Meet Spider-Man’s Fil-Am sidekick


Filipino-American actor Jacob Batalon plays Spider-Man’s loveable sidekick in the hero’s upcoming film

Living it up in Singapore was what Marvel’s latest superhero Tom Holland and our kababayan Jacob Batalon were doing last week when In The Know had the chance to hang out with them at the red carpet of the ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

The Lion City was their first stop for the fresh and much-anticipated take on the well-loved superhero’s latest flick Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Tom and Jacob were really having the time of their lives as they danced on the stage in sync to the tune of Walk The Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance!” with thousands of Spider-Man fans and comic experts cheered them on, many dressed up as Spidey themselves.

But while Tom Holland was of course the star of the show, it was also evident how Filipino-American actor Jacob Batalon was winning the hearts of fans with his mild demeanor and sudden punch lines, which made everyone roll in laughter. Our kababayan was adored indeed as he gave in to selfies for a line as long as the lead star’s.

Tom even told In The Know that he wouldn’t have done as well as he thought he did in the movie if it weren’t for Jacob and their friendship. They were given the freedom to add in improvs in their scenes, which even made it to the final edit.

“Ours is the real deal. He is now my BFF on and off screen. I mean look at the guy! He’s amazing! He gave so much life and humor to who I was portraying in the film and now we have a brotherhood.”

Their chemistry was such a hit apparently that Spidey fans may be seeing more of Jacob’s character in the future.

Tom Holland, lead star of ‘Spider-Man,’ tells In The Know how he and Batalon are now good friends

Speaking of brotherhood, before the red carpet festivities for SpiderMan: Homecoming, Tom and Jacob hit the infinity pool and golf course together, and said they could not wait to explore the rest of the world together for the press tour. Tom added he finds it hard not to have Jacob by his side, and even revealed they want to visit the Philippines together!

Jacob is a full-blooded Filipino who was born and raised in Hawaii.

“I don’t speak Filipino but I do understand Tagalog like it’s English. We grew up in a Filipino household.” More than the language, Jacob says that he is more well versed with the dishes. “My mom cooks adobo, sinigang all the time. I also like the chicken soup with malunggay (tinola).”

Spider-Man: Homecoming is showing on July 6. According to comic experts, it is the closest thing to the comics version of Spidey. Marvel and Sony introduces him this time as a high school student and new superhero enjoying his powers and out to prove that he can belong to the world of the Avengers.

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