MCJ has the final word on Napoles’ transfer


(By Ritchie A. Horario, Breaking News, November 11, 2013)
She doesn’t want to admit to being a part of the pork barrel scam so if you have enough evidence to take all parties to court with a good chance of conviction i say just put her in a normal jail cell with the everyday lowlifes that are there & if she gets murdered so what. I tell you she would have no qualms about having anyone murdered who got in her way to stop her getting her hands on that pork. People like her who love money love money more than other peoples lives. That’s how it is here in the Philippines. Look how many witnesses have been murdered in this country, & murdered just to protect themselves from getting convicted for the crimes they committed. Its disgusting but in this country there are millions who would do that as they will murder you if you insult them even if they deserve the insult as its their pinoy pride.



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