McCarthyism: PNoy’s witchchunt vs. SAF44 sympathizers


Facing credibility crisis and public outcry for justice, Noynoy Aquino and his public relations team have resorted to their own version of McCarthyism.

Malacanang has branded as “subversive” anyone and anything critical of Noynoy, particularly his lying and disowning his culpability for the Masasapano massacre.

On Sunday, hundreds of people participated in the protest rally against the apparent whitewash and coverup in the investigations on the January 25 Oplan Exodus which Noynoy authorized and masterminded, using suspended PNP Chief Alan Purisima as his right arm.

More policemen and government employees would have participated in the event held in key cities nationwide but they were prevented from doing so, on orders or pressures from Malacañang.

Noynoy’s Mccarthyist team warned that “militant, anti-government, and political opposition” groups were out to infiltrate the rally, in which people marched, run and walked en masse and attended Sunday Mass.

Palace officials had reportedly dissuaded members of the PNPA alumni association from pushing through with the event dramatizing the public outcry for justice for SAF44.

The occasion marked the 44th day since the massacre in the hands of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF).

This administration, along with its cronies at the Senate and the Congress, has lost its credibility and respectability in staging moro-moro probes of the incident for the entire world to see.

It was a “box-office hit” in the making, at first, with the testimony erstwhile Special Action Force (SAF) commander Director Getulio Napenas.

But, when it became obviously imperative that Noynoy must himself answer questions publicly, the hearings had to be halted.

And that’s because during any question and answer session, unless it is scripted like those hearings on the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), Noynoy would have a hard time replying and end up telling lies.

He might find more challenging answering questions from Senator Miriam Santiago than reading his stupid state-of-the-nation-address (SONA) from a tele-prompter.

Hindi puwede kay Senator Miriam ang paiyak-iyak at linyang, “Namatayan din po kasi ako, ungaaa!”

As Abe Lincoln said: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

The nation, as well as the aggrieved families of SAF44, demands the truth and justice no less.

Hindi yan traffic accident na ipalilibing at aabuluyan ang biktima, solved na!

One of the widows of SAF44 wants no less than the truth in the form of Noynoy’s public apology.

Now that’s not going to cost Noynoy and his bagman Butch Abad even one peso from their DAP loot!

“There’s chain of command. He should be held responsible for all of this,” said Christine Cempron, widow of PO2 Romeo Cempron, of Liloan, Cebu.

Millions of Filipinos “in spirit” walked and ran with the SAF widows and SAF sympathizers on Sunday.

And, Malacañang is desperately and shamelessly suppressing freedom of assembly and freedom of expression.

Sunday’s unity rallyists were warned that “militant,” “leftist,” “progressive,” “Opposition” groups might join and make the event an anti-government protest.

Has Noynoy forgotten that these militants, save for the usiseros, largely comprised the people power during EDSA 1?

Is Malacañang worried that a People Power Revolt would erupt now, with just over a year left of his term?

Meanwhile, PNP Board of Inquiry head Director Benjamin Magalong disclosed Monday they expressed intentions to interview the President but the panel did not get any reply from Malacañang.

Purisima also refused to be interviewed by the BOI.

“Gumawa po kami ng paraan, through our SILG Mar Roxas para i-express yung aming intention para ma-interview ang Pangulo. Pero wala pong nangyari. Wala po kaming na-receive na reply,” Magalong said.

In other words, the President and Purisima doggedly refused to cooperate with the PNP BOI.

Also on Monday, Noynoy again blasted his fall guy Napenas for “failing to coordinate” with the military.

Who’s the Commander-in-chief, anyway?

Well, Noynoy and Purisima can keep lying and covering up the truth but they have nowhere to hide.

Wait till Napeñas turns state witness against the two culprits!


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  1. Tama, gawing state witness si Napenas. Sana may magprotect kay Napenas!
    Mabuhay ka Napenas…magsabi ka sana nang totoo at huwag ka nang pumayag maging scapegoat nang traidor at bastos na yan!

  2. The greatest deed Napenas can do to assuage the widows and kins of the SAF 44 dead commandos is to turn state witness and tell the whole truth about the debacle. It will even be his lasting legacy upon retirement. A gift to the nation and the next generations to remember that once there was a great liar who possessed enormous power and influence and he was brave enough to confront this guy even at an overwhelming handicap.

  3. Ecclesiastes on

    This present inconsequential Regime led by the inept president in malacanang is plain lucky because the next in line for succession in the person of VP binay have been cut to pieces by the relentless public persecution through unproven accusation of alleged graft and corruption in the media and senate floor by the senator allies of this inept president. Otherwise, the impeachment of this inept president could have gathered steam and support from the legislators…..