• Mediamen on ‘hit’ list of drug rings


    Many mediamen may be added to the list of growing drug casualties in the government’s intensified drive against illegal drugs, a source from the intelligence community disclosed on Tuesday.

    President Rodrigo Duterte had promised to wipe out the drug menace within three to six months of his administration.

    The source, an intelligence officer based in Camp Crame, the national headquarters of the Philippine National Police (PNP) located in Quezon City, said on condition of anonymity that they have received information that drug rings are eyeing to kill several mediamen.

    “We have received information that illegal-drug syndicates may also soon try to hit some [members of the]media,” the intelligence source said without elaborating.

    The source added that the drug rings may try to exact revenge on some mediamen who are on their payroll but who failed to protect them against the government’s stepped-up campaign against illegal drugs.

    “That’s the latest information that we got and we are still trying to verify this,” the intelligence source said.

    Director General Ronald dela Rosa, PNP chief, said previously that they were not discounting the possibility that not only mediamen but also members of the judicial and legislative branches of government are being used by the drug syndicates in their illegal activities.

    “Maybe wittingly or unwittingly, someone in your [media]ranks was being used. I want to be honest with you, I will discuss it with you later… on how their facilitators are working their way,” he added.

    Figures released on Tuesday by the PNP Public Information Office placed the total number of drug suspects killed in police operations since July 1, 2016 at 402, with 5,418 suspects arrested and 565,847 suspects voluntarily surrendering.


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    1. This sounds like a veiled threat, a way to cover all the bases in terms of being accused of possible murders of media personnel – both the killer and the victim will be predetermined as on the payroll of the drug lord. It’s a win-win situation for those in favor of summary executions.
      If they have managed to get a “hit list” – shouldn’t they first investigate and verify instead of just announcing it without proper verification? How did they get the alleged list in the first place? There should be a trail to follow. And those on the list should be given a chance to clear their names of the the allegation, or provide information in return for protection. No one truly wins with extrajudicial killings. NO ONE.