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    DROPPING by the GMA Network studio over an official business with Lolit Solis, I found myself sharing a guests’ dining table with Boobsie Wonderland, the pony-tailed, baby-talking, toothless stand-up comedienne and host. Garbed that day in a little girl’s clothing, she is fast becoming a favorite among comedy bar habitues.

    Just months after she stole the live comedic thunder, so to speak, Boobsie is now a TV celebrity. And the first time I sat right next to her was her nth guesting on CelebriTV.

    Meanwhile, on the phone I had to share that day’s account with a former TV host whom I had worked with. It was him who revealed that Boobsie and Boobay have actually been taking regular guesting turns on the Saturday program.

    In the course of our conversation—with Boobay and Boobsie as the topic—it was from him that I learned about a biting comment coming from an exasperated entertainment writer dabbling in TV hosting, “Whether we like it or not, that is what free TV has come to.”

    To drive his message home, the writer was implying that Boobay and Boobsie can be greatly entertaining, all right, but free TV is way beyond making viewers roar in laughter, perhaps a bit of brains and brawn is what makes for a no-nonsense show.

    Sadly, CelebriTV has sheer lack of it unlike—ahem—its predecessor, Startalk. A nondescript show, CelebriTV is a mere annex of your favorite comedy bar on Tomas Morato in Quezon City or in Remedios, Manila with no less than Ai Ai de las Alas as the living legend, trading punchlines with co-hosts Joey de Leon and Lolit Solis before a thrilled “hakot” audience.

    The former TV host also took a swipe at a segment on GMA’s Wowowin called “Putukan Na.” In the race, the objective is for the competing teams to the burst the balloons on the lap of their co-members at the fastest time possible.

    “Naku, kahit nga sa mga children’s party, hindi ginagawa ‘yon. But you see it on TV,” he remarks in utter dismay.

    Yes, this is what TV has become with the Boobays and Boobsies adding to its catastrophic state.

    * * *

    THROUGH the invitation of dear friend Cristy Fermin, a select group of reporters traveled recently to Amana Water Park in Pandi, Bulacan amidst the sweltering heat.

    The resort, which boasts of about nine pools of varying sizes, is owned by Pandi Mayor Enrico Roque. No alien in showbiz circles, 34 year-old reelectionist considers Fermin and Lolit Solis his “godmothers” who are always at his beck and call.

    Fermin relates, “Huwebes ng gabi, tumawag siya sa akin. ‘Nay, proclamation rally ko na sa Sunday, baka naman puwede kang kumontak ng mga singer.’ Imagine, Thursday ‘yon ng gabi. So, sinabihan ko ‘yung secretary ko na magtatawag. Eh, alam mo naman ngayon, campaign season, mahihirapan kang kumuha dahil rumaraket sila maliban kung talagang close ka sa kanila at hindi sila makakahindi.”

    Came the event, Fermin delivered the “twin package” Jukebox Queen Eva Eugenio and balladeer Renz Verano.

    Solis, on the other hand, is generous with her wards’ services. “Oy, mayor, gamitin mo pa rin ‘yung studio photos n’yo ni Pauleen Luna sa kampanya mo kahit luma na. Sagot ko na ‘yon.”

    Running for his third and last term in the second-class municipality, Roque—for his part—is giving back to showbiz the graces it has showered upon him. Under the Liberal Party, Roque chooses to support the vice gubernatorial bid of Phillip Salvador in the province who’s with the National People’s Coalition.

    He reasons out, “I have always treated Kuya Ipe [Phillips’s nickname] as my family even before his decision to join the political fray. And I’ve been very vocal with my party mates that the least that I can do, out of delicadeza, is not to go up the stage and convince the constituency to vote for Kuya Ipe. But neither will I raise the arm of the vice gubernatorial candidate of the Liberal Party.”

    Asked about Phillip’s fighting chance, Roque—who knows all of the actor’s crime-busting films by heart—curtly asserts, “Malaki.”


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