Meet the groom in the viral ad



    Matthias Rhoads is the groom in the viral commercial for a popular fast food chain over Valentine’s. He broke the heart of his bride’s best friend when the girl chose to marry him instead.

    This March, Matthias takes on television as one of the judges in The Fiercest Of Them All, a model search-cum-fantasy reality show that debuts on GMA News TV Sunday at 9 p.m.

    A handsome guy, Matthias is the type whose good looks grow on you. He is only 24 years old, and considers being chosen as a reality show judge his first big professional gig.

    As judge, he says he is the kind who tells contestants his opinion straight but not in an abrasive manner. “I am like an older brother to them. I tell them not to do this and that, and point out why there are some things that the ladies are doing wrong, and which are not good for them health-wise,” said Rhoads, adding that he wants to bring positivity to the show.

    Asked more about his online commercial, which trended on social media, Matthias said he was among more than a hundred men who lined up to audition.

    “I think, since day one, the casters knew what they want–what type of guy or lady will be part of it. I could have been the heart broken guy. It could have been just a walk on part for me. Luckily, I got the part of the groom, and I am always thankful for every opportunity that I get,” he enthused.

    “Since the commercial went viral, it feels nice when I am in the mall, and some people would notice me. I hear them shriek a little. Some even ask why did I break the other guy’s heart. And then, it ends up with a group photo. It is a happy feeling and I like the fact that in my own little way, I’m spreading happiness to people,” he shared.

    Matthias said he was not surprised that the commercial went viral. He knew it as soon as he saw the storyboard.

    “We Filipinos, we are an emotional lot and we don’t mind being mushy, sentimental. We cry when we want to. We laugh out loud, we are so attuned to our feelings and emotions,” he noted.

    If ever there is another commercial he would like to make soon, he hopes it would show why the girl chose to marry him in the end. He said that would serve to highlight the good qualities he has to make him her husband.


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