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     Anne Curtis now understands the  importance of sunscreen

    Anne Curtis now understands the
    importance of sunscreen

    When it comes to easily and effectively reaching the Filipino public, local companies immediately think of signing up showbiz celebrities for endorsements.

    After all, fanaticism is big in the Philippines with fans not only supporting their idols on their chosen media but also patronizing the products they associate themselves with—be it food, clothing, cosmetics, what not.

    In this story, we name three Filipina power endorsers who continuously receive the trust and confidence of some of the biggest name in the consumer industry.

    Anne Curtis’ beauty discovery
    A-list actress, performer and host Anne Curtis is always on top of her game, and this translates to her never ending list of endorsements ranging from beauty, to healthcare to banking, and more.

    Among the more prominent ones is her solid partnership with Dr. Vicky Belo of the eponymous Belo Medical Group.

    In recent years, Anne has been the face of Belo’s laser hair removal procedure, and later on, the Belo Beauty Deo. She has also endorsed the center’s Sculptor Plus, a radio frequency procedure that tightens skin sagging in areas of the face, neck and abdomen.

    This summer of 2016, the actress once again introduces a new Belo product, as the group continues to expand its portfolio. And it is something that all Filipinas, her included, really needs.

    “Before, the only time I think of putting on sunscreen is when I go to the beach. But Dr. Vicki Belo helped me realize that I need to use sunscreen everyday,” says Anne.

    True enough, Dr. Belo believes that sunscreen is the best anti-aging product there is. She even iterates, “sunscreen everyday keeps the wrinkles away.”

    Now Anne has found her match in the form of new Belo SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen that offers both sun protection and skin coverage. It has an SPF50 and PA+ rating that protects from harmful UV rays, and the Tone Adapt Technology that evens out skin tone and conceals fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. It also has Cell Protect that defends against premature skin aging.

    Expressing her delight on this new beauty discovery, Anne shares “Now I can have both sun protection and that perfect no makeup look in just 15 seconds! And I love how my skin instantly achieves a natural flawless finish.”

    Solenn forays in perfume making

    Solenn forays in perfume making

    Solenn and her scents
    For French-Filipina Solenn Heussaff, everything she does in the showbiz industry must always have her personal touch. She composes her own music for her album, makes TV and movie projects that showcase her abilities, and lastly, chooses endorsements that best suit her personality.

    The latest proof of this her collaboration with France’s Bel Perfumes as it marks its first foray in the Philippine market.

    The French in her has always kept Solenn fascinated with fragrances. She explains,

    “Scent is your first and last line of defense. It’s what attracts you to a person, and it’s the scent that lingers on as well. A lot of memories are attached to scent,” Solenn explains.

    With Bel Perfumes, she has finally fulfilled her fascination by crafting her personal perfume line, Scents of Solenn.

    In doing this, Solenn worked with company’s scent experts and took into consideration what a modern Filipina really wants. The results are three variants of pocket perfume and perfumed body cream.

    She recommends starting the day with Sunrise that has a “fresh and clean” scent of mandarin, lychee and pomegranate on top notes. On the other hand, Sunshine helps one recharge with a combination of fruits and florals like lily and ylang ylang together with pink pepper and mandarin. Lastly, she suggests to end the day sexy and irresistible with Sunset. It has a strong night fragrance in the base notes of vanilla, sensual woods, musks, and amber.

    “I believe the scents embody who I am as a person. I like the sexiness and fierceness, but at the same time I’m very simple and reachable,” she concludes.

    Coleen Garcia is entrusted  to represent homegrown  F&C Jewelry

    Coleen Garcia is entrusted
    to represent homegrown
    F&C Jewelry

    The jewel that is Coleen
    While Anne and Solenn have already both established their names as premier brand ambassadors, 23-year-old Coleen Garcia is just beginning to grab her first major endorsement deals.

    Earlier this year, she was chosen to represent Cream Silk’s “Worldclass Filipina” campaign alongside four of the most beautiful faces in the show business today.

    Shortly after this, Coleen was then welcomed into the F&C Jewelry family.

    F&C prides itself in being a home-grown brand that has proven itself a strong creative force in the industry. Forty years since it was first established, it has become one of the most trusted names in stylish, handcrafted jewels.

    On why entrust Coleen to represent the brand, F&C owner and founder Susan Florete explains, “When we were considering an endorser, Coleen Garcia was at the top of our list. She is the perfect fit for F&C because she epitomizes the modern woman—confident, passionate and authentic.”

    For her part, Coleen says, “I’m so excited to share with everyone this new partnership. I’ve always believed in and admired F&C Jewelry because it’s such an amazing local brand, and their designs are truly exceptional.”

    Whether it’s a simple lunch out with friends, a casual day at taping, or even a glamorous red-letter event, F&C doesn’t fail in making Coleen look and feel beautiful for every occasion.

    “From diamonds, colored gemstones, gold, pearls to brilliant jewels, F&C gives you that perfect touch of sparkle and confidence to shine. It makes you feel utterly glamorous,” Coleen enthuses.


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