• Measles vaccines left to rot


    (By Jaime R. Pilapil and Ghio Ong, Headline, January 08, 2014)
    Kindly verify. Most government officials like legislators who want to make money make a killing in buying medicines that are about to expire which will entitle them to huge rebates that go to as high as 90% to 95% from the suppliers. After they close the deal, they have the items delivered to the barangays for immediate distribution where if the receiving officials are quite slow, these medicines will expire and others left to rot. This is the kalakaran sa Kongreso especially.Could this be that the same thing happened to the vaccines? This scheme can also be applied in relief goods/foods. Some officials make money in buying canned goods that are about to expire and in exchange enjoy big rebates from the suppliers. I got this information from impeachable sources and very feasible scheme indeed.
    Rey Quijada, reynaldoquijada@yahoo.com

    Sinabi ko na nga ba that there is something behind this epidemic that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Again, it’s government incompetence.
    Jerry Ocampo, jerryocampo@yahoo.com

    Send your medical teams to remote places to conduct an education program for measles, typhoid fever, chicken fox, meningitis outbreaks and have their kids vaccinated. Wasted medicines could have save a lot ok kids lives.
    Danny Boy, danny.coloso@lafpp.com

    Does this mean that the Undersecretary of DOH, Ms. Janet Garin who says that only 85% of the children achieved immunization against measles, and that the Assistant Secretary of DOH Mr. Eric Tayag who expresses his frustration over the very low vaccination coverage, who both of whom holding the highest positions in the DOH have NO MANAGEMENT SKILLS and that they don’t even know their duties and responsibilities in going after their subordinates who are equally incompetent or inept in implementing their jobs but just look-busy-do-nothing in their place of work? This is very STRANGE about putting people in positions to safeguard the health of the future leaders of our country. This is the kind of situation we have now in our country for encouraging our people to leave our country in search of employments in other countries leaving behind unskilled people instead of making use of their talents in our own country. This incumbent administration is doing all its best to uplift the miseries of our people but those who are supposed to provide supports are unskilled people; yes the kind of people left behind who look-busy-do-nothing in their place of work.
    Rosauro Feliciano, rosauro_feliciano@yahoo.com


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