Meet the men of ‘Undercover’


Derek Ramsay

TV5’s new and thrilling “aksyon-serye” Undercover presents an intense plot born out of the heavy character backgrounds of its conflict-ing men played by Derek Ramsay, Wendell Ramos and Philip Salvador. With the network’s objective to reinvent Philippine primetime television, the series captures the audience tired of traditional drama programs by offering fresh alternatives.

Derek Ramsay plays the role of Roy Velasco—a police investigator known for putting the nation’s top law offenders behind bars. Because of the many enemies he made for himself as an honest cop, Roy was kidnapped on the day of his wedding and was isolated from society for 6 years. After his release, he found out that Julia, the love of his life, is already married to his brother Alex. Finding the identity of those who took his life away from him becomes his ultimate objective.

Roy is the face of a hero – the man who will do anything it takes for love and justice. For Derek, Undercover gave him the heaviest role he has to date. Being a heavy action drama series, Derek admits that Roy is very different and much more challenging than the role he played as Voltaire in Kidlat.

Wendell Ramos also returns from Kidlat to the small screen. From being Voltaire’s nemesis in the superhero series, he joins Derek in Undercover to play a role close to Roy’s heart.

Wendell plays Alex Velasco – the kind and gentle brother of Roy who becomes the husband of Roy’s beloved Julia. When Roy returns from his captivity, Alex will face the dilemma of keeping his wife faithful to him as Julia confronts the ultimate question of choosing between the man who has been there for her during her loneliness and her one true love.

Alex is the face of a magnanimous brother—the man who sets aside his deepest desires for his loved ones.

Philip Salvador plays Don Faustino a.k.a. “Amang”—the mastermind behind Manila’s organized crime syndicates. His life got inter-twined with Roy when the latter busted his smuggling operations and sent him to prison. After Roy’s release from captivity, Roy accuses Amang to be the man behind his abduction. Roy and Amang engages to a cat-and-mouse chase as Amang seems to be the only person who could give Roy the key to his puzzling abduction.

Amang is the face of a mafia godfather—the powerful man who will punish and take revenge on anyone who crosses his path.

The twisted lives of these three men are too complex to be purely coincidental. In a world where many truths are kept hidden, who will be the last man standing in this action-packed romance series?

Find out more as Undercover continues to give suspense to primetime weeknights, 7:30 p.m. on TV5.


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