will just take the money and run. Eventually, this will turn off the fans and kill boxing as this goes against the manly nature of the sport. If Mayweather’s style persists, we are looking at Lisa Macuja as our next world boxing champ.”

Tolentino suggested that a change in scoring system is necessary to arrest the decline of the sport, “I think the scoring system will have to be overhauled to rectify the perception of the common fan that the defensive fighter is actually getting rewarded over the aggressive boxer. There must be a system in place where aggressiveness is actually encouraged and the safety approach is frowned upon and actually penalized,” Tolentino said.


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  1. The name of the game is Boxing, not fighting,you want fighting watch UFC, or bar brawls, Boxing has survived worse than this.Pacquiao took the money & ran. They lied to the commission about the shoulder.wheres the proof that mayweather knew about the injury?If he knew its still on the Pacquiao camp for letting him fight injured

  2. Greetings. I will discuss the fight and finish up with my take on the future of boxing. Floyd Mayweather (FM) comes from a long, long history of boxers who understand the art of “hitting and not getting hit.” This boxing art primarily includes: 1) Head movements; 2) Pivoting; 3) Upper body movements; 4) Stepping out of range; 5) Shoulder roll; 6) Adjusting from round to round, minute to minute and/or second to second (“thinking man’s game”); 7) Multiple jab sequences; 8) Multiple combination sequences; 9) Lateral foot movement; and 10) Multiple power punch sequences. If a person like FM is blessed with the ability to perform boxing arts 1-10, it would not have made any sense square up with an opponent for a face to face brawl.

    If FM moved around the ring without trying to hit Manny, then I would have considered FM an official “runner.” However, FM was not “running” because punch statistics clearly displayed FM’s higher number of connects in the fight (not even close). Folks complained about FM’s holding and rough house tactics, but it’s Manny’s job to maintain proper balance to avoid such tactics. It was Manny’s job to solve the problems FM gave him and use it to his advantage. Manny tried, but he simply had no back up plans after FM took away his assets.

    Manny claimed he injured his right shoulder in round 3, but from what I can tell, Manny’s right shoulder looked good to me throughout the fight – especially in rounds 4 and 6. Manny may have injured his right shoulder because he missed all those punches (low connection percentage). Manny was unable to let his hands go because – like previous fighters – he underestimated FM’s sharp punching/counterpunching abilities (surpriiiiiise, Manny!!). I do not believe FM should give Manny a rematch because the irrational Manny fans and Manny’s camp will use the “right shoulder excuse” or some other excuse after FM wins the rematch. I hope FM tells Manny to resolve his financial matters by fighting someone else.

    Boxing will remain alive because the boxing arts (1-10) provide mental/physical longevity, historical fame and possible riches to aspiring, impoverished boxers in the inner cities and throughout the world. Folks, get over it because your boy (Manny) “got schooled” as a victim of the long, proud history of the boxing arts (100+ years and going). I know Manny will remain as the proud, beautiful P.I.’s only boxing icon for the next 50-100 years, but please stop with the excuses because it really is sad. I love watching Manny fight, but he clearly lost. Adios.

  3. Jason Lunny on

    Mayweather never fought in pick en fight against a prime superstar and he calls himself the greatest! Pacquaio fought most his fights against dangerous prime opponents in pick Em fights that’s why pacquaio legacy is greater and has way more respect! I used to like mayweather but everything is stacked in his favor or he won’t fight! He caught he’ll for over 5 years and didn’t care and beat a worn out pacquaio because of all he wars he was in. Mayweather is a young 38 and pac man is an old 36.

  4. That’s funny, because Mayweather is the cream of the crop since he fought ODH. And the most significant evidence is his PPV numbers! In a nutshell, Boxing will not be the same when he retires… Until a new superstar arrives, boxing fans will miss his talent!

  5. To all the floyd haters, the art of boxing is hit and not get hit right? His style is defensive counter puncher which he does extremely well OBVIOUSLY! everyone would love to see them stand in the middle of the ring and go toe to toe but is that boxing? it a science as someone previously said which is hit and not get hit. Simple manny lost fair and square floyd ran or BOXED manny should of adjusted and corned him but couldn’t . Floyd should quit he’s killing the sport what a joke! he’s fought and beat nearly every champ in his weight division, in his era best of his generation AND UNDEFEATED! Get over it. Manny lost hands down. He was the aggressor but do you win a fight in the ring or bar by throwing more or landing more? That’s right!

  6. Does anyone really think a sport is dead after just having a huge payday like this & that it might inspire kids to try to become fighters like Floyd or Manny one day?

    And the notion that Floyd’s skill & style will be so easy for any other fighter to copy is crazy talk too.

  7. Manny made a terrible business decision by not postponing the fight with so much riding on it-his title his legacy and Boxing itself.
    The commission made a terrible decision by not allowing a perfectly legitimate request for a pain kiling injection to allow Manny to fight his fight.
    I am surprised that Bob Arum did not step in and reschedule the fight
    The fans would have been right behind him and Manny.
    Having said that Manny won anyway-He took the fight to the wife beater -smacked him around on the ropes and Mayweather was allowed by his buddy that appauling referee to foul and maul and pull Manny’s arm all night without taking a point!
    All in all a very disappointing exhibition all round
    Manny to me is still the better fighter and the winner of that charade of a bout
    Boxing had a golden chance to revive and it blew that chance.
    I want to see the wife beater forced to fight Manny again by the various Boxing bodies or else have the result of this fight annulled
    Manny deserves to fight Mayweather again and hand him a bagful of whooped ass

  8. joe burgos on

    Maybe Mayweather will be a promoter after he retires , In fact, he is already a promoter. My hope is that he loses all his money as a promoter and then go to jail like his daddy did.

  9. Boxing is turning into Science and very few are interested in this subject…My point is to change the rules of the game. Winner should be judged for other things not only on punches connected. Let all these boxing alphabet organizations hold a summit and decide among themselves what are the OTHER THINGS to make Boxing more enticing to viewers. factor for handsomeness or gay boxer..whatever to make it more exciting.

  10. It’s time for Manny to retire in boxing and focus on being a Congressman, attend the session regularly so that his attendance record will improve. Concentrate on how to alleviate the problems on his district. Don’t ask for re-match because if Manny’s camp will not be able to solve the fighting style of Money, then the result will be the same. Manny is a great boxer, no doubt about that. He is in the category of greats modern day boxers like Hagler, Sugar Ray Leonard, Sphinx, Ali and the likes. But not Mayweather.

  11. Sonny barcelon on

    Boxing is long gone since Ali retired. Mayweather should have been suspended for his dirty tactics he’s done in so many fights but nobody did. This I attributed to the Sports Commission for the collapsed of boxing sports. Goodbye to boxing and hello to MMA.

  12. The fight did not live up to our most expectation, specially the amount of money poured out just to watch it. This is the reason why mayweather got to choose the referee… with all the dirty tactics that mayweather unleashes throughout the fight surprising that point was not deducted through repeated dirty offence. And at the end of the day if pacquiao only realizes that the odds are mostly against him, he should have postpone the fight due to its injury, (at lease give the shot for his medication) it would have been a different outcome… that’s my take.

    • i would like to agree… but as long as there’s still more people wanting to watch him fight…. the rules wouldn’t be revised any time soon. what they can do though is be strict in implementing the rules…. deduct points automatically when a fighter uses dirty tactics no exceptions… referees should should be penalize as well for not adhering to them.

  13. Bakie Longtao on

    Floyd is still a coward regardless of multiple belts he’s holding. He is killing the sport I ‘ve loved for half a century. The rule of the sport has to be changed specially in scoring in order to save it from dying a natural death. A runner should not be a winner in a contact sport like boxing. It’s a shame for people who paid to experience the excitement of the sport.

  14. Jonas Quindoza on

    very very disappointing. It is alright who ever wins as long as there is much action in it.

  15. Professional boxing is for the exciting… fans pay to see it.
    Olympic boxing is for the boring…. where nobody wants to see, like Floyd’s style of boxing.


  16. Pete Albea on

    There is no doubt in my mind that Manny Pacquiao is the real Welterweight Champion of the world as proven by the Century Fight held May 2, 2015 between him and Floyd Mayweather. Pacquiao was the aggressive fighter and chased Mayweather for most of the twelve rounds around the ring. Mayweather has not shown any semblance of mastery in boxing in the entire bout except run and dance to evade Pacquiao’s onslaught.
    The referee and the three judges demonstrated their incompetence in appreciating and scoring the boxing proceedings by declaring Mayweather the winner by unanimous decision and they should be expelled from officiating any boxing contest in the future.
    If this is the way the sport of boxing is appreciated and decided nowadays then this sport has to be eliminated in the arena of sports.
    Pete Albea

    • I say to you take up boxing & see if you can hit the other guy without him hitting you. In boxing you have people with different skills, those that are tough & like to slug it out & those that try to move away from a punch. Manny himself does lots of movement to avoid getting hit, you like him doing that. If manny boxed like floyd does & floyd boxed as manny does & manny had won the fight ( boxing as floyd does ) you would be saying manny is the greatest & floyd is just a slugger & couldnt land a punch on manny, You are just so buiased because he is a filipino & am american made him second rate. Get over it.
      & who do you think manny will fight next or hould i say will he fight a welterweight or a light welterweight but at welterweight. Lets see what you know about boxing.

  17. Nobody has told Manny that he has become cocky and overconfident going into the fight. Have you watched all his interviews how very prideful he was unbelieving of Floyd’s talent but only his and that he wanted to show the whole who the superior fighter between them is. His demeanor in “HBO: At Last”, final press conference, and the weigh-in is so unbecoming of a professing-Christian that he is. Now what happened? All his claims became exactly the opposite. What happened to all his smiles and confidence? The truth is, he has not learned from his past mistakes of underestimating his opponent and getting overconfident, each time he lost because God humbled him down. I hope Pacquiao retires because people love knockouts so they’ll buy his PPV, that thing he can no longer deliver because he looked scared of taking chances for fear of getting knocked out again. And because both Floyd and Manny got into snooze-fight forgetting how much the people shelled out just to watch the fight, boxing dies. His team, trainers and even nutritionist-wannabe are very incompetent and do not have the ability to prepare him on a level of fight like this. Since Pacquiao is so loyal and wouldn’t change any member of his team, he might as well retire as Arum will only feed him to Crawford who they build-up to take over once Pacquiao leaves boxing.

    • Arthur Orcena on

      mayweather is always favoured because the fights are held on his home

  18. Boxing Fan on

    I agree that Mayweather’s style is boring. People want to see action and knockouts. People want to see two fighters engage in the middle of the ring. They want to see Hagler/Hearns. I do not see Mayweather’s defensive style as the death of boxing. If Mayweather’s style is the death of boxing then we should ban boxing from the Olympics since landing is how it is scored and every boxer in the Olympics wants to avoid getting it. Every boxer has a different style. The name of the game is to hit and try to avoid to getting hit. It’s common sense that if you involve yourself in a fight, you want to avoid getting hit and at the same time land the hits. Why do the rules not apply to boxing? I am not a Mayweather fan. I am a Pacquiao fan. I cheer for him and wanted him to beat Mayweather in the worse way. I am, however, fascinated on how a boxer who is considered a runner able to throw more punches AND land more punches than a boxer who is considered a volume puncher. Most people I would think would say, before the fight, that Pacquiao would be the one who throws the most punches in the fight but that did not happen.

  19. Mayweather’s style is Great Shame to the Boxing Sport Fans. It’s DAmned Bloody BUllshit. HE Should Be Banned ForEver in Boxing. His Belt Should be REMOVED from Him .He is a BLOODY Disgrace to the Sport of Boxing, He should Never Won The Fight. Manny Pacquiao Is The REAL Winner in The Fight…

    • Agreed-Manny won that fight in any event.
      Took the fight to a scared champion delivered the more punishing blows for twelve rounds!

  20. no need to knock down anybody just to win, if you can manage to evade the punches of the opponent without out risking yourself then do it, as long as long as it’s not violated the rules of boxing…. it’s all about money haha.. mayweather is right bearing his nickname ”money”…

  21. I Remember... on

    Very simple: 3 points for a punch from aggressor, 1 point for defensive punch. ALSO, a minimum quantity of aggressive punches has to be included in new rules…. in Kick Boxing, 10 kicks per round is an obligation, if not, you lose points.

  22. Stop your sour graping. How can boxing die with Mayweather’s record of 48 wins and zero loss? Boxing (especially Philippine boxing) is dead not because of Mayweather but because of Pacquiao. Had our “pambansang kamao” focused and dedicated his life to his God-given talent, he would have been unbeatable and would have brought great pride to our country. Unfortunately, he chose to be distracted with other interests, i.e. congressman (what does he know?), PBA basketball player (a little too late for that), singer (move over, Martin Nievera), pastor (alleluia!), actor (with Mommy D as inspiration). Your expert “analyst” needs to remove his emotions from reason in order to analyze anything objectively and intelligently.

    • Albert A. Acosta on

      I 100% agree with you. Pacquiao did this to himself. Imagine all the distractions during his training. How can in heaven’s name can he win if has this myriad of people with him during his training. While mayweather was training silently, pacquiao with this bunch of boxing nobodies were with him, he even recorded a song in the heat of his training. His style may work against pushover boxers like Bradley, rios and algieri but not against a world class boxer like mayweather.

      I hate mayweather, but this is boxing. protecting yourself and making your opponent miss is definitely the plan to survive. I guess pacquiao should rethink what he wants in his life: a basketball player (bad for PBA), an actor (bad for Philippine cinema), a singer (god forsake opm), a politician (what did he do anyway, at least he is not corrupt, better to be stupid than corrupt), or a preacher (I don’t see God complaining).

      Boxing will be boxing with or without mayweather; with or without pacquiao. and it will be unfair for other good boxers to say that boxing is dead. What is only dead here is mayweather and pacquiao’s careers.. but at least they are billions richer than us…

    • Exactly what this whole hullabaloo is about . While Paquiao was deliriously celebrating his fame and fortune, Mayweather focused and concentrated on winning the game . The difference between American athletes is they never stop being athletes – they live, eat and breathe their sports ! While Filipino athletes take a long rest, divert their interest then last minute pickup their sport and rehearse or warmup for a game !!!! Paquiao unfortunately has too much on his plate and got choked ….call it gluttony or simply Greed ! Yes, he did it to himself !