• Media boycott temporary – Duterte aide


    THERE is no bad blood between the media and incoming President Rodrigo Duterte, who holds no grudge against any journalist and whose threat of boycott is only “temporary”, according to one of Duterte’s senior Cabinet officials.

    Speaking on condition that he will not be identified, the incoming Cabinet secretary said Duterte’s penchant for making “preposterous” statements should not be taken literally.

    “We now know his style. He talks tough and thinks tougher. He had said that people should not believe in everything that he says, especially the preposterous ones. If you would read between the lines and understand what he meant by boycotting the media until his term ends, he was talking about his term as mayor,” the incoming official told The Manila Times.

    “We can all expect a lot of things to change by June 30, when he sheds the mayor persona and assume the role of President,” the source added.

    Duterte on Tuesday clarified his earlier statement that he will no longer grant media interviews until the end of his term.

    “If there are interviews, there will be many mistakes, there will be many criticisms. So no interview, no criticism, no wrong statements, no nothing,” he said when interviewed in Davao.

    But in a statement on Tuesday, Duterte explained that his remarks is only for “ambush interviews.”

    “It was not an interview. An ambush to which I replied that I will not allow interviews anymore now or in the future. That will be the drill until the last day of my term of office,” the mayor said.

    Duterte recently drew flak for saying that some of the slain media workers had received payoffs or were involved in shady deals.

    Some media outlets reported that Duterte had regarded corrupt journalists as “legitimate targets” but the incoming president’s designated officials claimed his statement was misinterpreted and taken out of context.



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    1. Sa daming matatalino sa media, ewan ko kung bakit hindi maintindihan ng ilan sa kanila ang ibig sabihin ni Mayor. Malinaw naman na hindi niya ibig sabihin na lahat ng nasa media ay ganon. Syempre masakit sa tenga na marinig na kaya namatay yung isand mediaman ay dahil may mga illegal siyang transaction. Kung tutuusin, bilang presidente, dapat inilagay na lang niya sa utak yung statement na iyon na not for “general patronage”. PG item yata yun. Ang intindi ko kay “Mayor” ay may mga tanong na masyado naman. Kung naaakusahan si mayor na masyadong magsalita, meron din namang journalists na masyado ring magtanong. Meron kaso na kung mag-interview ay isang oras. Tapos ang ibobroadcast ay yaong parte na controversial at inimical sa katayuan ng iniinterview, kung saan siya mabubulsot.
      Simpleng bagay ay bibigyan ng maling interpretasyon.

    2. i suggest that people who doubt “the duterte persona” watch on youtube, MUST SEE Q & A DUTERTE. respect begets respect, maybe you’d be inclined to believe.
      who wouldn’t be picked on with a GMA journalist (kuno) who was forcing herself to speak english the filipino-english way, whose intonation pattern is bereft of a decent mass com diploma. d ba may speech subject sa college? i taught this subject 14 sem in a state u. i guess she needs more of OJT especially in “the art of questioning” and in “speech. in other words, paanong tatanungin ang pres-elect kung ano ang gagawin sa mga non-functioning cabinet secretaries. paano ba lumago ang davao? tapos tatanungin mo siya tungkol sa management and supervisory skills? para ding pinagdududahan ng reporter ang kakayahan ng mga newly appointed cab officials. may alam ba siyang negative track record ng mga cab officials chosen? nagbigay pa ng “for example”, “kung bibigyan ng 6 months ultimatum ang non-performing official. kaya si mayor-pres ay napakanta ng “malayo ang tingin” dahil di pa nga nakakaupo sila….the whistle is like voicing,”oh boy, what a question!” isn’t that reporter very assuming? kahit ako, mapipikon ako.
      ano na ba ang napatunayan ng reporter na iyan? puede bang panoorin niya ang mga cnn female hosts para alam niya kung saan niya ilulugar ang sarili niya.

    3. Josemakabayan on

      Ano yan wowowin laban o bawi????
      Come on guys make up your mind!!!
      Better lets hear it from your boss’s mouth!!!!
      No p i pls…

    4. I think it is better no more interviews. More interviews, more problem. This is the first time that there will be no interviews on a sitting president. I believe the malacanyan spokesperson will do the work. Duterte is easily irritated and then he says things that will will make the situation worse. No interviews please.

    5. media just wanted to be treated like kings…they can say whatever they like and the can keep they mouth shut whenever they like….specially abs-cbn and PDI….