Mean streak can strip endorsement value in polls


HE may likely be losing a few hairs off his pate but that won’t matter—it’s his hard-headedness that may cost him.

Sen. Serge Osmeña 3rd, on Thursday said that President Benigno Aquino 3rd, should be careful in choosing candidates he plans to endorse in 2016 and try to be more open to suggestion because his stubbornness might cost him his endorsement value.

Osmeña, an erstwhile Aquino campaign manager in the 2010 national elections, said
that the President sometimes can be so hard headed, and that attitude could lead to the decline on the his endorsement value.

“I want him [Aquino] to do well. I want him to do better. But sometimes he is so hard- headed and you know how hard headed he can be so what can we do,” the senator said.

Osmeña emphasized the significance of an endorsement of a sitting president even if he is already on the last months of his term, Aquino may lose much of that value if he will remain stubborn.

He said people may appreciate everything he has done for the country including his honesty, which has inspired people in many ways, but it doesn’t mean that they will support the person he will be endorsing.

“It all depends on who he [Aquino] endorses. If he endorses somebody like the head of the Department of Energy (DOE) or the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) then they will be a teka-teka party,” Osmeña said.

Aquino chairs the ruling Liberal Party (LP), that is expected to field Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas as its standard bearer in the 2016 president elections.

The opposition will have vice President Jejomar Binay as its presidential candidate. Binay is set to launch his new political party that will carry his presidential bid in 2016 this coming June 12.

Senate majority leader Alan Peter Cayetano, earlier expressed his intention to run for president but noted that it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will happen on 2016.

Meanwhile, Cayetano in a press briefing also on Thursday challenged Binay and other presidential aspirants in 2016 to sign an anti-corruption covenant wherein they will agree to expel members of their party who would refuse to answer to corruption charges hurled against them.

In justifying his suggestion, Cayetano said that if candidates are willing to sign a covenant against election violence and cheating before election, the more they should be open to an agreement against corruption.

He said political party should be responsible enough to compel their allies to explain to the people the allegations on corruption being hurled against them so that the public can judge if there is basis for the accusations.


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